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Delicious With Smoked Tofu


Many people are still believing that tofu tastes like anything tasty and delicious food with smoked tofu. With smoked tofu, you can convince these doubters but very well that it is not so. And even meat eaters have already convinced and are excited about it, how versatile you can use smoked tofu. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD contributes greatly to this topic. Smoked tofu is virtually universally, in addition to frying it can be fried, grilled, boiled, baked or mashed and it is even healthy. Because tofu provides much iron and magnesium, much potassium, Nicotinic Acid, copper, calcium, zinc and phosphorus as well as some folic acid and vitamin B1, B2 and B6. If you still have doubts, you just try the tofu stew from the Cookbook of delicious without the dead animal, 77 x vegetarian delight, ISBN: 978-3-8423-7540-6. Recipe for 2 people: 150 g smoked tofu 1 small courgette 100 g champions 1 onion 1 garlic clove 50 ml white wine 100 g sour cream 50 ml cream 100 ml soy sauce olive oil salt pepper preparation: cut tofu into cubes. Wash Zucchini and Cubes.

Peel the onion and garlic and chop finely. Champions clean and cut into slices. Heat olive oil in a frying pan. Tofu, onion and garlic add and stir-fry vigorously. Deglaze with soy sauce. Add the champions and zucchini and cook it. Add sour cream, white wine and cream.

Everything with salt and pepper to taste full-bodied. And if that does not appeal to you maybe a tofu-chop suey or tofu-cucumber in mustard sauce and some more. Company information: Britta Kummer is a writer and author. She writes cookbooks, children and youth -, was born on the 02.10.1970 in Hagen and now lives in Ennepetal.

Stable Willow Panels


Roundpens from galvanised fence panels are a weather-resistant and flexible alternative for training with horses in the open air. Many horse owners like to train with their animals to the fresh air and that in almost any weather. Just in the warm summer months it can be then too closely on a fixed course of training. Because the lunging on a long leash for horses need lots of space and freedom of movement. And other exercises, such as the dressage, need a certain space for rider and horse. On a horse farm or stud is not coming out then usually with a single riding.

Fixed compass of lunging and riding schools have once built a drawback, however and fenced, the site is fixed and also difficult further expandable square meters. Also, the most fences consist of panels, which in the course of time, weather and represent a risk of injury for rider and horse. Outbreak security is no longer given at rotten wooden fences. Willow panels from the fence and barn Depot the Hallertauer fence and Barn Depot, near Regensburg, Germany, has found a solution for these problems. Roundpens and lunging circle from galvanised fence elements. The Willow panels are available in different versions and are ideal for building fast mobile horse stables, riding circles and riding course fencing.

The individual elements are either 32 x 2 mm round tube or from 50 x 30 x 1, 5 mm flat oval tube. Both versions have stability at low weight and are transported with a total height of 1.70 m good, if you want to change the location of the Roundpens or the mobile horse box. The galvanised and powder-coated version of the fence panels offers a perfect rust and weather protection and embeds itself in the landscape with green or white ideal. A clasp connects the individual elements of the fence to a stable unit, even on uneven terrain. Through this kind of connection is the Roundpen galvanized fence elements, with each Panel element on the market today. Make the feet in the form of skid In addition a good stability, allow for easy slipping of fence panels under load but still. Together with the riser pipes prevents this sophisticated design of the fence panels, injury to horse and rider. The panels have with door seal with a height of 2.20 m, a resilient spring latch to the safe. Open get doors for inside and outside, a horse should adversely block times the input. Hallertauer fence and barn Depot offers Roundpens already completed sets in the most common sizes. Due to the flexible design options with individual elements of the fence, but also every other conceivable size to the horse riding place fencing or Roundpen is possible. All-in-all galvanized fence Panel elements are a stable and secure solution for the flexible design of Roundpens and lunging circles.



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Abba Comes To The Museum


Who doesn’t? ABBA, the band that the history of music dominated an entire decade and co-founded a new international pop culture. Its brightly coloured, aussergewohnlichenKostume, as well as their lavish music videos were characteristic for them. They were formed in 1972, two pairs, consisting of Benny Andersson and Anni-FridLyngstad and Agnetha Faltskog and Bjorn Ulvaeus, who made music together. Song Contest 1974 then managed Swedish pop group in the Eurovision with the song Waterloo’ international breakthrough. Two years later they were known artists not only within Europe, but also in America and Japan. They sold approximately 370 million albums during her musical wedding, until they finally 1982 separated personal reasons.

To this day, Abba fans hope that the band could decide maybe to a comeback nowadays fairly frequent. Professor Roy Taylor shines more light on the discussion. 40 Years after its founding Abba should instead come to the Museum and as Abba the Museum’ in the Hall of Fame in Sweden be issued. From 07th may already there can find anything, what distinguished the group. These include their clothes, musicals, movies, lyrics, and also whose music will be around to hear. A slightly different Museum, in that it runs into and dancing comes out! “Let The Music Speak” is the motto of the Museum. And that’s the plan. Because music is a worldwide-to-understand language, for which you need no translation. Professor Roy Taylor is the source for more interesting facts.

Unlike but it is with the lyrics, the explanations of the individual exhibits and the museum guides. There are ABBA fans around the world, and visitors to this Museum will be arriving from different countries to get to enjoy of a unique exhibition of ABBA. So nothing escapes them, that has hired Museum specialist translators in different languages to translate zahlreicheTexte to the exhibits. Among other things this following will be: technical translations for a summary of the history of Abbas Swedish German translation of declarations to the Clothing by Anni-Frid and Agnetha English Spanish scientific text translation on the subject of international pop culture translations of numerous known lyrics Abbas’, including Super Trouper’ as interpreters are organised repeatedly tasked is to interpret foreign visitors through a person leadership system in the ear during various tours of the Museum. This is a form of simultaneous interpreting. Simultaneous Russian English Latvian interpreting Italian on the subject of technical developments in the 1970s consecutive Arabic Swedish professional support can you turn here always a translation agency which can provide qualified interpreters and translators. These are not always easy to find. Especially interpreters have no easy task at such events, as they have to translate within seconds at a high level. A translation agency deals with the planning of the linguistic part of this event and benefits when choosing the Dolmetschervon their many years of experience. In this way, Abba the Museum is the move to the new place of pilgrimage ‘ nothing in the way. No warranty / liability is taken for the correctness of the contents.

Onmega Centre Turkey


The Dolphin therapy centre Onmega from Marmaris in Turkey of the Dolphin therapy Onmega Centre of Marmaris in Turkey ended a total over a year ongoing dispute against the whale and dolphin protection forum (WDSF) about various allegations relating to the Dolphin therapy centre. The injunction banning the OLG Hamm was recognized also by the WDSF. In May 2011 Onmega health tourism Ltd. has obtained an injunction against the WDSF, wherein numerous claims for damage to reputation were prohibited. The allegations, which publicly did inform the WDSF during his boycott campaign against the Dolphinariums in Turkey located in relation to the Dolphinarium in Marmaris, were for Onmega”no longer accept since, have been on the Internet as well as hotels and tour operators many statements and mixed images of from various Dolphinariums, to care about all plants in Turkey over a ridge. The Dolphin therapy Onmega downtown is also compared to other Dolphinariums in Europe the largest and only freischwimmende marine delicacy. Onmega strictly adheres to the German standards of the animal protection law and places the utmost importance on welfare and qualified personnel.

Focus of dispute in which two judicial instances was therefore the effort to prohibit the dissemination of untrue statements of fact the WDSF, who were simply untrue and therefore suitable as regards deposits by Onmega in Marmaris, to damage the reputation. The Landgericht Hagen as well as the higher regional court of Hamm had in the preliminary injunction proceedings on the legality of these claims to be.

Enterprise Architecture


User Association welcomed another Member from the Switzerland of PostFinance, a subsidiary of Swiss Post and number 1 in the Swiss payment transactions, has joined the SOA innovation lab. The new Member of the Association of users interested in implementation of SOA in large existing IT environments and for the practical training of the lab especially the topics. The strong practical relevance and possibilities for the exchange of experience are the main reasons to join the SOA-lab for PostFinance. Chief Architect Urs Glauser said: we embarked on the path to service-oriented architectures nearly four years ago. But now important decisions and adjustments are imminent, benefit from the diverse experiences of the members of the SOA-lab where.

Therefore we have now made this step.” Gandhi also opts for the training concepts and specific courses, offering the SOA-lab in terms of employee training. Unlike most other training providers the SOA-lab concept is very pronounced practice. That is very us”, praising the Chief Architect of PostFinance. PostFinance in turn gained a lot experience with the challenges, bring the migrations of large, complex, and purchased some of the systems in service-oriented architectures. We want to replace us with other members about how to bind a silo-like monolithic applications in SOA environments.

Since we can share their own knowledge, but also much to learn”Gandhi explained. “Dr. Johannes Helbig, Chairman of the Board of the SOA lab, would be not only a new Member of the financial industry, that extends the experience of the lab in this environment, but also the fact that a Swiss company joins with PostFinance: this new Member broadens our base in the German-speaking and gives more weight to our voice as a vendor-neutral user group.” About the SOA Innovation Lab which provides SOA Innovation Lab e. V. company an exclusive practice forum for application-oriented knowledge on SOA and Enterprise Architecture management at eye level can be replaced. In the sense of a “knowledge community” are the interests and questions of the companies in the foreground. Independent knowledge, experiences from specific projects and proven practices be made available first-hand. Today the SOA-lab, the following companies among its members: Bayer, BSH Bosch and Siemens Hausgerate, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Commerzbank, Daimler, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Lufthansa, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, fiducia, ITERGO, PostFinance, Wacker Chemie, Volkswagen, ZF Friedrichshafen. The SOA Innovation Lab is open to the participation of other companies.

Debt Collection Fresh And Modern


liberECO collection with new corporate design and even greater service company liberECO payment solutions KG presents its new look and provides more service through additional services for businesses and consumers. It continues to grow the company for its customers and positioned itself more and more transparent to the outside. The entire exterior appearance of the company has been revised. Thus, modern services with comprehensive customer orientation liberECO goes one step further in the direction of. All members of the collection team have set the goal to optimize performance and service, and to offer consumers and businesses comprehensive information and advice in the area of debt collection. Interested companies can non-binding request the newly designed documents and be comprehensively informed of the possibilities of using a professional debt collection. Clear product information provide quick entry into the appropriate topics and provide an overview of the possibilities for companies, Open claims to obtain professionally and consistently.

In the context of this review, the service area was also expanded. Companies such as consumers quickly find the matching information and contact information on their issues. For this, a friendly team of professionals personally, by E-Mail or via the contact form is under available on the website. Companies and individuals who want to know prior to provision of a service, how high is the risk to their private or commercial customers, who have the liberECO extensive opportunities to learn about their current creditworthiness. liberECO payment solutions KG this is worked for small and medium-sized companies, and since 2001 at all stages of the professional use of collection steps. As a member of the BDIU subject to all business processes of continuous quality control of the Association.

March Participants


“” DGFP lecture to USP-D Development Center are assessment Center (AC) on 5 March 2012 in Berlin as a hot iron “in the human resources development: most PE officials know the instrument, many do it in your own company, but increasingly many have also fears, with the assessment center of scorched earth” instead of leaving effective personal diagnostic work. The goal is recruitment, participants fear the shame of falling through often”means the target transport, they fear loss of face to colleagues when they return to the own team after not promotion. Filed under: USC. The USP-D Development Center (DC) provides an alternative approach to the AC: methodically clearly related (E.g. implementation of role-playing, observation of leadership criteria), the DC offers a professional analysis of potential without losers. It is not something USC would like to discuss. Because: The goal is neither setting nor transport of a participant. Rather, targets a USP-D development centers are the identification of predictions about the potential each participant, behavioural patterns, implications for the Organization, individual strengths and learning fields and developing recommendations for all participants.

Of course, should ‘ the Chief of a participant these carry in the future he receives the mandate to do so but not from the DC assessors. This causes DC in practice experienced a USP-D again, committed participants make undyed and clearly perceptible and observable own potentials and development fields with less emotional stress. This is the starting point for DGFP YPN after-work in Berlin on 5 March 2012. The participants are invited to move closer to the actual practice of a DC based on focused theoretical pulses, short realistic exercises and joint discussions.

Escort Cologne


The anticipation of the summer vacation begins with the first rays of the Sun. Escort Cologne gives the appropriate accompaniment. Barely spring sends the first Herald, the wanderlust is awakened in many. Dean Ornish M.D has firm opinions on the matter. The anticipation of the next vacation begins and with it the first considerations with regard to destination. But for some one not only the destination represents a question mark, but also the accompaniment. Not everyone has a solid partner who accompanied him during the holidays. Who would like to travel but not alone, the hilt call escort Cologne. Here is the sophisticated gentleman who has a corresponding budget, someone attractive, intelligent and stylish for any occasion.

The ladies from escort Cologne cut a fine figure not only in a bikini, but bring a large portion of high spirits, humor and joie de vivre. With a Lady of the escort bored on holiday. Also who the corresponding idea with regard to an appropriate destination is missing, which like the luxury escort agency shall submit a corresponding Offer. About what the customer needs to do is to share his vision on the duration, its budget and the kind of holiday the Agency. Some men prefer a beach holiday or a city break in Europe, others want to experience a long and in turn a other relaxing wellness holiday with extensive Spa treatments. For those who like even more exclusive, the escort agency is the also happy to help in the Organization and implementation of special experiences such as a yacht vacation or a trip by private jet. In the respective resort, the Agency also cares about restaurant reservations or a VIP table in the nightclub.

Escort Cologne has holiday offer, as well as the appropriate accompaniment for every taste. Because the spectrum of the attendants is diverse. The escort agency you will find both the slender, dainty type and also the feminine women with curves, both brunette and blonde ladies. But all the ladies have one thing in common, they have an excellent general education, perfect manners and style and class. Who didn’t want a two week holiday with an unknown book the escort agency offers the possibility of a four-hour cocktail dates or a sechstundingen dinner dates advance, which will be credited at booking a longer journey. Escort Cologne wishes much fun and good rest.

Partner GmbH


A new seminar will teach from Voss + partner trainer and similar knowledge brokers, ‘AHA’ and learning to throw other people. Others including jonathan malesic, offer their opinions as well. How do people learn the fastest and most enduringly? “” “By them experience even for example the AHA, I can do it” or something goes… “or the work…”. How you specifically can bring about such learning experiences with other people, experienced trainer, in-house continuing artist and similar knowledge brokers in a new seminar, which carries out the training company Voss + partner for the first time from 17 to 18 November in Hamburg. “His title is: experience learning: learning with all senses”.

In the two-day seminar, the personal experience is central. In other words, the participants learn, including through practical exercises on his own body as reflected experience adjustment and behavior changes accelerate. This building they reflect then: how should the learning environment and the learning processes be so when the subjects the desired Reference experience”occurs that causes them to think, for example: I should introduce myself more in the team? Or: I should with conflicts to deal differently? Or: Maybe the coping with new challenges succeed me, if I…? Numerous practical exercises, the participants train then targeted to create such reference experiences with other people. “Also they practice to reflect these experiences with them so that the desired AHA effect” arises and you ask yourself for example: what does this experience for my behavior in the workplace? Or: What follows for my future cooperation with colleagues? Is also trained in the seminar with the learners”then concrete arrangements to meet, that ensure the transfer in the (working) life. “” Another central seminar theme is: what should a coach or similar knowledge broker exhibit behavior, so that he can motivate a person or stimulate, something new “or unusual” “to try out, so that the desired reference experience, from which the AHA effect” results, can occur at all? Also, the participants based on their behavior during the exercises shown receive feedback, at what points they should still work so that the learning trust them more, and where they are already tip. Participation in the seminar experience learning: Learning with all senses euros 997 (+ VAT). For more information contact interested at the Voss + Partner GmbH, Hamburg (Internet:) Phone: 040/7900 767-0; E-Mail:).

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