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Five Stars For AutoStore 6.0


NSi software receives top marks for capture and workflow from buyers lab Wetzlar, 5th June 2012 NSi won all of the five possible stars recently by buyers laboratory (BLI) for the current release of AutoStore 6.0. The software makes it easy the detection of paper and electronic documents and releases the user from annoying hand steps. In the solutions test report BLI turns out two complementary components of the NSi flagship: NSi WebCapture and NSi SmarTicket with which even easier and universal is to bring information into business processes. NSi WebCapture supports the users on business trips. Detached from site or IT equipment content via a simple Web browser to AutoStore can be passed. NSi SmarTicket time-consuming manual steps into the documents processing in automated workflows. The processes are packed in barcodes and can be scanned with E.g.

as cover. The tool reads the barcode and then just do the following steps. 40 years of experience with product tests BLI is the World’s leading, independent provider of tests and reviews of office equipment and suitable software. The specialists AutoStore already in 2010 the top grade gave among others due to the extensive hardware compatibility that BLI tested in a capture solution: more than 500 different types of multifunctional devices (MFP), copier and network scanners are supported. With the new version of AutoStore 6.0 NSi has implemented several improvements both MFPs and desktops”, says Jamie Bsales, senior product editor at BLI. “The result is a robust complete solution for demand-oriented collection, which has grown the requirements in everyday business in all sectors and sizes and can provide significant benefits for many sectors in terms of productivity and security.” If and when you need it, transactional capture scan the segment”includes the demand-oriented acquisition of one or more documents about the own or used by several Scanngerat. In the year 2011 reviewed Harvey Spencer Associates (HSA) one of the leading analysts in the acquisition market, NSi as number one in this software segment with a lead in the market by over 10 percent over the runner-up, manufacturer.

The Elevation


Inequalities still have their everyday sense, because you understand the full extent of the word about God are, and therefore free of their sentences. This would be the real revolution that human beings ought to perform for millions of years when the land still could feed us all and was within our grasp to prove to God a living specimen. This, in my way, I try to explain, is that we must submit to God, but not to fear him or pay homage, but as a spur towards collective solidarity. Skip to God does not make us smarter and no decision, the anxiety is always lurking in the heart of the unbeliever. I thought that one of the things that makes this first-world society something as artificial is the absence of purpose in life, not knowing God everything is reduced to a simple reason, to travel. It is clear that before dissolutive see around me a thousand times prefer a worship practiced by any religion, for this worship, submissive and numb, at least it is a purpose in itself.

Late at night and my state of thinking hipercreatividad at times reached extraordinary heights, she saw everything clearly, as if every idea that was released, and blazed had never been contaminated by the qualification or denial. And once again be present on its own the idea, "and only comes in moments of inner peace," the general self-indulgence, forgiving beings in which relativized its capacity for evil. Far from bothering me these thoughts, too relativistic, seemed tame settle on fertile ground, as if from the elevation of the spirit to which I grasped the message was acquire different points of view, deeper.

Empress Alexandra Feodorovna


'But what would be the consequences of my trip – adds Pushkin .- I expected to come to St. Petersburg in the evening so as not resounded too soon my arrival, and therefore would get to Ryleyev directly to meeting the 13th of December. I would have accepted with enthusiasm, I probably would forget about Weishaupt, would get to the other on the Senate Square and would not be sitting with you now … ' (Book M. Pogodin 'A simple question about abstruse things') Who is this Weishaupt. Pushkin's famous prediction made in 1817 – 1818 years of the famous fortune teller in St. Petersburg tovremya Alexandra Filippovna Kirgof. She foretold the poet, that 37-year life, he should beware of high-blond man, a white horse and a white head (Weisskopf, Weishaupt).

And yet, no knowledge and lore did not save the poet. Pushkin was killed in a duel at the age of 37 years. His murderer, Lieutenant Baron George Edmond, belonged to the highest nobility, and served in a cavalier subdivision. Dress uniform of the unit was a white horse in the regiment were white, Dantes himself was tall (height 180 cm) blonde. Even such mystically strong figure as Grigori Rasputin (real name is new) has not escaped the predicted his own death. Rasputin always said the king and queen: 'As long as I live, will live heir! " Subsequently, he said: 'My death is your death. " Great influence he had on the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, it seemed much was in his hands, but his fate, he could not influence.