With this gift, Christmas is saved! Ho…Ho…Ho… Christmas is around the corner! As always, and also that all of a sudden! Or? Every year starts again the stress of Christmas: cookie bake, clean apartment… There remains to get very little time to gifts for that favorite and next, because I had a very special idea for you… Don’t panic: no recipes, no old socks… A unique combination of 10 different personality analysis, summarized in a book “The book of your life” where questions be resolved, such as.

Who am I, really? How do I get? Where does my way? Personality, character, strengths and weaknesses, predispositions, talents, abilities questions that keep coming up just at the turn of the year the book of her life a wonderful gift. Of course also to present themselves. Each book is unique – because each book is personal with special data, created. Use the time of year for yourself and your very personal needs. Good intentions for the “new year” based on your personality analysis. Now available as a PDF. I know of many clients that “The book of your life” has enables them to recognize, to discover and to build up their personal future hidden abilities and dispositions. The analysis of the personality is a wonderful, exciting walk in self. PS: Super surprise for your loved ones and next for new year, to the day of the wedding, etc. Angela Schhulz