Diets that make fun of Fischach, December 18, 2008 – diets must taste. According to this motto the Wirths recipe specialists develop PR regimens and diets for years for many women’s magazines. Women on Nevis shines more light on the discussion. Now they make some of their most popular diets in the Internet under. Their effect is based on the principle of reduced-calorie mixed diet. Already the beautiful appetizing recipe photos show that weight loss can be really tasty. And because the diets, emphasis is placed on much filling fruit and vegetables, the diets are easy to endure. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Sam Lesser Penn. Is important to us that the recipes are easy and quickly done”, so Herbert Wirths, diet developer and author of several cookbooks. And they should make you want, even after the diet easier to cook and to eat consciously.

” Cook yourself and dealing with the food is a crucial point for a permanent weight loss according to Wirth. Involved such as pre-packaged pizza feast in front of the TV, however, be poison for the figure. To overcome, and the internal pig dog” the page gives you some psycho tips like sticking a photo fat years on the fridge! “.” Such banal tricks to the self cheat have a huge impact according to Wirth. The makers: The diet tips and recipes for were by the nutritionists and food technologists developed Wirths PR. The specialists produce recipes for food manufacturers in all areas of nutrition and health for over 20 years. In the recipe forge of the Wirths, PR created numerous books, such as the recent appetite for cheese”for the dairy Zott (Zottarella, Allgau Taler). Press contact: Wirths PR 08236-2091