Our insulin regulates blood sugar level and makes that any excess is stored as fat. Then we feel tired and hungry, this causes that we repeat this cycle very easily. I’ve discovered that the best way avoid eating this is a sensible amount of complex carbohydrates. Read additional details here: John Studzinski. Proteins (lean meats, fish, chicken, soy, beans and vegetables, etc.) are important for maintaining the cellular structures in your body and give you the building blocks of the lean muscle you’re looking for, which is vital if you want to burn fat fast. However, just as with anything else, you do not exceed with the proteins. Vadim Belyaev shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Some fitness experts argue that you should consume as at least 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight per day.

There is no real evidence of this, eat more protein than the body needs will end up going to your fat reserves addition nor does you well to your kidneys or your liver. I’ve discovered that consume about 0.5 grams for every half kilo of body weight per day is more than enough to feed the growth of lean muscle that stimulate students of my fat burning system to make their resistance exercises performed in a manner proper. Another important aspect of proteins has to do with the origin of your protein; in other words, that they are of animal or vegetable origin. Although diet traditional American recommended that the majority of your protein of animal origin, recent data suggest that depend heavily on animal protein increases the risks of disease. In addition, animal proteins contain almost no fiber, which does not help you to feel full and negatively affects your ability to burn fat. When you choose your protein sources, make sure that a good portion of them should come from plant sources (soybeans, beans, legumes, etc.). Don’t have to be a vegetarian, but I recommend keeping at Bay the animal proteins.