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Micro nutrient therapy for brain metabolism – of which benefited psyche and memory if the brain metabolism of the child or adult crazy”plays, can that affect immediate behavior, thinking and feeling. Primarily certain Messenger substances, which are no longer made in a balanced are to blame for this. “A disturbed metabolism of the nerve Messenger substances can then in symptoms such as memory problems, concentration disorders, depression, anxiety, but also in uncontrolled behavior, aggressiveness, or in a pulling back” show. With learning disabilities, such as the levels of glutamic acid or acetylcholine may be too low. If you are very anxious, withdrawn, depressed or anxious, possibly also the GABA – or serotonin synthesis is disturbed. For ADHD, a disorder of dopamine metabolism is promoted by scientific page as the cause.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a large role in attention and concentration. One the amino acids occupy special significance in the metabolism of neurotransmitters. You are the basic framework for the formation of important neurotransmitters: the mood enhancing adjuvants Messenger substance formed from tyrosine dopamine, serine acetylcholine from tryptophan serotonin. Some amino acids have also the function as neurotransmitters such as glycine, glutamic acid, an excitatory neurotransmitter that can also exert a positive influence on memory and attention deficit disorder. Cofactors are other micro nutrients such as B vitamins and vitamin C for synthesis and secretion of neurotransmitters.

An adequate availability of micronutrients such as vitamin B2, carnitine, Coenzyme Q10 are generally important for the energy metabolism and brain metabolism. Who now, helps a lot the motto much”randomly substituted food supplements without knowing, what substances at all are missing, must be warned at this point. Thus a micro nutrient imbalances can be achieved even with may harmful consequences. This applies in particular to high-dose administration of amino acids. On the other hand, the targeted substitution of certain amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and minerals that are missing the metabolism, can stabilize the nervous system. Exactly to determine the micro nutrient needs, always a precise micro-nutrient analysis of blood should be done prior to a micro-nutrient therapy. Then the micro-nutrients are not only tolerated but even conducive to health and can calms the nervous system in a gentle way. The DCMS-neuro-check of the diagnostic centre was developed for this purpose and is the optimal basis for effective micro nutrient therapy.

Yacht Harbour


Throughout the year there is a culinary calendar, which offers customized food and drink of the season. The Brixiade and the Hotel Triton in Cochem on the Moselle Cochem is the site at which you can embed with views of the Castle. Cochem is on the Moselle also considered the Metro metropolitan city and the best starting point for tourist excursions and attractions. The two four stars hotels in Cochem, a few metres away from each other, in a prime location directly at the Yacht Harbour and panoramic views of the old town, invite the Moselle promenade and the Imperial Castle to stay, dining, days and enjoy the SPA and wellness area. Cochem as Metro pole town on the Moselle has several small shops and boutiques, bars, Cafes and wine bars. Many sights and destinations on the Mosel can be achieved in the immediate vicinity. Both hotels, the hotel Brixiade and the hotel have Triton three room types to choose from, as well as a category in the junior suites. The types of rooms Brixiade Deluxe, Brixiade junior suites, Deluxe Triton and Triton junior suites have specific views of the Moselle on the Imperial Castle, which is illuminated at night.

The guests in the hotel Brixiade and Triton have gastronomy “Spoilt for choice: Castle view restaurant, piano bar, winter garden, garden terrace or Tanzpalast Mosel Star” entertain and treat the guests. Meetings for up to 250 people, all modern equipment for meetings, seminars, conferences and workshops, which are required by the most demanding operators is provided. The SPA & wellness area in the hotel Brixiade is very private and individual and has a steam bath, a solarium, a gym with treadmill, bike and a unit of weight. At the Hotel Triton there is an on-site swimming pool and a sauna, which complete the offer of the hotel Brixiade and complement.

Awarenessraising Campaign Way


The dog Hotel Mair am Ort in Dorf Tirol supports the awareness-raising campaign of the Tourism Association because we are the first hotel for dogs not only in Dorf Tirol, but in South Tyrol, this campaign is very close to the heart. Because the Tourism Association Dorf Tirol wants to assure cleanliness on the streets with this campaign. This is purely and simply a matter, beyond the Dog feces to leave, but must be disposed of. The Tourism Association Dorf Tirol launches an awareness-raising campaign against the Dog feces on the streets. There are unfortunately too many dog handlers who do not dispose of the feces. The Tourism Association Dorf Tirol has now worked out a folder and set up some new dog stations for disposal of Dog feces to really occur without problems.

In the dog Hotel Mair am ORT, a tank including kennels is doled out upon arrival. Each guest gets free and you get also the dog bag to fill up free at the reception. Thanks to the more established dog stations nothing more in the way can thus stand the disposal. Dorf Tirol offers with its Green areas and ways a variety of walks for locals and for tourists to. Therefore, the problem is the very large are left dog faeces. “Because the Habitat of Dorf Tirol” should be a clean place to feel not only for the many tourists, but also for the locals. Since prohibitions be mostly just the opposite, the Tourist Association has agreed now Dorf Tirol to to start an awareness campaign.

These folders are distributed not only in the hotel premises, but also in the households. This campaign aims at the dog owner on a benevolent Arte are addressed. Partly associated with humor, sometimes with raised index finger. The short texts appeal to own common sense and focus on an educational effect. The goal that is behind it, is to increase awareness of the conservation of clean sidewalks and green spaces. Dog Hotel Mair am Ort in the holiday region Merano and environs supports the campaign to the fullest. The fact that the dog Hotel Mair am ORT holiday offers for man and dog, Black Peter is happy to put to us. Since 2010 opened hotel for dogs in the summer season, guests regarding the Elimination of dog droppings are sensitized and there were already erected at the expense of the hotel dog stations in the vicinity. Nevertheless, we support the campaign and also guests from the dog Hotel Mair in the place are for a clean village Tirol! In short: dog Hotel Mair am ORT – your dogs holiday home No. 1 in South Tyrol contact: dog Hotel Mair am ORT Schlossweg 10 39019 Dorf Tirol – South Tyrol Italy Tel. + 39/0473/923315 E-mail: Web: contact person: Nicole Kuhn

Sean Connery


He must only can decide whether he would rather stay in the elegant rooms of the Bauhaus design or rather theme rooms in one of the ten most creative. These are unique and bring the V8 right on the hotel reservation service (HRS) of Europe’s ten most unusual and most exciting hotels list. Here, you can spent the night under a starry sky in the drive-in theater, a fully stocked workshop or on a nostalgic gas station in a converted VW Beetle. Here, the bodies serve as beds. Each of these rooms has its very own charm through the rooms carefully decorated down to the last detail. Even the built-in baths are matched on the subject of driving culture fully. In the racing room, it is possible to have your morning coffee at a table, which consists of three stacked, disused formula 1 tyres with glass plate. And in the nostalgia of the trunk of a red vintage car serves as a shelf a feast for every car lover.

In the vicinity of the hotel is located next to the “Cafe, the RES restaurant da Signora” and the cosy Brewery also the impressive trading Hall. In this there is to admire a constantly changing inventory of vintage. Thus, the wishes of big children in fulfilment of go to this place. As for passionate car enthusiasts, there are here to admire the full bandwidth of the coveted vehicle. All of a sudden you find yourself in the passenger seat of a wonderful Aston Martin alongside Sean Connery and feel the wind of the wild Chase in the hair. But not just for James Bond accomplices and whose mistress has the mile”with all its facilities to offer an exciting time. The spa area of the V8 hotels, equipped with heated benches, sauna and rain shower, is also the relaxation-loving guests an experience for all senses at the disposal.

Who can work out correctly whom all this is not enough, in the in-house gym. A stay, whose Eindrucke reverberate long waits it thus. As well as the ride in a race car. Facts: V8 hotel Four star accommodation located on the grounds of the Stuttgart mile work”22 design-double room in the 1920s Bauhaus style ten theme rooms with classic car parts two suites (up to 120 m 2) wellness area including sauna and Rainshower members of lifestyle hotels contact: Graf Zeppelin Platz 71034 Boblingen (Stuttgart) Tel: + 49-7031-306988-0 fax: + 49-7031-306988-888

Delicatessen Ebrosia


“In the industry test of AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG: deli shipper Hamburg, 23.10.2013 for almost two decades come lovers, gourmet and of good taste” on the Internet at their own expense. Anyway the food trade on the net still not like other industries is thriving. For lovers of wine, cheese & co. worth a visit in the online market of some finer kind yet”. In addition to the freshness and quality of the goods are also a user friendly Web site, expert advice, and reasonable prices by significant role for shopping on the Internet. What delicacies suppliers in terms of service, product range and customer loyalty convince shows AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG in the latest industry test. In the District of tested Delicatessen shipper Gustini, DELINERO,, ebrosia and Gourmantis meet. To assess who clearly prepares its range and its services, the websites of the test participants in the trial were made.

Land up on Gourmantis, which good truncates this heading, all candidates with a very good, though ebrosia that TOP grade achieved. In the test of customer support varied during the mentioned mystery calls and e-mail messages strongly the advice: However, as Gourmantis also have reserves, give the employees of ebrosia and and Gustini full throttle. The DELINERO team not only offers the best customer service, but got also the coveted seal of TEST winner for quality of service. Also the analysis team of AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG has, examine the Delicatessen experts estimate the feedback of their buyers, and with what intensity you can use social networks as communication channels. “When it comes to customer retention a different activity revealed itself: while Gustini, DELINERO, and Gourmantis in their commitment of air upwards” have, ebrosia and with very good performances stand out. Regards the comparison of the product range on the basis of samples, as well as the provided order conditions, Gourmantis asserts itself as a winner. All online providers at a very good overall up good scores in the Industry test, and ebrosia the most rating stars reaps is drawn as a winner in the overall score.

Melati Beach Resort


The annual red carpet Gala took place on November 1, 2013, in Phuket, Thailand,. The World Luxury Hotel awards are regarded as the most prestigious and most exclusive awards in the hospitality industry. It is an organization that awarded luxury hotels for their world class facilities and outstanding service, they offer their guests. The goal of the organization is to promote service standards in the luxury hotel industry and improve. The criteria for successful inclusion in the selection process of the World luxury hotel awards based on the height of the level of services as a whole. The assessment is carried out not by a Supervisory Council, but in the form of the public vote on by the industry itself, i.e., by tour operators, travel agents, industry experts and guests who had experience with these hotels.

At the event, hotels and resorts from 61 countries in 29 categories were awarded by the 1,500 in nominations received this year. The winners are selected on the basis of Countries, continents and throughout the world, where the sites with the most votes get the global price for luxury in a particular category. After the announcement of the prizes said group General Manager of Chaweng Regent and Melati Beach Resort and Spa, Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs: “Within the framework of the expansion of the brand of Chaweng Regent and Melati Beach Resort and Spa we are more than ever ready to operate hotels, which fully reflect our principles–houses of the top with our legendary Asian hospitality.” With two World Luxury Hotel Awards will be awarded, is a great honor and a testament to the passion and dedication of our employees. We thank WLHA, our guests and our competitors in the industry for this recognition.” About Dr. Daniel G.

Fuchs: I’m Swiss citizen and worked for the last 13 years mainly in Asia. My work experience in the hospitality, tourism, and education sector spanning more than 30 years, where I in a variety of senior positions, both in the industry both in Academy, have worked. My professional expertise is revealed among other things on organizational development and redevelopment in the hospitality, tourism, and education. In this time, I held many seminars and guest speeches in the metropolitan area of Asia, as well as Africa and Australia, and also Firmeberatungen in the hotel and tourism sector. Contact: Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs international hospitality and tourism expert and consultant 373 Mooban Krissadanakorn 18 31 SOI Anyamnee Salatammasop Tawwewatthana Klao Nakornchaisi Bangkok, 10170 Thailand website: E-mail: or

Central Office Terminal


Then, your guests can safely stow the wallet and now easily and quickly exchange the purchased consumption vouchers against the corresponding meals and drinks. Doubters, who also have no experience with the system described here, the gains are shown below in which form: benefits for the guest: advice and information on the POS terminal by your staff. cashless exchange of value for payment on the festival area; short waiting times at the issue stands, since there is the payment process; later pickup the output level possible, as long as an article should be temporarily unavailable (such as barbecue meat); Picked up by someone else, such as a family member, possible; simultaneous collection of different offers by several people high hygiene conditions and thus appetizing presentation of goods on the stand; unredeemed value vouchers will be reimbursed at the POS terminal. Advantages for you as a Restaurateurs: a Central Office Terminal (if necessary with multiple funds) accepts all payment transactions and reduced by including the risk of thefts (just there dealing with cash or debit / credit cards); all articles are placed directly on quick push button of the POS system, text and price are firmly programmed by your service technicians or office rentals; No miscalculation, because the funds including work with reverse money function; rapid settlement of the payment process entry screens easy to use or keyboards, as well as fast thermal printer; Use of extra strong Thermorollen underline the value of issued receipts. The higher weight of the paper improves the handling; Compliance with the hygiene rules on output counters (no cash handling); rapid progress on the food or beverage stand due to the exact Artikelbe case on the value of purchase (E.g. not just fries but fries with ketchup”or French fries with salad”), so that your staff immediately and all the information about the desired compilation of issued by a court or similar to the Available; also the assistants at the event collected from the Fund, i.e. their ver-zehr is counted, but not or only partially charged. the evaluation of the use of the goods allows good control (also for loss) and thus represents a concrete base of planning for future events the same type; detailed billing at the end of an event including all revenues, taxes and individual evaluations of items sold (including consumption by auxiliary staff).