For stays abroad, which go beyond a period of three months, is usually a special insurance cover. What to consider when your personal liability insurance from abroad is a long stay abroad, should you ask before travelling, whether the ongoing insurance which you completed in Germany, are valid in the country of destination. So you need during a stay abroad, for example, takes more than three months a special health insurance, which provides more protection than one that is entered into only for a short holiday. But how it looks with the liability insurance? Must changes in insurance be also made? This all depends on the duration of the holiday, as well as the insurance company. Usually remains the protection for a year.

This can vary depending on the provider, but the duration and often depends on the selected tariff and the amounts involved. As is the case of one and the same The validity of the foreign protection therefore change liability insurance, because it has completed a basic or comfort protection. So that, what was agreed in the insurance contract is significant. You plan to stay abroad or to move even your primary residence there, your insurance cover is usually at risk and you should contact your insurance company in connection, to find a quick solution. For even more details, read what Sam Lesser UPenn says on the issue. It is in the rule but so that as long as you keep the validity period for any stay in Germany again starts on your primary residence in Germany from scratch, i.e. If you were for example ten months abroad, go for a short time, again in Germany, and then again in the foreign protection is again for the duration of one year, for example. The total time of the abroad is then mostly it unimportant.