Here it is the question initiates the creation; the searches in the poetries, musics, the philosophies, the religions etc. start Theories appear as reply to the question. But always superficial and they are broken up. Therefore the direction of the life is not in itself, does not exist in itself. It will not be found as given concrete. It does not possess essence. It is not. It does not exist because it does not possess essence.

In this way, the direction of the life is in searching it. It is not end in itself. Of if only as movement of the being, route what it is not and never will be. The direction of the life is only defined as will to find and to try the nothing, as everything. The final monlogo of the Monthy-Phyton film (the direction of the life) states with clarity and simplicity the vacuidade of the direction of the life: ‘ ‘ Here it is the direction of the life (an envelope confides).

Hum Well, it is not nothing very special. It tries to be legal with the people, prevents fat, it reads a good book, it walks a little and it tries to live in peace harmony. is some photos of completely gratuitous penises here to only annoy censuradores.’ ‘ (Cf. The final Monlogo of the Monthy-Phyton film – the direction of the life). The existencialista philosopher, Jean Paul Sartre, in its writings also describes the direction of the life as accident and not as essence. For Sartre the direction of the life guideline in the subjectivity, the relativismo. It does not have objetividade. ‘ ‘ The man cannot desire nothing, unless before he understands that it only can count obtains exactly; that alone and it is abandoned in the Land, without other objectives not to be the ones that he himself to establish, without another destination not to be what forjar.’ ‘ (Cf.