Diesel engine cylinder liners, operating on heavy fuel, it is necessary to lubricate vysokoschelochnymi cylinder oils. When working on fuel with a sulfur content up to 1.5%, you can use oil of the M-16D, with a high sulfur content – domestic oil group E (M-16E, etc.), as well as import vysokoschelochnye oil (Shell Alexia 40 and 50, Mobile Guard 493 and 593, Castrol marina KM / DZ, S / DZ and others recommended by the firms). Translation of diesel from one fuel to another should be done gradually (at least 30 min) to fuel system components, especially precision pair of injectors and fuel pump, heated evenly. A quick feed to the fuel pump and injector cold or hot fuel to bind moving parts – valves, plungers, needle nozzle. Jamming transition as possible from the cold (diesel) fuel burning (severe), and vice versa. The presence of the heater facilitates the gradual temperature change in the fuel system of diesel at work translating from one fuel to another. For normal operation of equipment, in addition, requires a certain fuel viscosity. If, for example, produce immediately switch from diesel to fuel oil, there will be a sharp increase in viscosity.

Consequently, apart from a gradual change in temperature, you need to gradually change the viscosity by mixing the light and heavy fuels in the special (mixing) tanks. Practically translated from light oil to heavy exercise as follows. Diesel fuel is gradually heated to a temperature at which the heavy fuel will have a viscosity of not more than 3,5 VU.