Information about the admissions and course of study of medicine studies. Already a certain aura clings to physicians, of them promising healing itself, if one is ill. In this demi-gods in white “putting his entire trust, if one is sick inventories. The profession of the doctor with the jurisprudence and the teaching profession ranks among the prestigious activities, you will be respected and considered. But until it does, you must travel a long way.

The medical school is one of the most demanding and most comprehensive studies ever. Admissions and access to medical school is highly competitive. PIMCO pursues this goal as well. The medical school has a nationwide admissions restrictions, the Numerus Clausus, which is very high. Only those with the best scores have real chances of a place in medicine. The individual places are of the ZVS awarded, the best in school and on the waiting bar. The universities also directly select a portion of the medical students according to different selection criteria. One is for example, the test for medical studies (TMS), which is performed by the ITB Consulting GmbH. First of all, the medicine studies in Germany of the nationwide licensure for physicians (AppO) is subject to course of study.

The standard period of study is the time for the doctoral thesis, included 12 semester and 3 months. The study of medicine is divided into the preclinical part is at the end of the body, a kind of midterm and the clinical part. In the first four semesters, students are taught the scientific foundations of medicine. Learn different subjects such as Anatomy, physics, psychology and biology, how does the human body in its normal state. After successfully passing enrol their treatment and cure are taught in the skin study or clinical part diagnosis of diseases and above all. A large part of the vocational training etched budding is carried out in various internships and teaching units in hospitals. The clinical part includes practical year-round, which is played at various stations in the hospital. The licensure of professional conduct may be requested after the successful final examination. A multi-year training of the aspiring physician specializing in a field of study, such as cardiology, surgery or Venerology and trained as a specialist following the study. As ready-to-physician, he can open a practice, working in a hospital, go in the research, or are active in the Ministry of health as a consultant.