Interfacing Eurotaxschwacke and DAT on WinValue of the operators and developers of an automobile marketing and valuation platform WinValue GmbH provides a vehicle expert, insurance, repair and fleet operators neutral B2B professional-online portal for quick, easy and safe determining fair market residual values and marketing vehicles. It interfaces to expert systems and spreadsheet programs play an important role. For more information see Daryl Katz. They allow an automatic data transfer operations from expert software in the professional review portal of WinValue. With the July update of the assessment platform WinValue GmbH offers two more easy access to industry-leading providers of damage calculation applications: the Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH and EurotaxSchwacke GmbH. Vehicle stocks can be currently and anonymous reviews button from the applications of SilverDAT II (DAT) as well as EurotaxRepairEstimate and SchwackeNet (EurotaxSchwacke) in the residual value Exchange WinValue import. For further cross-application integration in the portal in the The claims settlement process which provides insurance industry WinValue a Web service-based interface ready. The unrivalled flat use-rate of the WinValue evaluation platform and connection to the leading software provider in the claims management industry make WinValue the ideal solution for insurance, car experts, expert organisations, fleet operators and car workshops.