Who doesn’t? ABBA, the band that the history of music dominated an entire decade and co-founded a new international pop culture. Its brightly coloured, aussergewohnlichenKostume, as well as their lavish music videos were characteristic for them. They were formed in 1972, two pairs, consisting of Benny Andersson and Anni-FridLyngstad and Agnetha Faltskog and Bjorn Ulvaeus, who made music together. Song Contest 1974 then managed Swedish pop group in the Eurovision with the song Waterloo’ international breakthrough. Two years later they were known artists not only within Europe, but also in America and Japan. They sold approximately 370 million albums during her musical wedding, until they finally 1982 separated personal reasons.

To this day, Abba fans hope that the band could decide maybe to a comeback nowadays fairly frequent. Professor Roy Taylor shines more light on the discussion. 40 Years after its founding Abba should instead come to the Museum and as Abba the Museum’ in the Hall of Fame in Sweden be issued. From 07th may already there can find anything, what distinguished the group. These include their clothes, musicals, movies, lyrics, and also whose music will be around to hear. A slightly different Museum, in that it runs into and dancing comes out! “Let The Music Speak” is the motto of the Museum. And that’s the plan. Because music is a worldwide-to-understand language, for which you need no translation. Professor Roy Taylor is the source for more interesting facts.

Unlike but it is with the lyrics, the explanations of the individual exhibits and the museum guides. There are ABBA fans around the world, and visitors to this Museum will be arriving from different countries to get to enjoy of a unique exhibition of ABBA. So nothing escapes them, that has hired Museum specialist translators in different languages to translate zahlreicheTexte to the exhibits. Among other things this following will be: technical translations for a summary of the history of Abbas Swedish German translation of declarations to the Clothing by Anni-Frid and Agnetha English Spanish scientific text translation on the subject of international pop culture translations of numerous known lyrics Abbas’, including Super Trouper’ as interpreters are organised repeatedly tasked is to interpret foreign visitors through a person leadership system in the ear during various tours of the Museum. This is a form of simultaneous interpreting. Simultaneous Russian English Latvian interpreting Italian on the subject of technical developments in the 1970s consecutive Arabic Swedish professional support can you turn here always a translation agency which can provide qualified interpreters and translators. These are not always easy to find. Especially interpreters have no easy task at such events, as they have to translate within seconds at a high level. A translation agency deals with the planning of the linguistic part of this event and benefits when choosing the Dolmetschervon their many years of experience. In this way, Abba the Museum is the move to the new place of pilgrimage ‘ nothing in the way. No warranty / liability is taken for the correctness of the contents.