Universal Beauty


In the ownership of these dons, to sing the nature, Everything how much transluz of the universal beauty With that God premiou the proper creation. Later singing of the life the close felt, That my eyes do not see and fail me the ears, In the blindness and deafness of my imperfection! ' ' ACADEMIC GENTLEMEN! In this night of as much significao for me, warm for the flame of the gratitude, I allowed me that also he is thankful those kind creatures who for the word, conjunct and for the example had contributed, pushing me until arriving at this enviable height where fiscal. Dom Martinho Michler taught to me essence to it of the catolicismo. The Christ Eucarstico is not a benefit, is not a favor, is a necessity. The Eucaristia it is not a sentimental and anmica devotion, but the center par excellence of the life of the Christian who received in the baptism and the confirmation a huge dignity and an entirely new existence. Its aluas on Doctrine Catholic and Liturgy, revolutionaries, at the time sharp in the University Association Catholic, in Vital Center D., I keep still them hot in my heart. ' ' The conception that the church is the Mstico Body in the Histria' '.

' ' Catolicismo is not alone moral rule or code of prohibitions nor only doctrine, but before everything, life, sacrament, mass (official conjunct), and expansion of this sacral nucleus in the workmanships of justice, and in the unleavened ones of sinceridade' '. I must Miguel Couto the lesson: ' ' the medicine alone could be exerted, fully exerted, with the exercise of bondade' '. The balance of the life is in favor of the goodness, to thus taught to Hamilton Walnut me. It did not exaggerate the inesquecvel master and friend Clarck Oscar: ' ' health is a civic duty and not a luxury object that only the rich ones can adquirir' '.

Public Health Sector


The intervention of the social assistant in this context aims at; 1.Auxiliar, to take care of and to facilitate the understanding on the services that it makes use in the public sector of health; to 2.Garantir has supported to the treatment and to stimulate the patient to participate of its treatment of health; to 3.Prestar clarification on the illness; to 4.Elaborar forms to fortify the familiar group and to argue on the necessities of support in the recovery of the health of the patient; to 5.Trabalhar the question of interned and its family, so that it can have one better relationship, trying to brighten up the effect caused for the illness and the process of hospital internment. CONCLUSION In this article we made use in them to study the context of the public health for the aged one, analyzing diverse the practical ones of the daily one despertando the analysis and reflection concerning the growth of the Brazilian aged population the problems and the consequncias in the system of health, the increase of the life expectancy that causes great sprouting of not transmissible chronic illnesses reducing the functional capacity of these aged ones, overloading the families and the services of health implying in radical transformations in the economic sector, social politician and. Therefore, if the current picture will not be changed, is possible to foresee serious difficulties in the health sector, will have esvaziamento of the sources of financings and the explosion of the expenses in the medical attendance. In the ethical analysis of Max, the imagined resistance of the technological globalization seems to grow worse itself in air, the current reality discloses that the increase of so dreamed life hope, coexists the frightful lack of the public welfare and the excellent misalignment of the health institutions. However, respecting the structural elements of the contradiction generated by this population growth, it must be gone too far in the analysis technique, observing that the demands exist and possess rules that run away from a reasoning of great conditioning acquired for the structure of the society, these routine cares must monopolize true the meaning of the right to the health the construction of imbudos systems in the social determination of the health-illness and its manifestations also in what relates ethical questions and democratic managemental questions, the set of action and services regarding the health must to rethink the relation between right and inaquality where this population is submitted.

Losing Weight Without Dieting


How To become thin Eating of Everything Without Being to Diet You have asked yourself sometimes if it would be possible to you To become thin Eating of everything instead of Prohibindote foods? If you are customary to think about diets and regimes, more likely you do not believe that is possible to you, truth. Nevertheless your own experience " real" to prohibirte foods to become thin say that there are to make a change more likely to date you have then not managed to learn to only control your weight prohibindote foods, it is not thus. You think that prohibindote you are going away to feel MORE VITAL? You think that prohibindote you are going to feel TO PLEASE with the food? and if the food for you is a great pleasure, how long and how you are going to support the restriction? You think that prohibirte foods to become thin is a HEALTHFUL way to become thin. I present/display next the basic secrets to you that there are to handle to learn To become thin Eating Without Being to Diet: First it is main difficulty is based in which your beliefs have more power than your logic and, sometimes, will not leave &quot you; to see realidad" since at heart " see-we only do that one in which creemos" . You are still of that you think that To become thin it is necessary To prohibit itself? -What results you have obtained until now in this way? . You need To become thin Eating: You will feel More vital, More healthful and will feel To please when eating! And the food is one of the great pleasures of the life. So, friend mine, PROHIBITED PROHIBIRTE! . Sometimes one is blind to its own reality and needs that somebody helps him to take off the bandage of the eyes: in order to obtain different results it is imperative to realise different things, it does not seem to you? Second he is You were one " he completes analfabeta" in the subject of diets and, even so, the weight a time was controlled back.

Ethanol as a Replacement for Fossil F


Ethanol is a renewable fuel, since it comes from corn and other vegetable sources which can be harvested and replanted. This is in stark contrast to fossil fuels, which take millions of years to create, and which we use at a rate which is far beyond our ability to keep up with.

According to those inside the ethanol industry, the use of ethanol during the past year helped to reduce the price of oil by 89 cents per gallon, saving Americans on the average about $800 last year. The ethanol industry employs almost 70,400 Americans and helps to sustain about 400,000 other jobs.

The use of ethanol as a fuel also helps to reduce the carbon footprint left behind when fossil fuels are burned. Many research studies and comparisons show that the difference is as much as a 40%-60% reduction.

Politically, the use of ethanol helps the US reduce its dependence on oil imports from countries in the Middle East, and other places, making the US more self-reliant and independent.


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