The general vice-secretary of the PSOE, White Jose, promises that he will be ” totally neutral, but nonindifferent ” before the primary ones of the PSOE, that will be summoned by the Federal Committee the 28 of May. Official site: Dean Ornish M.D. Rubalcaba emphasizes that it will not respond to the questions on if it will concur to the primary ones until ” the 24, the 25 or 26″ of May. 6 of April. Chacn also keeps silence: ” Until the 23 of May I am not going to say nada”. 12 of April. The ex-president of the Government Felipe Gonzlez recognizes that, instead of primary, there would be prrido that the Federal Committee had already made a decision on the candidate. Numerous leaders of the PSOE, including Zapatero, defend the internal election.

22 of May. In the press conference in which he recognizes the electoral defeat of the Socialists in the municipal and autonomic elections, Zapatero reiterates that the control elements of the party will decide the calendar of the primary ones. 23 of May. The first Executive after the electoral fiasco discusses on the necessity to have a unique candidate not to initiate a new internal battle. Some leaders of the party bet clearly by Rubalcaba.

24 of May. The Secretary General of the Socialist Party of Euskadi and lehendakari, Patxi Lopez, requests the call of a congress of the PSOE: ” The answer to which Sunday happened (the electoral defeat) no it only can be and exclusively primary ones without proyecto”. Its proposal surprises good part of the socialist Executive, but it receives member outstanding supports of the party. 25 of May. Zapatero tries to calm the commotion, says that he has spoken with lehendakari, that both have been ” completely of acuerdo” and that maintains its commitment with the primary ones because he is ” what ” corresponds and healthful;.