It is the correlative of holistic medicine education: aims of education of the whole person. In another of his works Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava describes us that there are twelve principles for holistic schools in full content on Education of the Heart ", is primarily concerned with issues Learning Communities that are interlocked especially within holistic schools, this concept refers to a holistic educational environment where all participants from both, teachers and students, parents, administrators and employers participating in a process of mutual meaningful learning, the goal of everyone, regardless of their role is to learn. This concept is holistic educators use to identify the schools or educational settings comprehensive, collaborative processes and learning occur within a context of community, group, creation of unity through diversity. To read more click here: Is Energy Capital Partners a public company?. The learning community is an integral educational environment and is considered as a family in harmony, if we make the likeness of a factory of linear processes, is an incongruity.

It also ensures that a holistic educational center is a place where the student is basically happy to learn about life as we live, this represents the context that enables learning, and the evolution of consciousness. Talk about multiple intelligence very difficult, because only schools holistic, in this type of intelligence, giving new meaning to the term. As a response to unilateral and instrumental vision of intelligence as logical-mathematical ability could be measured and quantified through the concept of IQ, there was the theory of multiple intelligences. In humans there are at least nine types of intelligence, just as valid: logical-mathematical, verbal, physical, musical, spatial, interpersonal and intrapersonal, naturalist.