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About LeapFrog investments of the social comprehensive $ 135 million impact Fund of LeapFrog is the world’s largest investor in the area of insurance and related financial services for people receiving low incomes in emerging markets. “The Fund was launched together with former U.S. President Bill Clinton and invests in companies, the next billion” use of the vast, pristine emerging market of new consumers in Africa and Asia. LeapFrog supports its portfolio companies with capital and unique operational and strategic expertise in the area of micro-insurance and financial services for poorer groups of the population. Aim of the Fund is not to generate only a financial return, but including 25 million vulnerable people to reach. Global banks such as JP Morgan, KfW, Triodos, IFC and EIB, belong to the investors of the leading ethical investment funds by LeapFrog leading funds like Soros EDF, TIAA-CREF, Omidyar Network, FMO, and Calvert; the global reinsurer SCOR Haverford, and flagstone re; as well as Entwicklungsfinanzierer such as Proparco and the Accion frontier investments group. contact: Ingo Weber member of the Investment Committee and co-founder of the LeapFrog financial inclusion Fund + 49 171 201 3534 about Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd.

(Mahindra finance), is part of the Mahindra group with a market capitalization of US$ 15.4 billion and is one of the leading financial institutions in the area of the non-banking sector with a presence in all regions of India. See more detailed opinions by reading what Martha McClintock offers on the topic.. Mahindra will focus on the rural areas and small towns, and provides the population with necessary financing of vehicles and agricultural machinery. Mahindra has the largest concentration of offices among all financial institutions of the sector. Mahindra insurance brokers Ltd. (MIBL) is a subsidiary of Mahindra finance and is licensed as an insurance broker. About the Mahindra group Mahindra focuses on it, to help the people in their economic development. Mahindras core stores are in sectors with high growth rates, such as in the area of tractors, agricultural machinery, transport vehicles, information technology and tourism. Mahindra is also active in the fields of automotive, aerospace, agribusiness, consulting, energy, financial services, logistics, real estate, steel and two-wheelers.

The Mahindra group has a market capitalization of $US 15.4 billion and employs 144,000 people in more than 100 countries. 2011 Mahindra part of Forbes was Global 2000 list of the world’s largest and most influential companies. According to Dun & Bradstreet is Mahindra ranked in the automobile sector in India. Mahindra holds a majority interest in the Korean SsangYong group. In 2010, Credit Suisse has chosen as one of the best brands of the future the Mahindra group.

Metacommunication Communication


1.4. ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS OF COMMUNICATION. Mailhiot Bernard (1976) cites the following components of human communication: 1. the issuer: takes the initiative of communication and must be able to transmit a message in terms that are understandable by the other. 2. The receiver: it is the one to whom the message is directed, it is picked up as it is psychologically adjusted with the issuer.

The receiver will be influenced by their perceptions, motivations and personal impressions. 3. The message: constitutes the content of the communication, the message can communicate information or affection. Dr Kirsten Müller-Vahl helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. 4. Code: consisting of the set of symbols to communicate a message with respect to the receiver. The most common code is oral and written language. 5.

Putting into relief and camouflage: sets of decisions that the issuer must take before entering in communication, in terms of the content of the message and when the code used. 1.5 LEVELS OF COMMUNICATION. All communication implies a commitment which defines the relationship. A communication not only transmitting information but that imposes conduct, according to Bateson, (in Napier, 1975) these two operations of communication are known as: the referential and conativos aspects of the communication. The referential aspect of a message It transmits information. It is the content of the message, it can refer to anything that is communicable, regardless of whether the content is or not valid, true or false. Conation appearance refers to that type of message must be understood that it is, and so it has to do with the relationship between the communicating. This relational aspect of communication is identical to the concept of Metacommunication already defined. These aspects complement each other in each message. 1.6 FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE COMMUNICATION. 1.6.1 The group size there is no exact figure about the size of the group. The usefulness of appointing a given number lies in that size is a limiting condition of the quality and quantity of communication.

Dalai Lama


Knowing the life of large politicians integral as Cesar Chavez, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, ICT Nhat Hanh, among others, greatly enriched my vision of the struggle that make some great spirits that inhabit our world and from his humble human Constitution achieve major changes in entire Nations. They are a vivid example of what is possible with the strength of its light emitted by a higher consciousness, conscience that everyone can achieve through the practice of wisdom, living more in the spirit as with the mind and the body. The integral politician suffers from ignorance that exists in large part of the inhabitants of a nation and by the selfishness of a few full of power and economic resources and in our society is manifested by violence and inequality in the levels of living of the population. The integral political performs works and actions that counter the beings that emit only darkness and sadness by lack of love and compassion. And linking the work previously described with mastery, I realize that even When I have embarked it on this action as own-initiative for several years, actually was making it as an act of compassion for a sector which suffers from the neglect of the Government, however, mastery has me located in the context in which this can be developed, to carry out this work if only, it would be an adventure of enormous efforts and probably of low performancenow I think that it is necessary to involve different government institutions, civil associations and private initiative to implement larger projects that benefit the population in the field and that the time be a motor of sustainable social development. I am aware that great caution should be used by enromes them economic interests and the high degree of selfishness of some officials or persons empowered without scruples, but less to be done is the development of productive projects include economic, financial, productive, administrative and operational parts, etc.

Greek Excedia Dircon


Highlighted this remarkable artist of Cuban tables for his incredible mastery in both choreographies. His interpretative force gave him great enhancement to dramatic deployment of these and any other work in which to participate. That in those years they could see what they remember his personal magnetism on stage, devouring the strength of its execution to the rest of the cast. Many fell in love with his image under the stage lights and going to the theater just to see it dance. The eighties and nineties spent and its luster began to be eclipsed by new figures, some newly out of the ENA. However, as the big dance did in his time, danced until after having overrun the forties and in spite of her age could still compete in strength, elegance and technical dexterity with the young dancers of the company on stage. I remember specifically the year 1999 and Jorge April snow white ballet, choreography where he eclipsed completely to tender fellow cast and also in 2002 a Midsummer night’s dream, dance adaptation of the homonymous work of William Shakespeare by Anastasia Lira, Director of the Greek Excedia Dircon dance company, work that it was also the last in which figured as Figure main.

However its mark quickly found a new channel. He found himself as the master of modern dance, putting the best lessons learned in their already very distant days as a student in the classroom, taking the best of his teachers and at the same time, combining it with elements of their personal harvest. His extraordinary experience as interpreter attached to his enormous passion for dance, made him an excellent teacher. To keep intact their danzarias abilities, not only could dictate a class through the method of marking the students, they developed it on par with them, leaving them completely exhausted most of the time, but eager for more. Their classes are compulsory benchmark for all who enter the world of the company, in addition to being one of the most preferred by all participants to the annual Cubadanza event, sponsored by the own set together with other national institutions.

But his talent is not confined only to the grounds of dance Contemporary Cuba. During the last years he has collaborated with several artists of the scene as the dancer and choreographer Jolena Alonso, the Director of the Joldance company and the choreographer Rene de Cardenas, assisting the latter in Assembly and production of the renowned Sonlar, choreography of unquestionable artistic merit. Anyone who walks today in the vicinity of the National Theater of Cuba between nine and eleven o’clock in the morning can see, through the Windows of the second floor of the building glass, the development of a modern dance class. Insurance will also distinguish the figure of a man trigueno of glasses and ponytail (element that distinguishes it and characterized) stop at the forefront of this. If it is endowed with artistic sensibility, you will perceive in him a latent force and a barely contained passion and at the same time notice admiration reflected in each one of the faces of the dancers which takes class. If you stay one little longer will begin to feel the powerful energy emanating from the story told without words from playing under the guidance of this artist, who has demonstrated with his life and his work that is not will not ever more a figure among the shadows.

Franz Kafka


Because the real, is not that you made both case to his psychiatric demons, if not desdibujo to the national press, such as es and I say that it is always at the service of the system and those who hold the power in the system, which is colude in the to preserve their economic benefits and social status, but also conceals the crimes more egregious, are just corroded with the judicial system. The same thing happens in some provinces. Thus we have the Dean of the North, which always seems like Government press organ. Because if the opposite happens it is closed, as happened with the media in the city of Bagua, which reported very truthfully what happened on the curve of the devil, which earned them the suspension of its transmission license. So is also made with small radio stations in sites and places more small that these if independent media are truthfully reported what happened, call into question the system and the power of the chiefs of the region. For the same reason are scapegoater and persecuted by the police and judicial systems in the country. Does then where this the true expression of the freedom of expression? But the problem of Bayly isn’t a Freudian problem, as it wants to show the teacher Hildebrandt.

Isn’t that, if we believe that you will by that way we are very wrong and I guess that it is the first you see that the master errs in this kind of matters. Clear nobody is perfect in these matters in that reality to demonstrate it, ours shows the overtones of Kafka. More than a reality written in metamorphosis, our above a superiority much more beyond what it could develop Franz Kafka in his novel the metamorphosis, as we discover in this small passage that I transcribe: well thought; and if continue sleeping awhile and forget me of all these crazy things? But it wasn’t possible, because Gregory had a habit of sleeping on the right side, and its present State could not take such a stance. Even though it is straining, I went back to stay back. He tried in vain this operation numerous times; He closed his eyes to avoid having to see that confusing stirring of legs, but did not stop until he noticed in the side a slight, stabbing pain, never felt pain until then.But it is only a small piece of the author but that describes what is happening with Jaime Bayly to describe what happens to our countries. Original author and source of the Article



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