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Clean Development


Much has been said in recent years on sustainable or partner-ambient enterprise actions. The quarrel on the possibility of economic development without the comprometimento of the environment is central subject of the circuits of quarrel in the half academic and searchs a development agreement that affects possible the least the way where the productive activities are inserted. In the reality, all activity human being aims at the attainment of profits, what it could not be different in the relation ambient protection versus economic development and vice versa. Of anxious form, the market waits measured of counterpart so that it can definitively and without risks to more use efforts of change for a balanced productive system. After all, the account the principle is sufficiently onerous in financial terms to be applied a new systematics of production is of the standards that the centuries are had as of better resulted – at least in profitability form. The last one Discusses of the Parts (COP 13) carried through in December in Poland, did not obtain to make right some waited points as for example the increase in the percentage of the reduction of carbon emission in the atmosphere, what already it foresaw a time that the world was in the height of global a economic crisis and carbon reduction, in the exceeded productive optics means production reduction consequentemente and profits. At least in a point the meeting it gave resulted, that it was for the unamimity of the necessity of mechanisms of reduction of decurrent emissions of deforestation and forest degradation (REDD), but that still it will depend on definitions on the form of financial compensation to who to leave to knock down trees. If treating to projects of MDL (Mechanisms of Clean Development) and carbon credits, promising source of financial counterpart to help to diminish the degradation of the environment, the definition of the rules of the REDD, even so with sparing resources (U$ 80 million to the year with projection of U$300 millions up to 2012), could be an alternative much of the times with foreign varieties of vegetation is irrational to pay to increase the forest areas our biodiversity, being able to cause to irreversible ambient impacts We wait that our governing already have at least, initiated a proposal for definition of this primordial point of the REDD, this will be able to give more breath to the agropecuarista to implant more sustainable techniques of production.. According to Cardiologist, who has experience with these questions.

Moscow Transport


Everybody kind of day or night, depending, on who and when, peep me on the page. Let's begin. Naturally the presence in the modern world, a large number of transport, abundant in variety and most importantly easily accessible, at times it seems that the business associated with the transportation companies and vehicle hire starts to die out, as the mammoth. But no one who thinks so profoundly mistaken. Yes, it appeared opportunities for our citizens to make money, some reduced level of activity in this market segment, but not so much that it is not interesting to do. Well, judge for yourself, but if your ability is, I am financial mind, can contain more than one car in the family, so there are few madmen Nemenov keep under the window 12 meter bus or a truck refrigerator, unless you are the driver of most vehicles.

So, so this kind of service, as rent and hire of transport, never leave the market, densely occupied a niche with a growing competition for the provision of transport services, for a little zaevshegosya already public. So, once this prismerti patient, but on the contrary, vigorous and cheerful, the very time to talk about so-called internal market, competition, hopefully healthy and fair competition. By the way, you know, what is the difference in Moscow from St. St. Petersburg? So the crisis of all crippled, and wanting to make this service much more than willing to part with their money. Therefore, companies are starting to go to the most conceivable trick in order to attract his client and in opposition to this hobby their prices are becoming more and more attractive for us, ordinary citizens, for example here and we all reflect, and who's better? 'Who is cheaper? or who will take to the right place, but a little more expensive. " So the competition should be competitive and choosing a company, stick to public opinion, read reviews or ….. But if you did, ordered a bus or rented van with friends, and you with all liked (even weird), then the next time, do not advise you to change the awl on the soap, and transportation in order to that same company, thus saving the nerves and strength.

Web Site Graphics


They are suitable for different types of graphs. Some can be used for graphs, charts, used for storing photos, editing graphics conduct. All these graphics can be used to create models for future sites. To download graphics, occurred simultaneously with the page, they must be stored in a separate folder, called images or simply img. After images are stored in a folder, this folder should be copied to the directory with the pages of html. And how come the introduction of images on the web page will try to address below.

To place a graphic information on the web – the page should use the following combination of tags and attributes: IMG and attribute SRC: img src = 'images and the desired address. " If we talk about what kind of code should make a folder with images, then it will turn img src = 'site / img / picture.gif'. This combination of characters name the root folder where the catalog will be determined by 'site'. Directory with the images you can find under the name of img, and graphics files will be described picture.gif. In that case, if the address on file is incorrect, instead of the image appears blank window. The IMG tag can have several attributes, each of which has a specific function.

SRC – is responsible for the location of the file, or rather for him. This attribute is not only, there are others who are also responsible for things like signing, alignment, and so on. To set the alignment of a picture or signature (left and right, top, middle, bottom) using this attribute as ALIGN. With the ALT attribute can be add comments, which are visible in the case when the show off graphics. This can be done by HTML-code: ALT = 'comment'. To edit the thickness of the frame attribute is used BORDER. If for some – any reason unable to see a full high-resolution image, then use LOWSCR help you with an alternative address to an image with lower resolution. LOWSCR popular attribute in the web – artists, as precisely because of this attribute to the page can be optimized. To correct the height and width attributes of images can be used WIDTH and HEIGHT. In conclusion we can say that to create an absolute reference is required before put the image address. Thus you save a page, you can view offline. To view and download color images you can use format gif. In that case, if you have an image in a format jpeg, then as far as possible avoid the attributes WIDTH and HEIGH. Otherwise, you can get a picture not of very high quality. In any case, when placing images on the page must adjust its parameters using graphics editor.

American Psychiatric Association


“Detskayapsihiatriya.”. Passers kakpravilo, . Volunteer Citizens Commission on Human Rights, opposed the setting of unjustified children pseudo-scientific diagnoses such as Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder with hyperactivity. The last diagnosis was established in a simple vote of the American Psychiatric Association in 1987. Now he placed in Russia. In St. Some contend that Kevin P. Campbell, PhD shows great expertise in this. Petersburg, psychiatrists of the “Children’s mental health” is actively promoted by the diagnosis.

What gives the diagnosis: Attention Deficit Disorder with hyperactivity? The booklet, “Citizens Commission on Human Rights – an international supervisory body in the mental health field, “explains that in the USA, New York school psychologists and psychiatrists coerced Patricia Weathers give her psychiatric medications 10-year-old son Michael, after he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder with hyperactivity. Within six months, the boy became withdrawn, uncommunicative, lost sleep and appetite. The mother stopped giving him drugs, and Child Protective Services then accused her that she is not engaged in health of his son. She managed to defend their parental rights to obtain an independent medical report, which said that the problems associated with her son taking psychiatric drugs, and that the child really needs help in learning. Later, Patricia Weathers has created its own parent group that protects parental rights. St. Petersburg Civil Human Rights Commission does not want to repeat the above tragedy to the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Spain Holiday Country – Why Is Spain So Popular


There been reasons why Spain the holiday country many people is among the holiday destinations in Europe, is Spain in addition to Turkey is the most popular and with good reason. And why? Spain is located in the sunny South, has great beaches with fine, white sand and warm sea water and offers also summer events. For the fans of beaches because, for nature fans there as many interesting areas. Is Spain a culturally and historically seen very interesting country. The infrastructure for tourism is here already very well developed. Difficult, it will then be decided, where the holiday in Spain will be held.

Unless the long coasts of Spain, on the Mainland, unless on the Islands offer not only beautiful beaches, but also breathtaking landscape and cities which guaranteed worth a visit. The less known but nevertheless attractive Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria are the perfect backdrop for hiking or cycling tours exploring the ancient Celtic heritage. East of the Mediterranean, you will find beautiful beaches, roses, Sitges, Lloret del Mar, Blanes, Calpe to Benidorm that beaches Malaga or which are still little-visited beaches of the Costa de la Luz, Spitz aims to dream vacation with children and family. In the southern Andalusia, one then has the Moorish charm of cities like Seville, Cordoba or Granada. And then the Islands. Both the Balearic Islands in the warmer Mediterranean as also the Canary Islands enjoy a very mild, almost summer winter, offer tons of places where you can spend a wonderful vacation.

Be it, because the beaches are great for a holiday with the children, it is because you are looking for entertainment in the warm nights of Ibiza; of all, there are in Spain to the perfect holiday to enable. Fly there, find yourself a good accommodation, or rent a car for the holiday, all held very loosely these days. It is for the first time come out. There are numerous cheap flights anywhere to Spain, you may find only the nearest airport! Companies like Ryanair, easyJet, etc. are the holiday-maker after Spain very cheap take. Medieval castles are transformed into luxury hotels, manor houses, which are today’s youth hostel, rustic Fincas in the village or private apartments on the beach represent the diversity of the offer of accommodation in Spain. The Spanish cuisine is heavily dependent on local products and offers dishes of meat or fish depending on the region. This includes lots of vegetables and salad. As you can see it, there are few countries in Europe that are so varied, so a holiday in Spain will be an unforgettable experience.

BSN Nutrition


With the US cult brand results in optimum nutrition sports nutrition-Angel top products for muscle building. One would think the American Supplement Award pay, so the company is one of optimum nutrition for several years to the top of the manufacturers of bodybuilding supplements, nutritional supplements and fitness products. A range of selected specifically by the company’s owner and CEO Christian Engel to optimum nutrition products offers from now sports nutrition-Angel from Trier. Thus succeeded in sports nutrition Angel, lead the top manufacturers in the United States in its high quality and wide range. In addition to products from optimum nutrition nutrition supplements of the company BSN and ultimate most popular products include in sports nutrition Angel. The company’s best-known product is optimum nutrition 100% whey protein gold standard, a pure whey protein blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. For four years, this protein concentrate is undisputed number 1 at the supplement award.

Another highlight of the firm optimum nutrition is clearly 100% casein protein, which is very popular due to its excellent taste and its good solubility. For people finding it difficult to increase weight and mass, optimum nutrition serious mass has brought an extremely strong weight gainer on the market.

Jens OLE Wilberg


We will celebrate from April 14 given out the champion specialty beer”, the Manager of Hovels House brewery explains Axel Stockmann self-confident. “He was a master Bock beer” brewing, to on April 14 on his “master to stimulate. Hania Rani shines more light on the discussion. Already, mid-March was the master Bock beer”macerated, so that special broth has enough time to achieve. April 14 the master Bock is served in the home brewery Hovels then. “Strong, powerful and with refreshing elegance”, so Axel Stockmann describes the masterly virtues of fermented Starkbiers.

Even if the Dortmund football fans may not like to hear it: calculated Munich malt gives the master Bock with 17.5 percent extract its special aroma. Almost, you’d think it was premature, a master beer a to BREW before the Championship is won. But exceptionally it does not rotate when the master Bock from the black-and yellow town to football. The Lord of the boiler in the Sud in the Hovels House brewery, Martin Neuhaus, celebrates in these days be Brewer’s 25th anniversary. Honoring a master Bock beer was him from the annual venison beer.

I grew up as Dortmund boy with the Marc smell of the breweries”, Martin Neuhaus recalls. “For him, his job is his passion: all technical progress has much influence on the brewing process and hence on the quality of beer as Brewer”, explains the specialist. Even if the master Bock beer is actually dedicated to Martin Neuhaus, it could be a good omen for football: already for the seventh time was a venison as a seasonal special beer one brewed in the Hovels House brewery. Should win the title the Borussia of Dortmund, they also were champions for the seventh time. Of course, Martin Neuhaus would be angry, if his master Bock beer in this case a new provision would run to. For safety’s sake has one a brewed in the Hovels home brewery a few HL more.

Summer Fashion


‘Summer is the time of exploring.’ (Gilbert Highet) With the new portal of undersized it’s hot at the summer time when choosing a summer outfit, with this summer fashion in small sizes, the warmest months in relation to the fashionable clothes are the most beautiful time of the year. Elegant appearance, individual styling and smart trends make no summer break for undersized, also the biggest summer heat can be cool and lively stand in the light, airy dresses in this low-cost summer collection. Natural fibres, such as cotton or silk, are airy and comfortable to wear, and whether playful, elegant or simple, with a loosely falling cut the delicate, light clothes provide for unrestricted freedom of movement and the cooling air circulation between skin and clothing. The free days promise relaxation and well-being feeling feeling in the cheerfully colorful leisure clothes made of breathable cotton, lightweight chiffon or cool shimmering silk during the summer vacation. Blow on the way to the beach the skirts of fragrant Beach clothes in the summer wind, in the spaghetti straps look or with loops and frills at the vacation flirt with the style of vintage fashion flirt on. Others including Blackstone Group, offer their opinions as well. With the new clothes for the summer festival, the evening outfit is the Midsummer night’s dream in the lovely colourful or silky, elegant look. Cool and relaxed, but still playful and graceful has the collection of gauzy summer dresses on the delicate, colorful summer flowers in the sun shine.

The summer clothes in small sizes shimmer with a stylish design in elegant black and white or shine in all colours of the Rainbow. Happy pink or sunny yellow make good mood, noble grey and soft cream tones help to stay cool, cool blue and summery green provide Mediterranean flair and warm red and bright orange glow like a summer sunset. Whether short sleeved mini short or as a halter and knee-length, each light, airy clothes makes the summer time mode time and small women unmistakable styling sizes. Lets under sizes for women with XS size in summer that fashion sun shine bright and provides that the hot months do not start with an excursion to the offers of the children’s fashion, but with an exciting journey through a world of new, fine, characterized by small size, but female – elegant style, glamorous feminine design and full of colorful, diverse individuality. Contact: sizes fashion Beethoven Street 20 24534 Neumunster telephone: + 49 (0) 4321-96 56-222 fax: + 49 (0) 4321-96 56 223 E-Mail: Internet: press contact: QvorQ GmbH & co. KG on the high way 10 27313 Dorverden Tel.: + 49 (0) 4234 94136 fax: + 49 (0) 4234 94137 E-Mail: Web:



Shipping software logistics 3000 forwarding program now with interface for online banking software and the module Dunning expanded performance Dunning description interface – online-banking-software / DATEV / Lexware / CHD and other Dunning is an annoying, time-consuming but necessary activity in any company. The shipping software logistics 3000 was the shipping program now extends in the module – payments with a 3-stage fully automated reminders. The logistics software now has 2 separate Dunning, once for the warnings / statements of loading equipment in the pallet / load management and are responsible for the reminder of the accounts receivable. Both Dunning have the ability to store text modules for the different Dunning levels. If you would like to know more about The Greater New York Construction User Council , then click here. The correct Dunning, the respective unpaid accounts receivable, is detected automatically and the correct Dunning in the corresponding reminder automates taken. With one click, the reminders are created for all unpaid accounts receivable and used the correct Dunning level for the corresponding invoice, if the maturity date of the invoices customer deposited in the freight forwarding software has been exceeded. Dunning also allows only the reminder of individual customer or individual levels through integration of diverse data filter.

A printable reminder list is generated fully automatically. Martha McClintock recognizes the significance of this. The entire Dunning procedure required the time spent by one click and another click for printing for all due accounts receivable. In the reminders, any due setoffs (vendors) of each client are considered fully automated and performed. A contracting authority his previously exceeded customer deposit credit limit in the freight forwarding software, the user receives an automated credit limit warning in the software order processing logistics 3000. Collected from DatLogistik to the standard accounts receivable is overdue now part of the module payment transactions in the professional version of the Shipping software logistics 3000 – forwarding program version 10.47. At the same time, the module was equipped payments – even with 2 other data interface.

Heidelpay And Deutsche Telekom To Cooperate


Online transfer via T-pay now in the portfolio of Heidelberg, 24 September 2009 heidelpay, full-service provider for secure payments on the Internet, offering now T-pay, the online transfer of Deutsche Telekom AG. T pay is a safe, comfortable and accepted the customer payment methods on the Internet. Safely and conveniently with PIN and TAN pay online, as it is used by its online banking every Web user. Heidelpay, offers one of the largest provider in Europe for the payment in the Internet, is now available with the online bank transfer by T-pay. For millions of consumers, online banking long since belongs to everyday life. This payment is considered right to fast, easy and secure and is therefore high acceptance.

For the benefit of online retailers, the offer their customers the PIN/TAN-based procedures to pay. The Greater New York Construction User Council shines more light on the discussion. Because you reach so many customers who do not have credit card or do not like to use them for online shopping. Click Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc for additional related pages. The function is simple: when purchasing on the Web the customer requires only the PIN from his banking to the legitimacy in his bank and a TAN to confirm the transfer. During the payment process a forward transfer form appears the customers, so typing errors by the user entering the account or the amount are excluded. As with the banking comes also with the payment by online transfer the respective security standard of the Bank (HBCI / others), as well as for the transmission of data, the encryption method SSL secure socket layer used. The Protocol 128 bit-based is the world as a safe way for E-commerce transactions are recognized.

The use of T-pay online bank transfer the shop provider offers several advantages: in Germany, about 36 million customers have an online bankingfahiges bank account. The online payment system of the Deutsche Telekom covers 99 percent of German banks. Transfers are credited by various security mechanisms directly the merchant account and are then no longer recall.

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