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Powerhouse Ab 2 And Ab Vzh T/230 T/230 Vzh 4


Powerhouse AB 2 and AB VZH T/230 T/230 4 VZH Portable Power AB 2 and AB VZH T/230 T/230 4 VZH powered by gasoline engines are benzoelektricheskie units of new generation, more simple in design and reliable in operation. Use them mainly for the power supply of mechanized track tool. These plants are receptive to the variables peak loads that occur when working shpadopodboek, screwdrivers, kostylezabivschikov, Electro and other MPI. The drive used gasoline four-stroke internal combustion engine UD 15 Ml, UD 25 Ml, CD 5PE, MD 1, UMC 341 and other types to ensure the maintenance of stable rotation speed of 3000 rev / min and 1.47 kW of power per kilowatt generator of given capacity. Power plants are designed on the basis of a common unified, have a lot of identical parts and components. Power Plant AB 2 / 2 T/230 VZH consists of an engine, generator, a frame and block devices. Engine with a generator connected by a flange.

Transmission of torque from the engine generator is the elastic coupling, which has the coupling half and the engine coupling half with a generator attached to her fans. Between the half-coupling is a rubber gasket reinforced. Block of control equipment (as well as the engine to the generator) are fixed to the frame. In turn, the fuel benzorukavom tank fastened to the frame or directly on the engine. On the frame, depending on the performance of generating sets can be fitted handles, rollers or wheels to move the generating sets along the front of works on rail or ground.

Power Plant Geko


For the correct choice of model power you need to determine the total maximum power of all consumers who you want to simultaneously supply electricity. After that you can confidently select the desired power GEKO. Here are a few important guidelines that will help you choose the right plant. When selecting plants, please note that the maximum power plug Load vatah (W) is not equal to the total power plant in volt-amperes (VA). Cancer research is often quoted as being for or against this. Relation between these quantities depend on several technical factors that are common to all electric devices. We will not delve into the theory of electrical engineering, as this is not the purpose of this article. Next, we present empirical relations for the correct calculation of the power plant, which is necessary to ensure duration of its operation. When choosing plants to consider the type of load.

There are two basic types of loads (resistive and inductive): For the active load apparent power in volt-amperes (VA) is equal to power in watts (W). If the sum of the capacities of all consumers who need to be supplied with electricity at the same time, you add 10%, we get the required power plants. Example: The amount of load capacity: 3500 VA = 3500 Tues In this case, you need to power a generator, at least (3500 +10%) = 3850 VA. These devices consume at a high launch power, and then move on to consumer rated power mode. Determine the value of the power all consumers who must simultaneously be provided with electricity.