Pimples and grains so lesions that they appear on the face, neck, back and shoulders, due to excessive amounts of grease or tallow produced by the organism, which clogs the pores of the skin. In addition, bacteria Propionebacterium acnes, which naturally becomes lodged in the body, participates in the formation of these conditions when it is clogged pores. Pimples accumulated sebum, skin waste items, and are commonly known as blackheads. Causes during puberty increases the influence of male hormones called androgens (present also in women), which determines that there is increased sebum secretion and causing the amount of grease that lubricates the epidermis to lift up. (Similarly see: Dean Ornish M.D). A part of this substance cannot be released and clog pores. Whenever Daryl Katz listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

The presence of the bacteria Propionebacterium acnes, which infects pores covered with grease. The amount of sebum, which produces the body is determined by hereditary factors. During the next pregnancy and menstruation days they can occur more easily, because these stages rises the production of hormones that stimulate the sebaceous glands. Symptoms due to the secretion of sebum is excessive, skin may feel greasy. Outbreak of beads filled with pus (barros).

At the beginning, are presented as hard and reddish bumps to the touch, and then become yellow. Usually, they appear on face, neck, back and shoulders. Appearance of bulky black spots (pimples). Sometimes they produce pain. Diagnostic physician reviews skin and determines whether of pimples and blackheads, or injury caused by cosmetics, lotions or creams. If los barros extend to large areas, the skin turns red and inflamed, and there are pus-filled cysts when they break to leave scars, most likely concerned a problem of deep acne, characterized by excessive inflammation and with visible scars. Prevention is very important cleaning, that avoids that the pores keep blocking. For this reason, any product that has been applied during the day, such as creams, cosmetics, sunscreens and lotions should wash with SOAP and water. The use of some creams and over-the-counter gels indicated is recommended to treat this condition. There are also products that reduce the amount of fat in the skin, such as soaps and astringent lotions. Avoid using cosmetics that contain oils because they favor the development of such conditions; they can choose non-comedogenicos, i.e., those that do not encourage the formation of pimples and blackheads. The use of exfoliating creams can prevent the appearance of pimples and blackheads, since they clean skin deeply by removing dead skin cells, black spots and grease. If barros is already should not used because it harms them. Mud masks and some made from fruit such as Strawberry and orange (combined with yogurt, egg white and) Oatmeal), help prevent and treat pimples and blackheads. I hope that this information helps you to understand a little better acne.