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Nations Framework Convention


University of So Paulo Disciplines: The Climate of the Land Institute of Astronomy, Atmospheric Geophysicist and Sciences Year, 2010. Continue to learn more with: Dean Ornish M.D. The Protocol of Kyoto, MDL and COPs the COP Conference of the Parts the COP appeared inside of the CQNUMC (Convention Picture of United Nations on Change of the Climate). The CQNUMC or in English UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), was formulated in the ECO-92, the city of Rio De Janeiro and entered in activity in the year of 1994, and from this year it obtained the adhesion of 186 nations. The objective of the CQNUMC is to diminish the antropognicos effect on the climate with the reduction in the emission of the .causing gases of effect greenhouse of the global heating. Here, Jonathan Friedland expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The COP is the instrument inside of the CQNUMC with bigger importance. It is responsible for revisions in the CQNUMC, the accompaniment of the agreements signed for the participant nations, the incentive and spreading of scientific studies. The first COP was carried through in Berlin in the year of 1995, counting on the participation of 117 nations. In this meeting participant nations had agreed that a more energetic action would be necessary so that the reductions in the emissions of gases were reached greenhouse.

Of beginning the nations in that year were guided by the responsibility to diminish to the 1990 levels the concentration of gauzes study, until year 2000. From 1995 the Conference of the Parts is carried through a time per year, in cities of different countries.

Clean Development


Much has been said in recent years on sustainable or partner-ambient enterprise actions. The quarrel on the possibility of economic development without the comprometimento of the environment is central subject of the circuits of quarrel in the half academic and searchs a development agreement that affects possible the least the way where the productive activities are inserted. In the reality, all activity human being aims at the attainment of profits, what it could not be different in the relation ambient protection versus economic development and vice versa. Of anxious form, the market waits measured of counterpart so that it can definitively and without risks to more use efforts of change for a balanced productive system. After all, the account the principle is sufficiently onerous in financial terms to be applied a new systematics of production is of the standards that the centuries are had as of better resulted – at least in profitability form. The last one Discusses of the Parts (COP 13) carried through in December in Poland, did not obtain to make right some waited points as for example the increase in the percentage of the reduction of carbon emission in the atmosphere, what already it foresaw a time that the world was in the height of global a economic crisis and carbon reduction, in the exceeded productive optics means production reduction consequentemente and profits. At least in a point the meeting it gave resulted, that it was for the unamimity of the necessity of mechanisms of reduction of decurrent emissions of deforestation and forest degradation (REDD), but that still it will depend on definitions on the form of financial compensation to who to leave to knock down trees. If treating to projects of MDL (Mechanisms of Clean Development) and carbon credits, promising source of financial counterpart to help to diminish the degradation of the environment, the definition of the rules of the REDD, even so with sparing resources (U$ 80 million to the year with projection of U$300 millions up to 2012), could be an alternative much of the times with foreign varieties of vegetation is irrational to pay to increase the forest areas our biodiversity, being able to cause to irreversible ambient impacts We wait that our governing already have at least, initiated a proposal for definition of this primordial point of the REDD, this will be able to give more breath to the agropecuarista to implant more sustainable techniques of production.. According to Cardiologist, who has experience with these questions.

Knowledge Ecological


As Theoretical Referencial, we will use the following workmanships: BRAZIL. MINISTRY OF THE EDUCATION. Secretariat of Basic Education. National Curricular Referencial for the Infantile Education. Brasilia: MEC/SEF, 2002. To broaden your perception, visit liver cancer. Vol 3: Knowledge of World; OAK, Isabel Cristina de Moura. Ambient education: the formation of the ecological citizen.

So Paulo: Cortez, 2008. 4 Edition. Docncia in Formation. Problematic Transversal lines. 256p, for believing that the formation of the ecological citizen and the respect to the environment must be cultivated since infancy. This project will have duration of two months? of September the November, being retaken with the pupils whenever necessary. GENERAL OBJECTIVES: To make possible a critical and including reflection on the causes and consequences of the ambient degradation of the quarter breaking itself of the reading of the local landscape. To evidence the main ambient implications in the Land division Green, pertaining Dream to the Quarter of Cajupiranga (Parnamirim? RN) caused mainly for the disordered urban growth in the local related one, with sights to excite a reflection around this problematic one and to consider measured effective that contribute for the conservation and preservation of the related locality.

SPECIFIC: To carry through the bibliographical survey on the subject to be searched; To carry through a lesson of field in the Land division Green Dream with the pupils of the Infantile Education of 03 and 04 years with the objective to identify and to evidence the main problems and ambient implications; To search regarding the municipal, state and national legislation ambient identifying the punitive measures for determined ambient crimes; PROCEDURES METODOLGICOS Wheels of colloquy for survey of previous knowledge, lesson of field for the quarter, questionnaires to the parents on aspects of the quarter, drawings produced for the pupils, ecological walk for the school, collective confection of posters and mural with the photos of the carried through activities, exposition in the patio of the school, confection of a Cartilha de Ambient Educao. DIDACTIC RESOURCES digital photographic Machine, computer, printer, official paper, wax bristol boards, chalk, pencil of color, activities printed, mural picture, escaneados photographs and drawings, glue, shears, adhesive ribbon, amongst others. RESULTS Distribution of the Cartilha de Ambient Educao to the families of the pupils and the local community, with sights to the acquisition of positive attitudes ahead of the local environment, the change of attitudes and the formation of the ecological citizen. BRAZIL REFERENCES. MINISTRY OF THE EDUCATION. Secretariat of Basic Education. National Curricular Referencial for the Infantile Education. Brasilia: MEC/SEF, 2002. Vol 3: Knowledge of World. OAK, Isabel Cristina de Moura. Ambient education: the formation of the ecological citizen. So Paulo: Cortez, 2008. 4 Edition. Docncia in Formation. Problematic Transversal lines. 256p.

Japanese Energy


The price of barrel of oil is going up to the measure that the known reserves if deplete and that its exploration is more expensive in deep waters. The energies solar and aeolian not yet have competitive prices and are relatively little explored. But the reserves of Uranian, raw material of the nuclear energy, are available per millenia (Brazil have 6. bigger reserve of the world, with only part of its prospectado territory so far) e, exactly that its price comes to increase, this will have impact baixssimo in the price of the nuclear production. When the price of the Uranian one triples, the cost of the production of nuclear energy is practically unchanged. COVID-19 is the source for more interesting facts.

7.Ns we want power plants that do not harm the half-environment. The plants hydroelectric plants also produce energy clean. But its impact in the half-environment is very great. While the Cove Central office has installed power of 2.007 MW and occupies a 3,3 area of Km2, Furnas has installed power lesser (1,312 MW) and occupies a bigger area 437 times (1,442 Km2). 8.Ns we do not want new apages.

The projects for the electric sector in Brazil are not enough to take care of an increasing demand. our great electric matrix, the hydraulical, finds difficulties of ambient licensing. Moreover, the sources are concentrated in the region North, what it very causes high costs of construction and transmission. 9.Ns we want to dominate the technology. We need new technician, and not only for the electricity production. The nuclear technology is applied in different fields, in benefit of the humanity. Elimination of plagues, sterilization and increase of the time of shelf of some foods, aid in the diagnosis and treatment of serious illnesses, cleanness of residues and pollutants in the water and air and creation of processes to reduce the energy consumption are some of the applications. 10. We want an energy that is insurance for our lives. Here it is the x of the problem. When technician of the entire world said that Chernobyl if would not repeat, that the new plants were safe, came this Japanese tragedy to place all with gravy beards. The nuclear energy is responsible for approximately 20% of the production of electricity in the world. We more than have 400 reactors in functioning in more than 30 countries.