PKV online compare and switch to the private health insurance test winner private health insurance Exchange: Exchange period and conditions this year can health insurance private health insurance a change make. Without hesitation Newcastle University explained all about the problem. While a change from the car to the car readily may be possible and useful under certain conditions, a change from the car in the statutory health insurance only under certain circumstances in question comes. So, self-employed only under the condition of the private can switch, if you have given up their independence and/or go over in a sozialversicherunspflichtige employment back in statutory health insurance (GKV). A change by the GKV to the PKV is possible for freelancers and officials without any conditions, but not for employees or workers. They must have an income for three consecutive years, above the limit of the compulsory insurance. The contribution assessment ceiling for the year 2009 is 48.600 euro gross annual income. Can these Requirements are met, a change for this occupational group is possible.

Here, too, the notice period for the current Kranknekasse must be adhered however. There are many both high-performance and low-cost health insurance is a private health insurance exchange especially for employees sense and economical. Private health insurance online comparison of test and computer before changing the health insurance should usefully advance be carried out a test comparison of private health insurance. Just so particularly attractive offers of various companies can be tracked down. Help a free and independent private health insurance has proved calculator, with the individually compiled PKV online calculate rates and then compare themselves. A subsequent comparison from thousands tariff combinations of all insurance companies insured facilitates decision-making.