Being overweight is a problem that afflicts the majority of Mexicans, is a progressive and causing multiple secondary disease problem. Fortunately there is an option for those who want to get rid of overweight and want to live a new life: Obesity surgery. Obesity surgery is effectively practiced in Monterrey in a health centre which has board certified physicians and the best facilities. Not with the mere fact of wanting to undergo surgery this can happen, it is a safe surgery but it is necessary to call a doctor to find out if you’re a candidate for obesity surgery, you will be tests, but that nothing more is necessary to verify your index of Corporal mass (IMC). As mentioned earlier in Monterrey are health centres in this surgery: gastric bypass and gastric sleeve. Each of the procedures is recommended by physician reviewing the patient on the basis of its particular characteristics, as well as your needs. Obesity surgery It has gone through multiple changes through time, now both gastric sleeve as gastric bypass surgeries for low intervention and recovery time has been shortened. Feel free to go to your doctor to discuss a possible overweight surgery, you would change your life!