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Shiatsu Massage Chair


What exactly lies behind a Shiatsu Massage Chair? Many massage equipment manufacturers call their Chair Shiatsu Massage Chair and offer also a Shiatsu massage that usually in addition to a variety of other massage techniques. Here the term “Shiatsu” the following hides: the human body from a geographical network is built according to the far eastern medicine that is composed of thousands of energy-laden points. The energy of each point can be measured and made the optimum balance by the energy level of the so called tsubos”is corrected. Any shift in this balance can lead to disorders and diseases. A Shiatsu massage, a fixed pressure is exerted by using the tips of the fingers on specific acupressure points along the body meridians mentioned, optimizing the inner peace as well as the general well-being and ability to concentrate. Modern Shiatsu massage chairs are now so well developed and mature, that they can imitate a human Shiatsu actually massage. An intelligent computer technology missing the back even before the massage and adjusts the massage to the circumstances. Stefan Iburg

Massage Therapy


The therapeutic massage is a therapy manual, consisting of the application of a set of movements, pressures or repairers, toning, stimulant, or sedative stretches on the human body. It is also a method of assessment, prevention, by the perceptive palpation, transmitted by the pressure of your hands to different organs and body tissues. The effects that are achieved are focused on the relief and prevention of pain. Moreover, the massage brings benefits at the psychic level, relieving fatigue and rebalance energy levels. The benefits of massage are known since time immemorial, we have written or graphic testimonies of this in the Court of the Chinese Emperors, in the ancient Egypt, in Iran, in Asia, in the ancient Greece or the Roman Empire. The development of techniques currently favors from the treatment and relief of a condition to enable restful sleep or relaxation. The massage was one of the first therapeutic tools used by humans to communicate and provide a natural remedy against pain and stress. Today, thanks to advances in training can make distance learning massage as an excellent opportunity to learn the correct application of the techniques and deepen in the therapeutic possibilities: against the pain, to combat stress, against the mental and physical fatigue, stimulate muscle activity and activity osteoarticular, as a way of preventing injuries. The objective of the course of the course of chiromassage therapeutic and sports is to know and learn all systems and techniques to professionally develop the correct application of massage, adapting to the needs and demands of each specific case.