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The Sun


Don’t sacrifice your life for small things: money, security and stability. None of this has value. One has to live his own life as completely as possible, then joy arrives. Only then is a boundless joy possible. Those who they want to live really have to face many risks. They have to go more and more into the unknown. They have to learn one of the most fundamental lessons: there is no home, that life is a pilgrimage without beginning or end. Yes, there are places where you can relax, but are simply for the night and the next morning you have to go again.

Life is a continuous movement, never reaches any end future is not secure– and you can not live hurry because trouble takes time. Silent, peacefully, without haste, without stress, without anguish, runs towards yourself instantly. It is urgent. Unless the meditation the tomes took something urgent for you, never do it; You will die soon. put meditation first on your list, as most important, urgent, number one. Sai Baba in the regard of life gives us, that life should be lived along the canal drawn by levees which degrade the strength of the violent currents and direct it towards useful fields. There is no progress without rules or restrictions. Blessed those who obey the precepts, therefore they will be rewarded the man is born and receives a certain life span so you can acquire the knowledge of his identity with the unlimited. There are differences among the members of the body, but all belong to him; It is foolish to imagine that they are not linked with the body. The Sun sends a million Ray, but all belong to him, or rather, the Sun is reflected in a million jars of water, more even though all are tiny images of the Sun, this is the truth and all reflections are relatively unreal Kirhnamurti for its part says, that there is no doubt that a man whose life is very richa man who sees things as they are and you are happy with what you have, is not confusing; He has clarity, and therefore does not ask what is the purpose of life.



Knight's love for his nature was free, romantic, extramarital affair. It dominated the emotional-spiritual relationship to his wife or his top circle. Greek mythology tells us that the first people on the ground were three papers: men, women and androgynous, which combines the best features of the first two. They were physically strong and want to take over Olympus. Therefore, Zeus didst send upon them a terrible punishment – each cut in half and spread around the world. Dean Ornish M.D addresses the importance of the matter here.

Since then they are looking for each other to restore its former fullness and power. When a half meets its second half, they covered such a strange feeling of affection and intimacy that they do not want to leave. Continue to learn more with: Donald Sussman. Eros and desire to spread the halves to find each other for the resumption of integrity. This desire for wholeness, the unity of couples based on their unstoppable train. Mankind has sought in its tireless quest to determine comprehend the meaning of love (love). Love in its truest sense is always striving for harmony between lovers, the harmony of mind, heart and body, spiritual (moral and human ideal and actual bodily incarnation. In another way – a unity of eros, agape and sex.

On the sense of love can be judged by accepted in the concrete historical society means the crystallization of experience and ritualization of its behavior. Within one epoch, and even the same culture maturity and specificity of the experience of love found, depending on age love and sexual subcultures. Market relations have formed a primitive physiological attitude towards women, and often love equated with sexual pleasure, pure pleasure muscle.

The Characteristics Of An Attractive Man


Many men ask themselves what women really are many men ask themselves today: How do I get a girlfriend? In the life of each man, there are decisions that have a minimal impact today, in five years, but beyond your present imagination. The fact that you brought you this book, could be such a decision. “Why do I write could”? Because it is your responsibility, what is written in the real world to implement. And it won’t be easy. For more specific information, check out Professor Roy Taylor. Sometimes you’re going to want to give up, everything will have to worry about and you will want to have your old life again, but you can’t give up! You think it is just about how to get a girlfriend.

I’ll teach of course you, but that only scratches the surface of what I’m trying to convey in this book. And you yourself decide how deep you want to crawl into the rabbit hole. How would it be, if you live a life according to your own values and ideas? Beautiful women datest, a Have source of income that allows you a lifestyle which you previously dreamt, every moment in another country to travel, to be independent of time and money. Sounds quite nice, or? Then why don’t you do it? What’s stopping you? Who says the hell that you don’t have to do a job by 8-5: 00 or women not on the street can’t address, immediately have a date with her, and then, within three hours sex have? Who sets these rules? Our company! To be able to break social conditioning puts people on invisible chains and limits their potential to a minimum, not from this system so that they think”. You certainly wonder what this has to do everything to get a girlfriend. Men in their lives to establish their own rules, goals and get in life what they want find incredibly appealing and attractive women. A real man not dependent makes its decisions whether he resonates at others, but according to his own system of values. He’s doing a job he hates, just because is Management consultant”sounds fine and thus when friends and family reaps praise.

He also shuns risk ahead of other stupid to be doing when he determined, marches to the hot blonde on the other end of the bar, to tell her that she is his type. And you should be to this man. An attractive man who takes what he wants in life. This will be a trip that will turn you completely. So what is of course not overnight, but with your will and the willingness to change your life, in this area you will take it to your own vision of a Playboy, if you’re willing to do something for this. More information you will get in the next article, so as soon as possible, the topic “How do I get a girlfriend?” is checked.

Beautiful Baby Carriages


Joy of motherhood – probably one of the most extraordinary and significant events in the life of every woman and every family. However, with the other party – the responsible and serious step to go where you want to deliberately and consciously. After giving birth to a new person, we tacitly agree on what to give him all the joys of life, happiness, health and safety. But not so difficult as it sounds initially. Protect and give comfort to your child and themselves are actually quite simple. It is known that the cribs – a favorite place for your baby.

Cribs pali, gandylyan crib, cribs – is the most beautiful flower beds, which made of harmless-friendly materials. They perform a variety of functions and very easy to operate. These beds will be delivering your baby comfort and convenience. Just strollers and convertible child car seat kiddy are an important vehicle for the baby. After all, they own all the important features – comfort, comfort and safety. "Car Seats Child maxi, child car seats peg perego, strollers peg perego, strollers cam, strollers inglesina baby car seat kiddy – this is not an exhaustive list of what will be your baby and you.

A variety of products will make you long to choose. Walk into any children's store to buy a baby stroller inglesina sofia, you will find variety of options for such products and products of competing manufacturers. How could the right choice? Parents are obliged to consider when purchasing any children's products not only to their attractive appearance, color and price, but also pay attention to the strength, environmental friendliness, availability of various functions, conformity of products chosen to age, height and weight of the child, presence of quality certificates. These indicators have baby car seat maxi cosi, prams transformer cribs, baby bedding feretti. As a general rule, parents should consider when purchasing such goods as child car seats peg perego or gandylyan children about that they can not meet all the above qualities and criteria. This applies to commodities such as Pali cribs or baby car seats peg perego, baby cot gandylyan. They may be uncomfortable for your child and does not guarantee his safety. For parents, these strollers are not comfortable to use, they are made of poor quality, do not meet environmental standards or do not have the versatility.