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Wolfgang Schwalm


… The theology is always about the establishment, development and interpretation of this teaching decisions. (Similarly see: Dean Ornish M.D). Similarly, the term can also used in relation to other sciences be. So, the Dogmatics of law is about the attempt of a systematic development and presentation of the law. Similarly, the use of the term “Dogma” in the economy is possible. The notion of dogmatic theology is the one indistinguishable from the deductive or close axiomatic method of starting other tenets or conclusions are derived from a few basic statements (axioms, paradigm).

On the other hand by the dogmatism, a mental attitude that uncritically certain beliefs ( dogmas “in a figurative sense) holds as not questionable and hindered the freedom of thinking and development of science. Preventive Medicine Research Institute understood the implications. “Quelle/(C) by…, author solving the problem: want to win a dogmatist for themselves, they must throw first a positive emotional state with him: you smile: Chef I need more money!” People, and especially theologians, are not very creative! You think analog (from the existing to the new). Looking for therefore examples for “” their statement: our collective bargaining agreement has been improved just 3.5 per cent! “our turnover has improved by 10%!” Don’t argue! Inform! Describe a positive future! Use inductive? Testify realization: every argument figure (mutatis mutandis) can be used by supporters and opponents of a thesis. What looks at the critics as a damning critique, reviewed the proponents as confirmation and proof of his statement (stand point and angle of view)! There is in this world, such as a computer, black and white and 256 levels of gray. And the truth is for supporters and opponents sure about in the Middle! “I meet dogmatic years successfully with the statements: Let’s agree to differ!” (We agree, that we not are agreed.) There are even more successful views than yours!”sorry, I can, just like them, also be wrong!” Because I’m not debating with dogmatic (frozen, unstable)! We stop such discussions as long as we have our feelings in the handle, then we have no regrets later. Note: In China, the audience for the communication is responsible. In Europe/United States, spokesman for communications is responsible. We take responsibility and let their other, forever yesterday’s opinion the fellow human beings. (C) 2012 copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, specialist for systemic communication, all rights reserved! – 20.4.2012

Hospital Pedagogy:


The purpose of inpatient care for children, is none other than to educate for life, appropriate role of the educator and that certainly goes beyond the specific work of health personnel. The pedagogical activity as a complement to medical action in hospitals nature has taken out several years in a variety of European and American countries. It is known that in past decades pediatric services in many hospitals were closed even to parents and so rigid in this environment there was no place for the education of children. It was after the Second World War, mainly due to the work of pediatricians and psychologists, these pediatric services began to open its doors.

The main reason was the frequent and severe psychological disorders suffered by children hospitalized for long periods of time in hospitals, away from their usual environment. The first teachers who entered the pediatric services contributed significantly to the prevention the ehospitalismou. The context in which it is given any learning which exercises the function of education is not something trivial. The fact teach a certain content in a hospital setting, both for the same content as taught how to do, makes the resulting Pedagogy, Pedagogy Hospital, meets nuclear function and backbone of all teaching experience itself has its own sphere and a specific meaning, very different and diverse from any other educational endeavor. The Teaching Hospital is a special way of understanding pedagogy. It is driven and shaped by the undisputed fact of the disease and framed by the concrete area is the medical institution where it is carried out.

Disposal And Recycling Of Tires


At the end of December 2008 were amended into the legislation on environmental protection. Cancelled licensing of the collection, use, disposal, transportation, waste disposal hazard class V, and also on the accumulation of waste hazard class iv. Introduced a notification procedure for reporting of actual well-educated, employed and waste disposal. These changes do not mean that you can now not care about the environment. On the contrary, now would be increased penalties for not only officials but also individual entrepreneurs and organizations. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD is full of insight into the issues. The size of the fine increases with June 30, 2009 for officials in 4-5 times (up to 10-20 thousand rubles), to -10 at 2,5 times (up to 100-250 thousand rubles) for individual entrepreneurs in the 10-15 times (up to 30-50 rubles).

Go to the violator, as before, instead of a fine may be imposed more severe penalties – suspension of up to 90 days. The problem of recycling of used automobile tires is of great ecological and economic importance for all developed countries, including Russia. It is known that released from service worn tires are a source of long-term contamination of the environment. Rubber waste is not biodegradable, they are flammable, and storage – ideal breeding ground for rodents and insects, which are the source of infectious diseases. Much more cost-effective to build tires from piles of garbage, and as efficiently as possible to adjust their processing. jsc 'ECO-RTI-Holding' is a member of ''. Using a promising new technology, our company within the environmental program of the provides services for recovery and recycling of tires, as well as other rubber waste. Company 'ECO-RTI-Holding' did not stop at simple recycling and disposal, we began to manufacture rubber paving tiles, the main raw material for the manufacture of which is fractional rubber crumb – a product of processing of waste tires. Working in this direction, our company invites road transport companies, tire mounting workshops and other organizations to contribute to environmental improvement suburbs and reducing the threat of harm to life and health.

Wellness Travel


more and more Germans have discovered for themselves wellness holiday treasure, a gift certificate for a spa weekend toll “, says more and more birthdays. Who does not like to indulge? Wellness is in. Travel is always there. In combination, the wellness journey whether two is days or three weeks for many people of the Summit for body and soul. Others smile at this modern, booming tourism business with the round support as expensive, modern nonsense, you could even organise.

Harder times, the more crave the human well-being. The term fashion wellness means nothing. It consists of the concepts of well-being and fitness and well-being and happiness and is touted by supporters as a modern life style. Wellness is to communicate with diverse methods and sense of well-being, fun and fitness applications and cause. And will benefit not only the body, spirit and soul. Where else than in a relaxed holiday atmosphere can a such noble be Realize right? The market is booming. In Germany, the entire wellness sector converts over 70 billion euros. Because the term of wellness is not protected, traders try to jump with windy offers on the wellness wave.

The booming wellness market with huge sales include not only holidays, travel and weekend trips, but including cosmetics, treatments, modern lifestyle food or gyms. Who can afford no Wellness vacation or want to, can enjoy a few hours in the Studio around the corner. Massages, baths, sauna, but also exotic wellness articles and applications such as Earth radiation suppression devices, magnetic mattresses or esoteric water treatments the stressed people should do good. This holistic so body and spirit in a pleasant combination, stands in the foreground. Of course, you need to get involved and be open for applications and products that would probably only compassionately ridiculed the people a few decades ago. Assist in the foreground Wellness trips of pleasure and health. To understand that particular holiday party this knit a lot offers creatively: Internet portals divide your variety in categories such as sports & wellness, beauty and Ayurveda. But that’s not all long ago: Yoga, meditation, different sports, and much more around the well-being are on offer. Speaking of offer: how little in an other travel & Tourism Division must customers look carefully: the price ranges are enormous. Some low cost providers namely impressively the unbeatable price, but must feel .Angebote to be posted often. Some Eastern European countries offer a good price-performance ratio, also travel are popular such as the Czech Republic or Hungary. Who wants to do something himself or his loved ones, so book a journey: whether a pampering weekend in the Luneburg Heath for 150 euros or the three weeks around carefree package on Bali for 5,000 euros are the main thing body and spirit by health and pleasure back into Line installed. Have a good trip!

Diretoria Colegiada


The National Agency of Vigilncia Sanitria (ANVISA) was created with the Law n. Further details can be found at Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., an internet resource. 9782, of 26 of January of l999, autarchy under special regimen characterized by its administrative independence, stability of its controllers and financial autonomy; tied with the Health department, with headquarters in the Federal District. With the creation of the ANVISA the Regulation appears of Diretoria Colegiada (RDC) to substitute Portarias Ministerial of the Health in the field of the sanitary monitoring and that it has the power you would carry to modify them in one same hierarchic level. The ANVISA has for institucional purpose to promote the protection of the health of the population, for intermediary of the sanitary control of the population and the commercialization of products and services submitted to the sanitary monitoring and that n involves risk to the public health in accordance with article 6 of the Law. 9782/99.

For this, the responsible State for this task, it searched a structure planned to act in its due levels: federal, state and municipal. It is of federal incumbency to co-ordinate the national system of sanitary monitoring. While the State-member co-ordinates in complementary character and executes the activities of sanitary monitoring in state scope and the city execute the services of sanitary monitoring. However, the new social challenges, cultural politicians and, the gradual exhaustion of the biomedical paradigm and the change in the last few decades have tried the sprouting of new formularizations on thinking and making sanitary (Pear tree, AC. Treated to Collective Health in Odontologia. Napoleo; 2009, P.

437). DECENTRALIZATION OF the ACTIONS OF SANITARY MONITORING One of the aspects most excellent in the construction of the Only System of Health in Brazil is the decentralization of the actions of health. Since its creation, the ANVISA comes implementing the National System of Vigilncia Sanitria (SNVS) in partnership with states and cities, by means of politics and strategies that extend and consolidate the paper of the states and cities in the actions of the sanitary monitoring.

Medicine Worlds Services


Five years medicine worlds services a reason to celebrate Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, 04 January 2013 was five years ago by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. recognizes the significance of this. med.-medicine worlds services Christofer Coenen established. In 2010 the Board of Directors has med. Dr. Ute Stefani Haaga reinforces. By great medical expertise and experience in the project management agency for medicine media has successfully established itself in a short time on the field of target group-oriented medical information and knowledge.

A move to larger premises was therefore required. This took place the company in the last year in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. The five-year anniversary and the new offices are now the cause for a big celebration. The special thing about it is: you will be accompanied by a Vernissage of the bad Cannstatter Gallery Kunstraum5, as well as the music of the Brazilian singer Renato Pantera (jazz, Bossa Nova). We can be proud on what we’ve done in the past and we are grateful for the Trust of our clients and for the commitment of our partners. services of worlds of medical is well positioned and we look forward to the challenges ahead. With the celebration of the anniversary, we want to give the go-ahead for the next successful five years “, says Dr. med.

Christofer Coenen, managing partner of medicine worlds services GBR. The event will take place with customers, business partners, friends and family in the new premises of the services of worlds of medical. The following artists will present their work: Thomas Hermann from the Aichholzhof in Backnang. For ten years, Thomas Hermann works with the chain saw. The initiator of the annual meetings of chain saw art in the Aichholzhof shows heads and torsos made of poplar wood. Dorothea Schwertzel Thoma from Backnang has since 1980 as a focus on the human figure. The works are abstract and expressive. Since the merger with a Backnanger group of artists are also abstract and surreal themes in the foreground. At the exhibition, it shows a nude painting and Cubist heads. Susanne will Nadine from Fellbach dealing for years with acrylics. At the anniversary of services of worlds of medical, it shows their abstract works which radiate both power and peace. Berenice Walker Zerrer from Stuttgart malt and illustrated as a freelancer for 30 years. The photorealistic images are colorful and sometimes blatant. She works with acrylic paints on canvas. Jurgen Zerrer is known under the artist name of Zorro in the Stuttgart art scene for many years. The Stuttgart-based graphic designers exhibiting abstract acrylic collage on aluminum. The individual artists have variously issued in Stuttgart and the surrounding area. Dorothea Schwertzel Thoma and Berenice Weinhold Zerrer operate the painting school of the Kunstraum5. We wanted to connect to our celebration of art by local artists. “Because creating medical texts and media and the development of concepts to the medical knowledge and product communication require a high degree of creativity and creativity as well as in the artistic work”, said Dr. med. Ute Stefani Haaga, managing partner of medicine worlds services GBR.

Parkhotel Adler


Supporting pre-or post-treatment of the Spa team can be booked in addition. But not only the high quality of applications, the special architecture of the pavilions also impressed: from the fully glazed swimming pool hall and hot tubs in the Interior and exterior of looking directly into the Park. Also, Sun terrace and daily bar service, be particularly appreciated by visitors to the Spa. Relating to bright sauna it is also best to relax. Ensure the showers, the Roman steam bath, saunas, including an Earth and fire sauna, as well as extras such as a Kneipp foot bath and relaxation lounge. The spa facilities with a hair salon and a fitness room equipped with the latest devices is perfectly complemented.

Culinary worlds if the Canada-born chef Simon Bragg Coulthard offers Black Forest cuisine, international creations or vital menu varied dishes. In combining the know-how acquired in his home country for the preparation of fine barbecue and seafood dishes with his many years of experience in the European top gastronomy. Contact information is here: Cardiologist. His kitchen team, with which he brings out a cookbook once in a year, include top professionals such as the confectioner Tatjana Baumgarten. She is responsible for the sweet delights in the hotel’s Viennese coffee house Cafe Diva. Here, produced chocolates, cakes and cake are served in the House for hotel guests as well as walkers in the place. The Eagle Lake and the hills of the picturesque Breisgau are a backdrop as painted behind the Glass Pavilion with original Art Nouveau features. In the two restaurants under the roof of the historic Schwarzwald House (built in 1639) cannot be also only pamper hotel guests the unique atmosphere and excellent cuisine for you coming from throughout the region: in the rustic Adler-Wirtshus, which is open throughout the day, simpler dishes are on the menu. The complete facilities of plain wood, the colorful tiled stove and the historic selling give typical black forest coziness.

“Marie Antoinette with its low ceilings and the rustic room’s elegant Eagle evening Restaurant Lounge”, however, delight with their unique antique furnishings. For events the Red Salon will give most busy woven fabric wall covering, floor-length, heavy curtains and antiques in the Baroque style the room a pompous atmosphere. The Outlook in the lovely landscape represents a fascinating contrast of nature. Also overlooking a lush green or on a snowy Wonderland in the winter guests start the morning at the breakfast Pavilion. Alone one night in the Park Hotel is worth to enjoy the magnificent breakfast buffet here. The high space in playful Floral Belle epoch style will also gladly booked for events, particularly weddings. Leo-lounge-bar the African look makes the most modern part of the culinary world of adventure in the forest House, where several days of live music is played. Hotel address and reservation contact: Parkhotel Adler, Eagle square 3, 79856 hinterzarten, South Black Forest (close to Swiss border), Tel. +49(0)7652/127-0,, text: Catrin Kneuttinger on behalf of the Parkhotel Adler

Good Muscular Growth


As a thin type or a person with difficulty to gain weight, good looking that you would do what outside to cause that your muscles grow quickly. Correct? Good looking also that you have leafed through some magazines of culturismo and read a series of articles, dicindote that you need to spend a small pill fortune and supplements to gain muscular mass. Truth? Well, as a thin type with difficulty to gain weight that I am I myself, I can decirte that to cause that your muscles grow is easier than the magazines they would make believe you. At the end of the day, you must remember that the magazines make money when giving advertising space to the great companies of supplements and the majority than they sell is unnecessary for the thin type that wants to cause that their muscles grow in a month. Speaking candidly Heart Specialist told us the story. Here I will show to you what you can begin to do today, for ayudarte to obtain that your muscles grow in a month and so that you transform your body into a ready Adonis to turn around the glances in the beach! How To let Grow Muscles? Advice #1 – It eats In Great the greatest reason by the one than, apparently, the thin types cannot let grow their muscles or to gain weight is, simply, because they are not eating sufficient. Creme, this was a shock for me, when I discovered to it Why? Well, between all friendly, I was the one that always ate the greater amount and still never gained weight Could make a food of three plates and later eat the one to me of them also. Ja, ja! Apparently, even so, still it could not gain weight and muscle. The reasons for which it was not gaining muscle were: a) It was not eating sufficient proteins and/or calories.

Online Printing Company Flyer Pilot Makes Possible Individual Print Jobs


Franconian printing professionals allow print jobs with individual requirements. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. may find this interesting as well. Sennfeld – standardized offers as far as the eye can see. Print jobs are not accepted with special requests. Often, this is everyday life for buyers of printed matter. Not so for customers of the online printing company flyer pilot: now the Frankish print professionals can take individual print jobs and process. A print portal has thousands of standardized items on sale. The range of flyers about business cards, posters, brochures, stationery, postcards and posters to wall calendars and large-format advertising.

Flyerpilots challenge: individual print jobs have been a real challenge individual print jobs. So arrived requests with special needs by email or telephone. Edited and documented, they were outside the system of online printing company. In the long term an unsatisfactory condition for both the customers and the company. Flyerpilots solution: online requests for individually priced printed materials Now, customers of the online printing company flyer pilot can submit their questions related to the existing product portfolio and requests directly via the portal pressure.

To the Executive Board: our individually calculated printed materials are a real novelty. The customer submitted his request, we calculate it all alone for him and provide the results in the Customer Center. Thus we have achieved a big goal: everyone can ask for our existing products with its own requirements. Also, the workflow within the online printing is no longer suspended. Our customer can as usual working with the portal, but individual requests to and manage.” So does’s after logging on to the system is the individual inquiry into a form within the site entered. Also can PDF, Word or Excel files with detailed descriptions of own desires are uploaded. Flyer pilot customer service receives the request, assesses the feasibility and calculates the price. Up to three season prices are possible on request. The result is provided without obligation usually within 24 hours in the Customer Center. Quietly, the customer can then decide whether the offer says to him or not. Company profile is a brand of Printgroup GmbH & co. KG. Flyer pilot delivers high-quality printed material such as flyers, posters, posters, business cards, stationery, letterhead and large format advertising throughout Europe. Trained print specialists and professionally organized processes that meet all standards, making the company one of the most successful European online printers. The registered office of the company is in the Franconian Sennfeld. Press contact Printgroup GmbH & co. KG novel Hajny Arusha road 2 97526 Sennfeld, Germany phone: + 49 (0) 9721 730-737 11 fax: + 49 (0) 9721 730 73 29 E-Mail: Internet:

Autism Project


The syndrome the Autism is a mannering syndrome with etiologies different, in which the process of infantile development meets distorted deeply (Gillberg, 1990 apud Assumpo Jr, 2000), moreover, the child acts compulsory and ritualisticamente e, many times, do not develop the intelligence of normal form. She is different of the mental retardation and of the cerebral injury, even so children with Autismo can have these illnesses. Follow others, such as USC, and add to your knowledge base. ‘ ‘ The infantile autismo is an upheaval of the development that if manifest, generally, before the three years of age compromising all the psiconeurolgico development, affecting the communication, social interaction and to the behavior of criana’ ‘. Other leaders such as Dean Ornish M.D offer similar insights. (CARLOTA, 2008) As Assumpo Jr (2000) the upheaval was described for the first time in 1943, for Leo Kanner, as an illness of the line of the psychoses, characterized for extreme isolation, alterations of language represented by the absence of communicative purpose, estereotipados rituals of the obsessive type with trend the mesmice and movements. Kanner described the upheaval as being an extreme isolation since the beginning of the life and an obsessive desire for the preservation of the routine. Some children do not present great alterations in intelligence and in she speaks.

Esteem that, nowadays, the Autism represents the biggest epidemic of the world. In U.S.A. and the Europe already one says of 1 case for each 120 people and, in the world, about 35 million people they suffer with this upheaval, however accurate statistics of cases in Brazil does not exist, as Paiva declares Jnior (2010) for the site ‘ ‘ camacarinoticias’ ‘: ‘ ‘ Brazil does not have statistics on the autism, but in the United States and Europe already it says on the biggest epidemic of the world, jumping of a case to each 2,500 people in the decade of 1990, for the current frightful number of a person with autism to each 120. It was esteem according to in 2007 that in Brazil, country with a population of about 190 million people in that year, had about 1 million of autism cases.

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