As a full-body massage oil Salt-gemstone massage brings you and your whole Body vibration. The energy flows, close your eyes, and let all your senses in a relaxed wellness world. Asian and oriental massage forms, Ayuba massage flow massage, hot stone massage, Lomi-Lomi-Nui-massage let you slip in a new skin. DININIA-Ultra, the gentle body pulse technology with gentle, the body matched ultrasonic pulses vibrations enable the parts of the body to be treated and can be modified mined without effort body fat and build muscles. The skin tightening is visible after an application. The vibrations also specifically affect ligaments, tendons and joints for the regeneration of damaged tissue. Beauty and cosmetics for your beauty the individual consultation with simple practical guide for your daily makeup shall coordinate the care to your skin type.

With electro fine flow therapy, the skin is stimulated by electrical DC current at low dose of 50 milliamps. The DC stopped up in the 7. A layer of the skin, promotes blood circulation, expanded and enabled the vessels. Through a so-called wrinkle iron”is driven through the skin, this is cleaned, maintained with a gel and streamlined. Toxins are removed and the skin is deep cleaned and purified. You are supervised health and nutrition advice for a healthy future for you to stay healthy and recovered for the time after your special wellness experience for the future, for the first 6 weeks and the nutrition of the accompanied your enerChi expert advisor.

The personal data and habits are recorded with a vital check and an initial interview. This creates a specifically adapted nutrition plan for you. The personal health and nutrition will help you on your way to a healthier life. For more information about the spa and health offers, and special new massage techniques in the enerChi, visit the Web site enerChi Institute for body, mind & soul.