Boris Godunov F. regulations relatively short, less than the current two presidential terms – from February 21, 1598 to April 13, 1605, but his personality and his board again and again to our attention. Tatar Mirza Chet, who came from the Horde to Prince Ivan Kalita (1288-1340g.g.), through their great-grandsons of Theodore and Ivan Saburo Guodong gave rise to the genera and Saburovs Godunov. Saburovs risen early – grandson of Theodore Saburo Yuri became the father of the Grand Duchess of Solomon, first wife of Vasily III; and the grandfather of the princess Eudoxia, the first wife of Prince Ivan, the son of Ivan the Terrible. Rise of the Godunov began in the reign of Ivan the Terrible.

Boris has made a brilliant career. In 1570, eighteen oprichnik participates in the Serpukhov campaign. The following year he – friend's wedding with Martha King Sobakina. And in that same year married the daughter of Boris himself Malyuta Skuratov Mary. The young man in good standing power structures. In 1578, , Boris gets the rank of cupbearer, is responsible for food-drink king (and indirectly – and his health) and dining utensils. Position of honor, but high-risk: three cupbearer predecessor Boris King executed.

God has saved Godunov: the king chooses his sister Irina to marry his son, Theodore. And as a result of this choice in the 1581 Boris becomes lord. Rhode Godunov gaining weight in political life. Even the attempt to intervene Godunov for Prince during that same conversation, sealed in a painting of Ilya Repin, does not deprive his royal highness.