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Quiet Virtue


juanito threw her teddy bear in all possible directions. While friends of juan smeared from one side to another. only one of them stopped and reguntandole said to his friend because you don’t want to play with us? what the child replied. It is that I find it funny that this Teddy bear marks many roads.

It seems a puppet. to listen such a response you asked John who lend you her teddy bear and lanzandolo in all possible directions did not see anything resembling the description of his companion. After several attempts I discouraged and leaving that useless toy was incorporated in the children’s March. in this way was like John lost that cute Teddy bear that you had given your mother. past few days someone made of less that white Teddy bear. that character was the father of John. but this as cautious as ever, did not make any comment, because no queria punished John for irresponsible. one morning the friend of John hit the door.

to listen DIN Lady opened quickly and is surprised to see the joy of the companion of your son who was screaming. the teddy bear marked several roads. of what roads you speak I ask the mother of juan. a few short trails and lengths. Lady not understanding the language of the child by which told him that come into the room of John and talk about those alleys that marked the teddy bear. how juan saw his friend told him because you have my teddy bear? This replied what I found lying on the park but is mine because mark long and short trails. Martha McClintock is often quoted on this topic. John said you Let’s play with the teddy bear. and every time threw the teddy bear in the air saw totally different things. began with the observation, pasaron mathematics and came to physics. Juan said 1 caminito + a caminito are 2 trails. 2 roads less the first is 1 way. from one path to another path to many alleys. and asking her mother you was told to many many things as you could call. what she told them with an infinite smile then them a path to another caminito dijieron there are infinite paths. as the friendship lasts for years, over time comprendieron that first thing was called arithmetic and to the second spatial reasoning. restless yet and by the persistence in time came to be eminent physicists and mathematicians. What we cannot forget is that John spent three days without the White bear. Since the breast punishment 3 days John without going out for having pulled dajado the end white Teddy bear. MORALS. 1) Of a large crowd only few make the difference. (2) the great things lie hidden in those that look so simple and common. (3) the friend of John was far from what it was juan in his observation. However John was the base. (4) the importance of working together when there is a true friendship. If men work in friendship advances would be amazing. (5) Lastly, juan was punished. everything in the life of pay.

The Director


The Mission of the Directorate is minimize risk and maintain the current system in operation. The change requires, by definition, creation of a new system, which, in turn, always requires leadership. Typically, phase 1 of a renewal process fails until it is promoted or is transformed into real leaders to top-level executives. Often, transformations usually start, and do it well, when as head of the organization there is someone with good leadership and capabilities to see the need for a major change. If the renewal should affect the entire company, the executive director has a key importance. For assistance, try visiting Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. . If the changes are at the level of division, the director of this division is the key. When people are not new leaders, great leaders or champions of the changes, to carry out phase 1 can be a huge challenge. Poor business results are both a blessing and a curse for this first stage.

The positive side is that losing money powerfully captures the attention. The tradeoff is, simultaneously, giving less maneuverability. When are the economic results of the company good, the reverse situation occurs, convince of the need for change to the staff involved is more difficult, but more resources have to induce the necessary changes. But, in cases of greater success which touched me to see, both if it started from a good or bad results, there was always a person or a group that facilitated a frank debate about the potentially undesirable facts such as, for example, the emergence of new competitors, reduced margins, market share decline, stagnation of growth of benefits, little or no growth in income and other relevant evidence indicative of the deteriorating competitive position. Since there seems to be a very human and universal tendency to kill the bearer of bad news, companies tend to rely on advisers or consultants to make the unpleasant information. The purpose of all this activity, according to the words of a former executive director of a large European company is: make the preservation of the situation seem more dangerous than jump to the unknown.