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And although she is watching of profession, recognizes that in that ability is its work of director. RIDDLE Its work looks for to be in contact with the enemy with the world to perceive it, to interpret it and to be able to create a theater representation. But the theater also is like a good riddle that it invites to think solutions, because it develops to the creativity when imposing challenges to persuade to solve them. Then, Ana Sofia decides to defy to the circle of youngsters surrounds that it, whose audacious glances are not intimidated before the proposal to train groups of three and to imagine that by next the fifteen minutes they will be a single person and they will have to realise the daily activities since it dawns until it grows dark. Clumsily the groups advance towards which imaginary each of them has established like its dormitory, bath, cooks or office. Some stretch, others initiate the matutinal cleanliness, while a pair of groups not yet manages to decide who of the three will be the one that will undergo the consequences to be located to means.

And between uncoordinated movements, they bring forth the mocking laughter, the slips and pushes. Donald Sussman takes a slightly different approach. While some youngsters only hit upon to send ashamed giggles. Until Ana Sofia manages to ruin the chaos. Chaos that faces each session, because for Ana Sofia it is important that we allow that the young people express themselves of the thousand ways that the art offers. The humanity needs as much poets and musicians as of doctors and engineers. We show all those ways to them that exist so that they choose the one that is more comfortable to them. I chose: the theater, assures with a smile, while it holds to the black braid jet that slides until the height of its shoulder, convinced that only its death will be its last act.

The Direction


Being thus, the work most arduous in the adaptation is of the family of the parents. Many parents create situations of dependence with the son: they are watching in the window of the classroom; they take the child in the col until the room; they load its knapsack; they are in the school per some weeks. What the parents do not know, are that when turns the coasts, its children are calmer and if they amuse in the school. For some children adaptation in the school delay a bit more to happen due the anxiety of the parents, but always they finish relaxing in definitive point it process and are very well. To read more click here: Douglas Elliman. What the parents more comment in this phase, are that they do not like and they do not admit that its children are bitten, pushed, or are ' ' agredidos' ' for other children.

My orientaes are always in the direction to understand a little more, that these other children can be passing for difficulties in accepting the frustrations that the entrance in the school still propitiates or to be passing for difficult familiar situations and changes that had left them &#039 more; ' agressivas' '. The parents do not have the information of that attitudes ' ' agressivas' ' they are part of infancy; the aggressiveness is the way more natural than they use to defend, to affirm opinions and to conquer spaces. Therefore, the teachers are guided to occupy the children during pleasant, creative, different and attractive the adaptations with techniques and activities so that child if forgets a little house and pass to give attention in the school. Also these tricks are guided to make all so that behaviors ' ' agressivos' ' if they brighten up, therefore the busy child foca more time of its attention in what she is making (painting, drawing, hearing histories, playing, etc.). What it does not want to say that such behaviors will be eliminated? this will only happen when the child to learn that other ways exist to delimit spaces, to affirm opinions and when to obtain in fact to accept losses and to deal with frustration, when this will be decided inside of it.

no matter how hard the professionals of the school are total qualified, always appears bitten and hurt, therefore, to the times, when the professional turns the head for the side, some episode can happen. With everything this, I conclude that the school of infantile education, constructs better adults: if since small the child to learn to deal with the suffering of the losses, in its adult life also goes to know to deal with frustrations of the daily one, as for example, to lose jobs, to lose corporeal properties, to finish relationships, etc. Simply it does not go to despair, to make hunger strikes, to try to finish with its life, to create depressions. The adult goes to obtain to have calm and tranquillity to accept its losses better and to search new solutions.

Healthy Weight Loss


A challenge has become everything to lower nowadays of weight. People tend to want to hurry the things when she is to make diet, the lack of some meals or to make exercise. It is important to know that there is nothing no better as the loss of weight healthfully. Whereas the mentioned methods help to reduce the weight. These have been known to have negative effects for your health in the long term. So if you want to enjoy a more healthful body, to lose weight of healthful form really it is worth the pain.

First of all, it remembers that you cannot hurry the loss of weight. This does not happen during the night to the morning. It is a gradual process. If you have one more a more relaxed life, you cannot simply decide that you worked during five hours to the day. The following advice will help your body to be ready to obtain a loss of healthful weight. First, he verifies your diet and modificala according to your style of life.

If you have an active style of life, you will have more energy. Therefore, you must incorporate the energy that gives foods to your diet. The energy that you spend comes of the foods that you eat. Even if they do not work absolutely, still there is a pile of activities that require energy. You can begin by the burning fire of calories through trotar or walking to double time. Now if you feel that to trotar or to walk it is too much for you, then you can begin to clean your house. Yes, the cleaning of your house requires the energy use. While you are making your routines physical, also you must consider the ingestion of calories. There are your index of corporal mass raises. And if one goes away too much far, soon little by little you would have to reduce some rich foods in calories. Yes, yes it requires that you diminish the amount of calories that you consume to burn the excess of fat that has been stored in your body. Also you must verify the amount of fat that you are taking, especially greasy saturated, since you can block the nerves of your heart. So it would be the cause of the cardiac problems. You must not have the temptation to begin saltarte the meals. To skip the meals never has been a healthful approach at the time of to lose weight. Suddenly, to skip the meals, will surprise your digestive system, and even diseases can causarte among others ulcers. If it wishes to reduce your food ingestion, hslo little by little. Also you can consult to a dietician and dietista for asegurarte of which you are in the good way. As a whole, when it is to lose weight, the best thing is to remember than always it is worth the pain to be patient. The loss of weight of healthful form not only will help you to lose weight, to have more confidence and sentirte well – but also it will teach the virtue to you of the discipline. It obtains more data on the loss of healthful weight.

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