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How Can I Lose Weight


Lose weight without dieting, without using the new method. My own experience and how they too can lose weight fast! If they want to pick fast and healthy at the same time, they are right here. My name is Johannes Roith and I had stately 141 pounds. Of course, I’m an extreme example. Even if they want to lose weight just 5 or 10 pounds, so same method that helped me will help them.

It is a very novel and unconventional approach. Before I write but about it, let them briefly my numerous failed attempts to lose weight, tell me. In addition, I will explain why they do not work. Source: Professor Roy Taylor. To get rid of these 141 pounds, I tormented me for years through diet programs, tried desperately to motivate me to the sport and resorted also to chemical agents. None of this could help me. If you’re slightly paunchy, you mostly basically rather has an aversion to sports.

This means that it is extremely difficult to motivate himself. Should be fun in the sport despite being overweight exist, should this strongly be reinforced, since it would otherwise logically anyway normal weight. Then he makes sure no fun anymore. Through sport to take off, a radical change must be made so, why iron self-discipline is needed. Should you opt for a diet program, you need also enormous self-discipline. I myself have experienced often enough, to stand in the bitter knowledge that I allowed to touch nothing of it before a table or refrigerator with the most delicious dishes. Whenever Barbara Martin Coppola listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Should such a program be pulled, so it decreases while in the short term. Finally, the body but accustomed to decreased nutrient intake. Begins to eat one again where the nutrients can be dismantled no longer and taking the old weight fastest again and even more. Chemical supplement there is not much to say. They were by far the most expensive of my weight-loss attempts. 50-100 euro per package shall be a. Some I lost weight quickly, but was it only by dehydration and not due to fat loss. Thus, this method is not only pointless, but even extremely harmful, because the body needs water. Apart from this, the body is poisoned by artificial materials. Finally, I learned about a method by which, it was claimed that one within could lose pure fat 3 months 19 pounds. It was not serious, but because apparently many customers had made very good experiences, I tried it yet. Period of 18 months, I lost 62 pounds. That surpassed all expectations. The secret of this method is targeted to certain nutrients feed, practicing simple short exercises and therefore more fat burning to stimulate the body. However, they can maintain their normal eating habits.

Burda Massage


As a full-body massage oil Salt-gemstone massage brings you and your whole Body vibration. The energy flows, close your eyes, and let all your senses in a relaxed wellness world. Asian and oriental massage forms, Ayuba massage flow massage, hot stone massage, Lomi-Lomi-Nui-massage let you slip in a new skin. DININIA-Ultra, the gentle body pulse technology with gentle, the body matched ultrasonic pulses vibrations enable the parts of the body to be treated and can be modified mined without effort body fat and build muscles. The skin tightening is visible after an application. The vibrations also specifically affect ligaments, tendons and joints for the regeneration of damaged tissue. Beauty and cosmetics for your beauty the individual consultation with simple practical guide for your daily makeup shall coordinate the care to your skin type.

With electro fine flow therapy, the skin is stimulated by electrical DC current at low dose of 50 milliamps. The DC stopped up in the 7. A layer of the skin, promotes blood circulation, expanded and enabled the vessels. Through a so-called wrinkle iron”is driven through the skin, this is cleaned, maintained with a gel and streamlined. Toxins are removed and the skin is deep cleaned and purified. You are supervised health and nutrition advice for a healthy future for you to stay healthy and recovered for the time after your special wellness experience for the future, for the first 6 weeks and the nutrition of the accompanied your enerChi expert advisor.

The personal data and habits are recorded with a vital check and an initial interview. This creates a specifically adapted nutrition plan for you. The personal health and nutrition will help you on your way to a healthier life. For more information about the spa and health offers, and special new massage techniques in the enerChi, visit the Web site enerChi Institute for body, mind & soul.



With cosmetic surgery to more assertive nose with unsightly humps, riding pants, wrinkle, to large or to small breasts, damage the skin, or a belly are reasons for a beauty OP. The view in the mirror is used for affected people almost to the torment because they look only at the apparent defects. Incidentally, there are also more recently men who are looking for help in aesthetic surgery. Often it is assumed that success at work or reputation in the circle of friends directly from the own appearance depends, resulting of course in the long term mental health problems. Reasons for plastic surgery often the problems already of school age start when enters puberty and are girls and boys compare more with their peers. You strive for an ideal, choose models from newspapers, television and film.

In most cases reflects the extreme body awareness towards the end of puberty, in some cases, the problem remains but there are. Experts assume that a lack of self-confidence due to flaws in adulthood (conceited) significantly more often leads to problems. Some react with eating disorders and mental constraints, others seek a way out of their dilemma to find with the help of aesthetic surgery. Important to know is that the operation although outwardly fixes the issues, however, many people must still in psychological treatment, so that they are feeling themselves as beautiful. Such aspects are of course not in all cases. Often, self-confidence is reversed by the beauty of OP. The exterior stain has disappeared, for example by the liposuction, the removal of excess cartilage from the nose or by applying the ears.

People feel comfortable again in their skin and go to open with themselves and their bodies. Thus, the plastic surgery has served her purpose. Some few patients consult a plastic surgeon, because they emulate a specific model. So, they want to have such huge breasts, cat’s eyes or nose of a celebrity.

Shiatsu Massage Chair


What exactly lies behind a Shiatsu Massage Chair? Many massage equipment manufacturers call their Chair Shiatsu Massage Chair and offer also a Shiatsu massage that usually in addition to a variety of other massage techniques. Here the term “Shiatsu” the following hides: the human body from a geographical network is built according to the far eastern medicine that is composed of thousands of energy-laden points. The energy of each point can be measured and made the optimum balance by the energy level of the so called tsubos”is corrected. Any shift in this balance can lead to disorders and diseases. A Shiatsu massage, a fixed pressure is exerted by using the tips of the fingers on specific acupressure points along the body meridians mentioned, optimizing the inner peace as well as the general well-being and ability to concentrate. Modern Shiatsu massage chairs are now so well developed and mature, that they can imitate a human Shiatsu actually massage. An intelligent computer technology missing the back even before the massage and adjusts the massage to the circumstances. Stefan Iburg

Pressure Jet Massage: Water Massage


New economy for solarium rooms in hotels, swimming pools and similar public facilities a recent survey shows that about half of the world’s population, tension, stress relief and general well-being looking for alternative therapies for back pain. Operators of plants around water-thermal spa can apply at this point: a dreamwater lounge are one or more Jet of VELUS plus on water massage systems. In addition, an attractive decoration with natural images ensures maximum additional relaxation and enjoyment. As a hydro-massage on a jet of VELUS plus on water massage is far more system first with 330 gallons warm water filled. The whole affair is exciting but by their inner workings.

Two computer-controlled jets of water to simulate more than 10 different massage techniques. “So a totally new unique way is paved with the massage technique of VELUS Jet Plus on water massage system”, explains Christoph Lemmer, the owner of Dreamwater lounge Germany, “but the dreamwater lounge until the atmosphere under the respective jet of VELUS plus on water massage system size. Different images around the theme of relaxation can be found on the walls of the room. So an ideal all-around sensual feel-good ambience is created.” This relaxation worlds can – be designed differently depending on the customer requirements -. Available options are: the mountain cave, which symbolizes the absence from everyday stress in this peaceful and relaxing place. the beach, which shows a breathtaking view from a secluded island on the ocean; the image of the deep, blue sea is kidnapped into a dream world that is peaceful and natural and the forest waterfall in the rain forest can enjoy the calming effect of the Green paradise. “This special regeneration zones intensify the massage experience and visitors are excited,” adds Christoph Lemmer, “but also that is why the dreamwater lounge to is an attractive alternative currently under discussion following solariums.” dreamwater lounge instead of solarium changes or modifications – such as the expansion of solariums – are usually costly investments, which require a competitive depreciation accounting.

Thai Massage


Different massage techniques achieves a great success in pain. A vielversprechendesKriterium in the Asian Thai massage is an experience that dieuberJahrhunderte was obtained. DieSchmerzlinderung especially is one of the massage techniques. These Technikendurchgefuhrt were already about 200 300 years before the birth of Jesus Christ and spread in Asia. At the beginning of the Entstehungwurden the traditional Thai massages only voneinerGeneration to the anderenmundlich spread. This geschahin the monasteries of the monks who suffered under tension after long periods of meditation, and in return developed this method.

Erstmalswurden posted at 1832auf stone tablets written records. In the monastery of the largest Bangkok Wat Pho, are today these techniques zurMassage taught and practiced. Students are trained there and get a certificate for a successful conclusion. Experiences originating from anderenLandern of the Asian region, have been combined in this massage. These Technikenverbessert have been steadily and combined. DerTeil derAkupressuranwendungen comes from the Chinese room, where complaints were already treated greatwith of acupressure. Other part of the Thai massage comes from the Indian room, where through Yoga exercises muscles and joints with this Methodegedehnt.

DieseKombination of the methods of massage has a grossenErfolg in the treatment of physical ailments. Tension, Blockadenund joint appeal can thus effectively improved or cured. Da dermenschliche Korperetwa has 70,000 points of energy, which in turn on the meridians (the main guidelines) are, there is a complex interplay of processes in the body. All these points are connected to each other and are provided with information and nutrients. There are 12 main guidelines imKorper that properly can be supplied with a hardening or tension with blood and nutrients. Pain and symptoms of deficiency are the Folge.Um to be able to establish the balance again, these blocks must be resolved by a massage. Here is the traditional Thai massage an effective way to combat pain. In jederThaimassage session, initially the muscles relaxed and supple made, as with classical massages in Germany. With the anschliessendenAkupressur technique be tension and Blockadenmit successfully solved.The traditional Thai Massageanwendungwirkt so effective for the supply of Muskulaturmit Nahrstoffenund blood. Circulation problems can be improved as a result. As Abschlussjeder massage, yoga-like exercises are performed, which undSehnenausgiebig stretch muscles, joints, to improve the mobility. Unilateral activities and incorrect sitting posture lead in most cases to tension and pain. It is important to stretch more often and stretch to einerVerkurzung of the tendons to counteract. After a workout, it is important the tendons to stretch joints and muscles. A shortening of the tendons is to put mostly also with a movement restriction in conjunction. After a few massage, sessions rises Well-being of many people considerably. Usually creates a tingly and pleasant feeling, what is with an improvement in the blood circulation in conjunction. Also muscle pain can improve already already after the first application. Equal to Thongyun