Incidentally, there are cases when spamming suit rivals any of the company (website), so to discredit the latest in the eyes of potential customers (visitors). Thus, we can conclude that to dig a hole itself is just silly – it has rivals, and should proceed to analyze the more civilized forms of advertising. Respectable option, however, ignore such a powerful advertising tool as an e-mail, is unwise. The more that can satisfy the interests of both sides: the advertiser, and reklamopotrebitelya. We are talking about sending letters to subscribers. Of course, the hunters to read materials containing advertising leaflets, there is not much.

Mailed to subscribers messages should contain interesting information. As an example, can result in delivery of practical school financial trading vCollege, in which the author – S. Golubitsky, using his very peculiar, ironic style of presentation, tells the stories of legendary career business world. Stories fairly bulky, but about the college in every letter he speaks only a couple of lines small font at the end of the message. In this case we can speak not only about ‘pure’ advertising, but about PR-technologies of the association brand. Novice masters ‘mailing’ genre is recommended not to have its own original mailings, and published as early as the existing one. The disadvantages are obvious ways, but he there are objective advantages. First, the owners of mailing lists are usually edit text, indicate the typical drawbacks such as frequent use of the same words, or the use of simple monosyllabic sentences, meager vocabulary, etc.