I know that it is difficult to pardon when we are victims of an injustice for people without the minor escrpulo in its attitudes. However, we need pardons them so that Mr. also liberates on us the pardon of our sins. The Christian experience has taught in practical that ours &#039 to me; ' devedores' ' (the ones that offends in them) they are so devoid of our pardon as well as us we lack every day of the pardon of our celestial Father. Perhaps somebody inquires: ' ' God alone pardons when, and if, to pardon the others? The pardon does not depend exclusively, of the payment effected by Christ? ' ' In this petition, ' ' it pardons our debt, as well as we have pardoned to ours devedores' ' , Jesus is mentioning a pardon attitude to it. As it is our heart, when we relate in them with the others: Tender and responsive to the full spirit or of resentment and revenge, hard and demanding? A spirit that it does not pardon damages our communion with God, and interrupts our conjuncts, becoming them inefficacious. In my Christian life I have learned, in these 17 years walking with God, who the refusal in pardoning the debtors devora the health spiritual, in the same way that cupim destroys the wood, or a devora cancer the fabrics of the ill body. In Mateus 18 Jesuses deal with the subject of the pardon counting regarding a man who received pardon how much to an equal debt to some Real millions and, after that, opposes to pardon it an insignificant debt, of some hundreds of Reals. How resulted, the master it ordered puniz it, until it paid the millions that had? Making application of Illustrative history, Jesus said: ' ' Thus also my Father will make celestial you, if of the soul, not to pardon each one its irmo' ' (Mt.1: 35).