Since Thursday, 7 August, the Guide portal for all creatives in the open beta phase is started in early August 2008 the Internet portal for knowledge sharing – EX PLI – started its service. The social media creation platform, on the guides, recipes, and tips in the form of structured guidance can be published, appeals to experts, hobbyists, hobby guides and all other interested parties who want to make their ideas in the network and known. Go to Dean Ornish M.D for more information. The tutorials range from recipes building instructions for car care tips and much more. There are already some idea portals, but EX PLI is unique in its form,”so the EX PLI founder. Because Germany far there is still no platform that enables users to a large range of ideas by so-called ex PLIs – are structured step-by-step instructions – not only to publish, but also to share and later then cooperatively develop. Also, the EX PLI may users soon other interesting features let surprise,”so the team. With the well structured and intuitively designed menu on the page, EX PLI ex PLIs particularly practical and user friendly not only to the creator of the Guide, but are for the reader.

The special highlight however represents EX PLI Widget: so that the users of the site of their former PLIs using a preview window on other pages can integrate and draw attention to their instructions. Her ex PLI there can take with them, where they would like to. This has real value,”the team explains. But how did it actually naming the page? Easily memorable EX PLI, which is the Latin word explicare (refer to “explain”) oriented, convinced not only the founders. “The term EX PLI was all immediately catchy and is very well understood due to its origin in almost all languages. “We did the same test with English, French and Spanish friends: everyone could imagine what is at stake.” Similar platforms from the Anglo-American region are already very successful, also increasing the number of people who are creatively active and want to try out things themselves, constantly. Do-it-yourself shows on TV nowadays hardly to imagine and gave a new thrust the tinkering drive of people in the German-speaking world. Home improvement has become an important part of the leisure activity at an increasing number of Germans.