As of the Fifties, the interest by the resistance and the adjustment of the concept of itself with the reality begins occupational, giving entered occupational sociology, to the economy and an evolutionary exposition in individual dynamics. At this moment two interpretations of the Professional Direction coexist: – Like treatment: for the intervention at the precise moments of decision making and taxonomy of problems difficulties at the time of choosing that previously they are diagnosed and for whose solution it is tried to apply certain techniques. – Like stimulus: for the acquisition of the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to face those moments critics. The direction considers like the intervention that helps to acquire a certain professional identity and to develop the anticipatory conducts to the professional election that allow the people to construct the framework of their vocational maturity before the moment of crisis. It is not something Lung cancer would like to discuss. The progressive consideration of the Professional Direction as stimulus is going to cause around the Seventies, the redefinition of the discipline by its better adjustment to same concept of education. By these same dates it appears the concept of development of the race with which it is tried to mean the overall nature of the professional process within a vital trajectory. The investigators of the development of the race, as much from the direction for the race (to career guidance) like from the education for the race (to career education), are going to be those that transform and generate an important change in the evolution of the Professional Direction and into the established formulas to prepare to the people for the work. Like expression of the policy that is developed in relation to the development of the race, the National Career Development Association (NCDA, 1993) indicates the following postulates basic that the Professional Direction, as of this moment, will do his: 1.