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Beauty Care


Press release created the new brand Ambassador of abalico, the provider of professional beauty products, nail design and eyelash extensions on behalf of abalico Werbeagentur Dolz & Burghart, is the successful model MIA gray. MIA Gray began her career at the age of 17 as aspiring Playboy Playmate and was reprinted worldwide in over 20 editions of Playboy. Record for a German Playmate! She was elected to the Playmate of the year in 2009. Quite a few appearances in film and television (including Mia, who is also a singer and presenter on AXN (sky), The dome, Oliver Pocher, Harald Schmidt, TV total diving, Big Brother, Mia Gray and the model maker). She participated in a PeTa campaign and also advocates SeShepherd. “Besides, she is the lead singer of the pop duo candy six”, which just the new single close your eyes “has published.

MIA would be glad to be, since she even professionally manicured nails the new face of abalico and appreciates high quality Eyelash products. abalico has more than one Decade trends in nail and eyelash products for the professional. We are proud to present Mia Gray as the new face of abalico. It fits exactly to the image and lifestyle of our company. We are pleased that we could win it for our new campaign”, as Rudiger Vogel, Managing Director of abalico.

Abalico-Mia Gray cooperation will include many dates in addition to the shoots for home page and catalog. Various fairs and presentations are available at. MIA will be on-site and present the company’s many products. i. A. Dolz & Burghart

Shiatsu Massage Chair


What exactly lies behind a Shiatsu Massage Chair? Many massage equipment manufacturers call their Chair Shiatsu Massage Chair and offer also a Shiatsu massage that usually in addition to a variety of other massage techniques. Here the term “Shiatsu” the following hides: the human body from a geographical network is built according to the far eastern medicine that is composed of thousands of energy-laden points. The energy of each point can be measured and made the optimum balance by the energy level of the so called tsubos”is corrected. Any shift in this balance can lead to disorders and diseases. A Shiatsu massage, a fixed pressure is exerted by using the tips of the fingers on specific acupressure points along the body meridians mentioned, optimizing the inner peace as well as the general well-being and ability to concentrate. Modern Shiatsu massage chairs are now so well developed and mature, that they can imitate a human Shiatsu actually massage. An intelligent computer technology missing the back even before the massage and adjusts the massage to the circumstances. Stefan Iburg