Wash the cats is not a task we can take it lightly when we have in our house or one of our farm one of these adorable pets. Indeed, because the kittens are very sensitive to temperature as they are not accustomed to them having to wash the cats to look clean, but they are accustomed to bathe themselves with the help of his extraordinary language The act of washing cats is not something that we can carry out without knowing what care and how we do it. First, we must remember to wash a cat is a very unusual for those directly affected by this activity, that is, the same cats. They are not used to having to submit to bathrooms with hot or cold water or warm, they are not used to having all his hair dripping wet, are not used to let them captive while they pass over water jets are not used soap or any kind of foreign agent cleaner. Wash the cats so there is something Right off the bat that cats get themselves well. This we must understand when we bought a cute kitten and we need to bathe. Remember that they are accustomed to bathe themselves and that whenever possible, avoid contact with water which are not used for anything. From this we derive two consequences: understanding and patience.

In the first times we have to wash the cats have to be completely relaxed and ready to put our handsome kitty do its part so it can not be washed for you. Fondly remember this: Wash the cats is not something to which they are accustomed, for it is most strange feel when someone comes with a lot of water and soap to wash them. Also remember that washing the cats have to keep still and keep quiet often means making them feel captives, which have always hated cats and usually will resist with all their might. If you want to know what they can do the cats, only think of the idea to make him feel captive and see what they will do. Also remember that some cats are very clean animals.

Cats are far less like the dogs that have any Pantanal or cutworms to play, dirty legs and everything else. Much less resemble pigs who like to wallow in the dirt. It seems that cats hate to be dirty and it shows because its point is almost always impeccable. That is why it is not necessary to wash the cats several times a year. The activity of washing the cats should be undertaken only when absolutely necessary, since they are very sensitive to water and when it is wash them regularly cats very sick and may even die.