So you must never again painstakingly record how far you have gone and how many kilometres you can settle. A button can replace now pickup location and destination, to gather even more comfortable, for example, trips from clinics to the place of residence of the insured person. A function, which was desired by many customers, and with their help, the input is further simplified transport tickets”, says DMRZ CEO Georg Mackenbrock and emphasizes that all neuintegrierten functions showed the superiority of the DMRZ Internet payroll program. All innovations were customer wishes and were provided by our development department in a very short time.” Join now free Internet billing system of the German medical data center found on the Internet at the address. Click there on the link for free login”and to create an access. You can use the billing system as long test as you want. Sam Lesser Wharton is full of insight into the issues. Fees apply only when actually settled with the health insurance companies. By the way: the DMRZ offers also the capture of documents and a very convenient pre-financing.

About the German medical data center the German medical Computing Centre (DMRZ) provides an Internet platform other providers of health care to electronic billing (DTA) with health insurance available. Who settles it, needs no software and enters any obligations: there are minimum volume nor temporal binding to the DMRZ. The highlight is the great cost savings. Who sends its bills, for example, still on by mail at a cost object, up to 5% of its revenues are deducted the. During the payroll run, only 0.5% collected on the DMRZ. The DMRZ is the currently the most innovative billing Center. Contact: German medical GmbH Rene GELIN Prinz-Georg-str. 47 40477 Dusseldorf phone: 0211/40 588 11 hotline: 02181/2739057 E-Mail: Web: