To smile again I write these lines to help make a decision that would literally change their quality of life. ALS Association oftentimes addresses this issue. I am pleased and I both enjoy taking photos to patients before treatment and after treatment, since most beyond successful smile feels an own glow in the eye, it is amazing how the patients eyes convey happiness tranquility relaxation satisfaction, I say this without exaggeration, if not ask people where his mouth is not aesthetically acceptableThat satisfaction fills me with pride returning to provide freedom of smile to a patient truly is priceless. Decide whether Ud will start or treatment should not be on the scale some points.: Ud is the people that when she speaks or giggles hand carry to the mouth to cover imperfections? It controls your smile so it is not generous and so people do not notice the absence of teeth? Do you have difficulty chewing? Have your friends commented you the unpleasantness of his breath? Envy people with perfect teeth? Feel safe at the does speaking or gesturing to the public? If it happens to you any of these items please consult your dentist, the surely will help you achieve what Ud always wanted to achieve a beautiful teeth to be able to return to smile- and remember my words and compare photos in which Ud did not feel safe from his mouth, which then sack the dental treatment, and observe in addition to your teeth his eyes believe me that after major treatments the general comment of the patients It is: as it did before.