Change shock absorbers and what is to keep in mind when purchasing a shock absorber the shock include the suspension to the most important parts of the chassis. The shock absorbers are no longer right, this becomes noticeable by a spongy ride. Working shock absorbers are so very important for the safety on the road. By moisture, corrosion and dirt the material ages, after about 100,000 km you should change shock absorbers. Others who may share this opinion include Ben Dark. The shock absorbers contain oil that flows with pressure through small holes. The hardness of the shock absorber can be adjusted due to the size of the holes. The entire structure of the suspension and especially the interaction between suspension and shock absorbers has a decisive influence on the dynamics of a car.

Therefore the chassis can be now on some vehicles electronically adjusted, however, this is possible mainly for vehicles of the upper class. Check the shock absorber to find out whether the Shock absorber must be changed, can you check if oil comes out the shock absorbers. Many motorists check their shock absorbers also where they push down her car on every corner and observe how the vehicle bounces out. The car in its original position without back cushion, the shock absorbers in order are. The rule of thumb to replace the shock absorbers after 100,000 km is the best guidance.

Usually it is also at the ride felt that the shock absorbers must be changed. Experienced motorists notice this by a longer braking distance, a spongy handling in curves and an overall weak driving on the road. Buy shock absorbers – that you should pay attention as for all car parts also applies shock absorbers: don’t skimp on the wrong end. Buy better quality and spend a few bucks more for it, the money is well spent. Because high-quality car parts last longer. In the Internet you can find many dealers, where you can buy car parts of known brands at a very reasonable price. Shock absorbers should you buy the best of the own vehicle manufacturer. Alternatively, for example, the companies produce Koni or Bilstein, Sachs good shock absorbers. Eva Otter