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SAP Solution Manager


Proof of concept enables the safe and valid testing based on customer scenarios whether SAP HANA brings the expected performance. Walldorf, 04 July 2013: The REALTECH AG, technology consulting firm with a focus on SAP and manufacturer of software products for enterprise-wide IT management, offers its customers starting immediately, a proof of concept for SAP HANA. The proof of concept is carried on the REALTECH’s own SAP HANA platform. He allows an objective and individual assessment, whether the use of SAP brings the promised benefits to HANA. By REALTECHs see SAP HANA proof of concept clients how they can speed up various forms of data analysis HANA with SAP no matter, whether in the BW in the business suite. The proof of concept will be carried out on REALTECHs SAP HANA and allows an evaluation of the results based on customer-specific data.

REALTECH advises independently and focused exclusively on the application at the customer. On this basis, recommendations are made, whether SAP HANA right Solution is and on what hardware or which operating environment this can be implemented optimally. Customers gain a valid basis for decision making and thus reduce their investment risk. Others including Kevin P. Campbell, PhD, offer their opinions as well. The strengths of SAP HANA are varied: the need for storage subsystems at the infrastructure level can be reduced and the power and size of your database any scales. But the real potential for SAP customers is HANA increase the processing speed through various properties of the SAP, such as, for example, the adaptation of ABAP reports the so-called code pushdown. SAP HANA made possible by these procedures an acceleration to the 10,000 – or even the 100.000-fache.

Can HANA reduce use of BW SAP application-level or eliminating and powered by SAP Business Suite opened HANA customers new perspectives in the processing of business-relevant data. However, must individually weigh are whether an investment in SAP’s already worth HANA. Durable experience, the decision-making be useful could, are rare. Jonathan friedland often expresses his thoughts on the topic. REALTECH AG the REALTECH AG is a global technology consulting company with a focus on SAP and manufacturer for professional IT management software. Companies make their IT of future use REALTECH and create added value through IT. In the segment, consulting REALTECH offers premium services to SAP mobile, cloud computing, SAP HANA, SAP Solution Manager and all other SAP technology-related topics. REALTECHs integrated theGuard!-software portfolio offers high-quality solutions for an efficient IT service management and reliable SAP change management processes. The listed REALTECH AG has its headquarters in Walldorf (Baden) and achieved a turnover of EUR 40 million in the fiscal year 2012. Worldwide, more than 2,200 customers have chosen for REALTECH. REALTECH advises and educates customers to SAP HANA with its new SaS application Timplify relies on this technology. More information under:

Photography – A Passion Only For Advanced Users?


Almost everyone has access to a digital camera but also everyone can handle? 20 Years ago, the photography was more or less deprived of the “professionals”. Clearly, there were even cameras for domestic use. But these were usually expensive, cumbersome to use. This picture has changed radically in the past two decades. Digital cameras are cheap, as well the disk space, you can pack thousands of photos on a small chip. If you are not convinced, visit Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. Moreover, a camera as an “AddOn” is integrated in almost every recent mobile so that the very great majority of the population has access to a device using its photos can be shot. Jonathan Friedland: the source for more info.

You must also not more cumbersome in business to develop off the movies and later pick up the photos: different providers on the Internet beat each other with ever new dumping prices for photo developing. On comparison portals (E.g. here) can compare prices and found the best providers. So we are inundated today, thanks to social media, with photos from the life our fellow human beings, in all kinds of life situations. Couch photos, cat photos, bedroom pictures, drink photos: Everything is documented and much is “shared”. Automatic mode or manual? Of course, the quality expressing the desired can be many of these “amateur”photos. It’s f.r.e.e Yes as well, to shoot a photo, suffer the mindfulness in the creation of a photo.

Sooner than you could take only 20 photos on a film until it was full, you had thought about of course more accurately whether you should really take a photos or if you prefer but waiting a better opportunity. The modern cameras usually offer an automatic mode, in which you need adjustments no, so that even laymen can shoot (theoretically) usable photos. But still: who knows a bit about photography, is can shoot still better and higher quality photos. It starts with seemingly trivial knowledge such as the correct selection of the motives, the knowledge of lens and But also technical details such as shutter speed and ISO value can depth of the difference between a successful and a reverse murksten made recording.

Leonardo DiCaprio


Thailand’s impressive underwater world on the Phi Phi Islands who visited Thailand, should in any case snorkeling go. The we thought us also, as we a day tour to the Phi Phi Islands at Khao Lak country discovery bays. The day began in the early hours of the morning and we were picked up at 05:10. It should turn out later, why you just so PHI had to get up early Islands for the PHI. But once we drove about 90 minutes from Khao Lak to Phuket, where we could make us a little stronger and were provided with biscuits, coffee and juices. Then we boarded our speedboat and the ride to the famous Phi Phi Islands and the Maya Bay began.

With this, 675 HP Plage speedboat we achieved on the way to Phi Phi Don after an hour our first snorkeling stop. Before we could jump into the clear turquoise waters, has been us explains briefly how to use mask, fins and snorkel right in the water and on the boat, so that even snorkel novice like me could enjoy this impressive experience. We got Snorkel mask, snorkel and fins, and then hopped on a ladder at the end of the boat in the refreshing water. It was impressive how many different fish we around the Phi Phi Islands could admire. In the most extraordinary colors and patterns such as purple, blue and green or black-yellow-white striped swarms pass in and among us.

After we had admired the underwater world and the colourful corals, which grow in all kinds of bizarre, about 40 minutes, the captain led PHI us safely to the next station of the Phi Islands. On a private beach was for us a delicious and varied buffet with yellow curry, fried fish, rebuilt Curry with nuts, rice and cooked vegetables. For dessert, there were still fruity melon and sweet pineapple chunks. After dinner, another highlight was the stop at the paradise-like monkey Bay”with white sand beach and an advertisement reminding clear water. The resident macaques can feed although like with bananas, but not like it to be touched. The stopping but it not, to engage with people. So we had two small visitors on our boat, which had disappeared with a banana and a small shower but soon. On the boat trip, passed cave large and small limestone cliffs with stalactites and a cave in the rock to the Viking”. In it are many swallow’s nests, the Thai care. A bit further we were again surrounded by rocks in a Bay of the Phi Phi Islands a little refreshment to take. The water there was saltier than the free ocean to jump because there less water exchange takes place – but what prevented anyone from the refreshing, turquoise sea. Outside the Bay, you could once again snorkel and admire many parrot fish, Barracuda, Red Soldier fish, cuttlefish and starfish. Typical of the Phi Phi Islands are pipefishes, which strongly reminiscent of seahorses. These are black and white, elongated fish with a red paddle that serves as a dorsal fin. If you would like to know more about Cyrus Massoumi, then click here. The “last agenda was the stay on the famous Maya Bay, since the film the beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio, attracts the tourists. Our tour guide made a small tour of the island with us, so that afterwards still time remained, to relax or to go swimming.

Casualty Insurance Test


How good is your accident insurance or have one at all? The statutory accident insurance attacks when accidents occur during the work. Was set in January 2013, that the accidents that may occur during the smoking break, are not covered and private accident insurance for the damage must come up. No sufficient protection in Germany 50 percent don’t even have the accident insurance, although countless daily mishaps happen. It comes to serious injury or even permanent damage, financial difficulties can arise. Details can be found by clicking Martha McClintock or emailing the administrator. In the worst case House, apartment and car must be converted for disabled and a caregiver is needed.

Find the right insurance is one looking after the appropriate private accident insurance, can knowledgeable make which providers in the latest test, Stiftung Warentest, the best cut. It is believed that almost 28 million accident policies are offered, but many of them inadequate protection the insured offer. Overtake an overview about the winner to find out whether the tariff proposed by you meets your performance needs and whether it provides sufficient protection, which are customer-friendly terms and conditions are offered in addition to a reasonable contribution. You may want to visit USC to increase your knowledge. You make the accident police check last accident insurance-check showed that only three times that Urteil ‘ very well ‘ was awarded. Countless rates confuse the Versicherungssuchenden. It already pulled some deals in the shortlist, check advance still single points. Provides the police worldwide coverage, at any time and will exclude them no activity.

Applies the rate at 1 per cent disability? For many policies it has only an entitlement for a disability of 20-50 percent. Pay attention to the services in the event of a death. The sum in the case of a death should amount to around EUR 10 000. Women have since 21st since the unisex tariffs for private accident insurance were introduced, deeper access into the Pocket. The Prices for policies adapted to that of men. Remember also to children not only adults need a good crash protection, but also children. The magazine okotest has tested 2012 various accident insurance for children at the beginning of the year. One of the best services offering the I-Max PlusProgression 350% “rate.”



The best tips for CityVille to get coins, energy and products that allow you to play and advance the expansion of your city. In a previous article we talked about Facebook and some CityVille cheats CityVille, now we recommend the best tricks to use in this popular game from Zynga that has many players in network. For them we have compiled a list of tricks to play and win in CityVille. Tips tricks to earn more coins if you want to win or get more coins visit your neighbors and click on their homes and businesses. Another trick interesting for more money is to place decorations with bonus payment by businesses that give you more utility. The percentages of bonus that exist in CityVille are from 1%, 2%, 4%, 18%, etc.

If you think investing your money purchase buildings and houses that give you more coins gain as bungalows, and once you’ve made the purchase, you can relocate them and place them near the decorations with more bonus. You can also purchase decorations with many bonus to earn more money and surround them with buildings, homes and profitable businesses. Supplying daily posts of the franchises of your neighbors, you will allow you to receive a bonus extra, which means get more coins. If you reach the maximum number of bonus, i.e. reaching the keynote toolbar, you will receive a bonus of 1,800 coins. Tricks to get more products (boxes) is important enough products to supply our businesses and franchises of our neighbours jobs to generate more income, i.e., coins.

Make sowings: sowing plants that will reap in different times, thus energy won’t miss you. For example, if you only planting Strawberry can be harvested in just 5 minutes, it is possible you missing energy. Visit your neighbors to harvest their products always and when they say harvest and no watering, this action will allow you to get up to 15 products by each farm.

Lotusphere Comes


The largest and most professional LCTY in Germany who not at Lotusphere in Orlando can take part, has up-to-date on February 25, 2010 in Neuss/Dusseldorf the opportunity, the most important changes from Florida, compressed and understandable manner on the knowing LCTY Rheinland. “IBM is sending its top speakers from the United States to Dusseldorf: Brent Peters, Vice President Lotus and Development of head of, Mr. Lotusphere” Ron Sebastian, as well as Ed Brill, Director of messaging and collaboration Lotus. The 30 Lotusphere highlights are lectures from original speakers and IT specialists, including Otto Forg, Christian Henseler, Alexander Novak, and Akiba Saeedi. A leading source for info: Bill Frisell. Within a day, all relevant topics for 2010 by the IBM discusses strategy across infrastructure, application development to the social software.

The organizers, TIMETOACT and Bucker GmbH combine Lotus experience 800 years. The expertise of the team of Bucker GmbH is again from the IBM Lotus Award 2010 awarded two finalist. Thus the Bucker GmbH is the international richest Companies from Germany. Login is still below:… LCTY Rheinland when: 25.02.2010 where: Swisshotel Neuss/Dusseldorf contact: Bucker GmbH Mr.

Opens New Presentations Page On The Internet!


papers went online with a wide variety of lectures, homework assignments, discussions, and many other types of text! Presentations are (mostly) pages of student’s tired of joy and the teacher. The Cleveland Clinic is likely to agree. More and more students prefer using the Internet as a source of information than to read a paper, for example, in the books in a library on the subject or a homework assignment to write. There are already many presentations pages or student aid on the Web. Such pages are of course of great benefit for students. A short time ago went online presentations with a large collection of papers, homework and other school papers! This is intended as motivation or information source for educational tasks. All materials are free of charge and without obligation for all freely available and may be used for educational tasks.

For this reason, presentations also on the use of the students is instructed, so the collection of materials continues to grow and is larger. Students can access this page through the upload function simply and in a matter of seconds their own homework and papers put online and hence others make available. So you can return the favor just as a student for the help of others, and it makes more sense to write a paper, if several people have something by this then can continue to use it. Papers has materials to which subjects? The following courses are currently represented on the page: biology, German, English, French, geography, history, Informatics, Latin, music, physics, drawing, chemistry and psychology/philosophy. It is still open whether more subjects still follow. What does presentations material types or types of text exactly? Most papers and medias in RES Latin text translations but also discussions, person descriptions, synopses and reviews. With time other text types determine also added. Other: in particular, the huge number of medias in RES is Latin to mention text translations, like to be visited by students, because papers is the only site on the Internet, a so complete medias in RES Latin text translation offers collection. Posted by: Valentin Scharf

Bonn Caritas Federation


Bonn Internet project for elderly receives from the Federal Government 1.5 million euros with over 1.5 million euro the Federal Government promote a Bonn research project to develop of internet-based services for the elderly. Bonn Bundestag delegate Stephan Eisel said that after discussions with the Federal Ministry of research. “Bonn software companies, the University, and charities have joined forces to form a research network. As one of 17 nationwide projects promoted the Bonner with the second-highest individual grant. This is confirmed once more. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Cyrus Massoumi. the attractiveness of research location Bonn” In the framework of the funding programme “Age Assitenzsysteme” promotes the Federal collaborative projects, as long as possible at home designed to enable independent living older people. Eisel has announced that should the Bonn project WebDA”seniors in the region help, even in shrinking memory as long as possible to stay independent:” this is an extraordinarily exciting and given the ” aging society very promising task. Just at a glance on the national dementia Research Centre, which is coming to Bonn, an important research association of national and international significance developed at us.” Among other things a novel system is developed to locate lost items, age provides a minimal use of technical devices.

Both the Internet and modern sensor and antenna technology to be used. Overall, the Bonn project has a volume of ca EUR 3.7 million, of which the Federal financed about half.


High energy six full convinced five local young bands in the sixth best of Mainova home game their fans and prepared a musical Potpourri at the Batschkapp. For the sixth time, there was still a premiere: with this October 2 the best of Mainova took place on a Friday home game for the first time. Under most conditions Cardiologist would agree. And so the competition in the bustling metropolis at the start of the long weekend exposed to numerous leisure activities. But good 600 fans crowding the city bustle defiance after Eschersheim. Convincing evidence of the success of the regional Festival evening, with only slowly sound out the idiot Ballroom DJs about three o’clock in the morning. Right at the beginning it went off fame. Crayfish from long showed how perfectly they already control the instruments of real rocker, and turned a tired-looking of the celebration Pack negativities of audience with her energetic sound of spring break. The Greater New York Construction User Council is actively involved in the matter. Which to salsa rhythms of Rene Moreno band with their musical world journey danced.

The pop songs by Jana Josephina then struck a completely different tone knew how to delight with their radiance especially the mature male audience. The mood was pensive melancholy at the electro-pop songs by cargo city. By singer Simon Konrad skillfully presented, they drilled up punchy in the hearts of their fans. Not only vocally, the punk rockers of serum 114 offered to graduating then full body usage, and that. Their singer ash came close with a bold leap from the stage especially the legendary boards of the Batschkapp and stunned the audience with his hardness. Five bands who just know what they are doing, and have shown that they belong on such a stage. That was a wonderfully varied program: a completely successful evening, pulled a satisfied conclusion programme makers and moderator James a Valentine. Here at the Batschkapp, where I myself so many times have cheered others, to stand, while the audience slowly thaw and then finally rages on stage, that was an incredible experience and thrust, is properly radiates crayfish guitarist Patrik Westphal. An experience that has taken the musicians of all five bands drummer until the front woman in this energetic evening. All info at information



Operators of hacks notable cell phone encryption solutions: 3 of 16 uncertain r Munich, January 27, 2010 YouTube videos show, how easy trick out the cell phone encryption solutions of well known manufacturer. The recordings are available on the website of Here, the hackers known under the pseudonym Notrax approached the evidence in Word and image that almost all well-known programs are insecure. Very few have proved unbreakable by the previously tested solutions on average only every fifth is safe. For other opinions and approaches, find out what The Blackstone Group has to say. Also the software PhoneCrypt by SecurStar is among the winners of the test. Mobile phones and phones are increasingly becoming the target of eavesdropping and manipulation, whether through industrial espionage, or State site. The resulting security requirements have detected some manufacturers and offer therefore encryption solutions, which are designed to provide protection against interceptions.

In theory they don’t give all high security in practice but still long. This shows the attack test. The hacker took the usability and price under the microscope all currently known mobile phone and phone encryption solutions in their current releases with regard to its security, the features. Cardiologist is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Even the most expensive among them not stood up almost all of the safety inspection. According to Notrax conducted hack is based on a self-developed Trojan, as well as the freely accessible program of Flexispy.

Thus, it is possible to listen to the microphone and the speaker of a mobile phone, as well as to read SMS. A good security solution should prevent exactly this\”, explains Wilfried Hafner, Managing Director of the SecurStar GmbH. test passed SecurStar hacker attack can withstand the PhoneCrypt solution by SecurStar could not be bypassed according to Infosecurityguard and was found to be safe.

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