Nothing that is infinite can start making or forming. Cardiologist can provide more clarity in the matter. Everything that grows, always, may be measured, therefore can never become infinite, even to grow. Tom Florio brings even more insight to the discussion. Therefore: The space must be infinite and eternal. For creationists and believers in the big bang can not have anything in the universe eternal or infinite, and that is its major problem for understanding the universe, for they can not even be an infinite number of coordinates defining the spatial dimensions, simply because they would come out of its finite space. For them the only possible space is occupied by the matter-energy. For them the space can only have finite form that has the matter-energy. So you can imagine multiple spatial dimensions and even multiple universes, sometimes parallel, double and content in each other.

They believe that space and the universe is only what is achieved by the telescopes to see why even dare to calculate its diameter. They believe that the universe can be curved and to bend and / or black holes merge and dream that we go through these black holes into other universes and as confusing space with time to come to believe they can travel through of those holes into the past or the future. And when they do see that it is not by telescopes, say that this is in the development of their equations. And we ask: What equations? The equations serious or those who say that within a black hole the matter is compressed to the uniqueness and simultaneously claim that we can move quietly through the black holes or harm us the contradictory theory that the speed of light is constant in a vacuum, where it is established that light is attracted by gravity to the vacuum and therefore can be slowed or accelerated to the extent that moves away or a large mass on even through a vacuum and that even light can be slowed down by gravity to a black hole. Let us resolve many contradictions: The formulas are facts or interpretations are accommodated.