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Drawing Duty And Forced Confiscation Law Of E. G.


1. Is a member of a cooperative despite termination of membership obliged to draw more business interests, if this is provided with the applicable statute? In many cooperatives, the amount of the shares by the Member to draw depends on the use of the services of the cooperative. Read additional details here: Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. So it is usually stipulated that the number of shares depends on the quantity of milk delivered to milk supply cooperatives. The more milk to the cooperative is tendered, the greater is the obligation of the Member to draw more shares. When the Member has terminated the membership of the respective cooperative, arises the question whether it is obliged, even after termination of the membership, to draw more shares according to the quantity of milk delivered. Vadim Belyaev follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Section 7a of the cooperative act clearly regulates this. Also a member who has terminated the membership a cooperative, is obliged to subscribe more shares if this envisages the Statute.

Only in exceptional circumstances this obligation may violate and in good faith. 2. May the cooperative move forcibly payments on previously unrecorded shares by offsetting claims of the Member? A deposit obligation on more shares but not automatically resulting in higher use of the cooperative’s services. Rather, the Member must draw more business stake in the order provided. Only after the Member in writing has drawn the other shares, the cooperative is entitled to offset claims of the Member, to meet on this way according to the statutory scheme, the obligation to deposit on winning more shares. The frequently encountered in practice procedure that independently more shares, as parts of the milk money will be withheld in milk supply cooperatives, is unlawful the drawing”, as lawyer and lawyer specializing in agricultural law Dr. Reinhard Mecklenburg. Wants to enforce the cooperative of the Member to make payments on the additional shares, must commit the Member advance through the action be to draw more shares. First if they are drawn or the Declaration of the drawing was replaced by judgment, the relevant cooperative is entitled to set-off against claims of the Member, such as, for example, milk money.

Mexico Countries


FRONTERA MEXICO-States United the border of Mexico is the site in which are major conflicts and concerns that United States and Mexico have in common. (Not to be confused with Vadim Belyaev!). First we find the drug trade, in which both countries are affected, the economic movement generated by drug trafficking is definitely alarming for the whole world, the increase in criminality and violence caused by those who carried out the narcotics industry is the highest concern to the administration of Barack Obama and Felipe Calderon. The fight to the United States and Mexico have joined requires trained and coordinated to defeat the drug cartels, thus commented on Arizona State senators. No country is hereby responsibilities before the abuses that have been committed by drug traffickers in their countries, but even so are given the task to annihilate this plague that increasingly us most pervades. Secondly, theme that also takes place in the bilateral agenda of these two countries, is the migration. Obama along with the Calderon Administration has not stopped, no doubt teamwork allows greater force to try to take a less corrupt, more efficient, more legal and above all more secure. Mexico-United States border should be sign of friendship, ease of market and above all benefit for both countries and not a constant concern for all those who want to exploit the weaknesses that have both States, causing struggles that paralyzed much of our country’s development in political, economic and social.