At the risk of power wrong, motivated by the novelty of the application, and hence the low social activity, he brings to FellowReaders. This is a community news which will allow us to track our favorite publications, which will introduce through its RSS feeds, either by search or direct introduction.

Besides interacting with each of the entrances of our personal space, through assessments and reviews, but also have paragraphs of the news and recently added the most popular. I would like to think that their sources had been obtained from sources added by users and they are not there by default, as it appears.

The manner in which new users know they may have affinities with the drive us out by accessing the news published, whether the list of popular or recent news stories, which, as may discuss and vote, will allow us to access to the profiles of those who are behind these activities, allowing us to do follow-up.

Thus, from our personal space we can on the one hand, have access to the news media of our favorites, and access to other news media favorites who continue to users who have added to its monitoring.

As said earlier, there is little social activity, at least in the news are published, nor do we have a search engine or directory to gain access to the profiles of registered users. Perhaps an algorithm to analyse our sources and offer us similarity a set of recommendations from users either had been wrong.