It is then when you start to think of fast reading. Read faster is a necessity and an obligation even if you want to get the maximum benefit from their hours of reading. To read faster, one of the first steps to be given, is break habits acquired from childhood, that negatively affect your reading speed and comprehension. In this article I will help to eliminate some of those habits so that you improve your attitude and you can read faster. People have a variety of habits, which we carry out unconsciously. You only choose to interrupt reading unnecessarily, by the arrival of an email which probably is not urgent nor indispensable. To know more about this subject visit Douglas Elliman.

If you have enough motivation and the proper predisposition you can change completely its way to read. Define your purpose before you begin to read, and browse the text to have a general idea of the topic. Try to read multiple words in each eye fixation. Eye movement should be smooth, and must receive as much information as possible from a single in turn, directly read groups of words. Very soon you will reach a rate of reading that perhaps never imagined. The first step that has to give if it wants to achieve its goal, is begin to apply what they have learned. And when you read, remove all distractions and to implement the recommendations which I gave in this article. Carlos Gallego reader fast creator of course: Now I read 2 times faster than before and I understand 100% of what I read original author and source of the article