They are not mutually exclusive, they are not irreconcilable, it is a false dilemma, a person can identify with Socialist politics and be a believer 8.- but dialectical materialism is exclusive with false God, Religion is not philosophy, dialectical materialism if religion is not the result of some philosophical debate is an inherent State of consciousness, it is the truth revealed through personal experiences, is an intuition toward the sacred, faith is a grace of God 9.-God is not a human invention? That Epicurus, said the largest atheist in antiquity, 300 BC, repeated it Nietzsche, then other daffodils like Jean-Paul Sartre, Jose Santos Chocano, in any case stay with Immanuel Kant who said theoretically God’s existence is unprovable, but its existence necessary, Holy Tomas de Aquino was more emphatic.

Per is gli3r secundum, its existence – of God – is clear if samedo, or Dostoievski without God all is allowed and so there are for everyone, in the end it’s a personal decision, faith allows access to stratum depths of being human El Corazon!, which understands the reasons that reason does not understand (Blaise Pascal) 10 – believe in miracles? Clear that if!, miracles, are not facts that can be traced in the Special only, are events that are next to us and occur every day at every moment. Do you think 11 benefited from some miracle? Of course! On more than one occasion, for example you listed the following events, recorded in official clinical histories of the State, police certificates and in the minds of several doctors: to) on June 4, 1989 at 10 pm a front shock car 100 KMS. Per hour, where I felt shattered and bloody spleen, liver, Pancreas, omentum, laceradas bowel loops, with the steering wheel embedded in abdomen, with conminuta fracture of Femur and etc. Of injury in these circumstances the easiest thing was to die but incredibly I survived such an impact B) dying in the middle of Panamericana Norte, a Sunday at 10 in the evening who you going to help? but it appeared a truck and a Bus with two drivers ready to everything to help coincidence?.