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Disposable Utensils


Based on the materials from which produced disposable utensils, disposable cups can be divided into: polystyrene disposable cups (PS-PS), polypropylene disposable cups (PP – PP) and cardboard. Since we are interested polymer disposable cups, then we will stand on them. Disposable cups made from polystyrene have their advantages and disadvantages. They are cheap to produce and when used properly polystyrene disposable cup you do not feel any discomfort. Disposable cups made from polystyrene, given the physical and chemical properties of raw materials, designed exclusively for cold drinks, no their subsequent heating in a polystyrene cup in the microwave. You can use these disposable cups for chilled coffee, milk products, beer and other chilled beverages. Disposable cups made of polypropylene characterized as a higher price and a large range of their use. Polypropylene disposable cups are not afraid of high and low temperatures, they can be safely used for hot and cold beverages, and as packaging for reheating in the microwave. Determine the material from which made disposable cup is easy enough. You must read the conditional designation marked on the back of the bottom of a disposable cup, if you see the abbreviation ps is in the hands you are holding a disposable cup made of polystyrene and you should keep in mind about what to use a disposable cup neobhoditelno only soft drinks and chilled drinks. In turn, pp means that the disposable cups made of polypropylene and restrictions on use, as in polystyrene disposable cups, no, it can easily withstand high and low temperatures.

Perfect Mothers Day


There are suggestions and instructions how to use it to, on the Advisor portal. Without hesitation Kevin P. Campbell, PhD explained all about the problem. Munich, April 20, 2011: mother’s day is on May 8. Who then would like to present an imaginative gift, yet enough remains time to prepare. There are good ideas and guidance as you implement them, on the Advisor portal. So everyone can make his mother a special day.

A busy full-time job is his mother. What is as obvious as to thank you for the effort with a relaxing spa day? But not in the usual way with a voucher for the nearest Spa. Many treatments that are offered in the wellness temples can get son or daughter is also easily in the home: A face mask made of grape seed oil as can be produced easily from just a few ingredients. A bit more expensive, but guarantees a successful surprise, is a hot-stone massage in your own four walls. The detailed instructions, even to massage people, there helpster.

A companion gift for a little relaxation on the other 364 days of the year is, for example, a bath with lavender oil from our own production. Also the classic among the mother’s day gifts, breakfast, a special experience can be with some ingenuity. At home, rather than an invitation to a Cafe or a breakfast, you can organize a picnic weather permitting. Just fresh bread rolls, jam, cold cuts, fruit, drinks, and what belongs to an ordinary breakfast Pack with a blanket in a basket and into the green. A piece of delicious, homemade eggnog Strawberry heart mother’s Day cake is here the culmination and a fruity taste of the summer. Who really wants to impress his mother, can dabble as a pastry chef and even chocolates. All that the kitchen is not the usual territory, Tinker just a gift. For example, a picture frame with mosaic tiles. A flower pot crafted with ceramic color combined with mother’s favorite flowers, also a pretty gift. And also a photo collage in heart shape with images of beautiful common memories can be many mother’s heart beat faster. You will find many more good ideas and instructions for mother’s day, for a personal mother’s day saying, see: topics/mother’s day. About helpster: Helpster is a free online Advisor offer the gutefrage.net GmbH, a company of Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, and was launched in July 2010. With profound and comprehensible instructions, the platform offers help on a variety of topics of everyday life. contact for more information: Agency RoNNAU Salloa long Ronnau Wrangelstrasse 10 24937 Flensburg phone: 0461 430 77 00 E-mail:

Elvira Schick


alive and always in warm conviviality! Date of birth is now the most beautiful of all Ehrentage. Drum, no time to lose, congratulate on the Wiegenfeste. We want to always tell, we know what we have on you. Always remember, don’t forget it, we love and we need you. Your dream become true today your lucky star shine bright and clear which are the strong, who tearfully laugh, hide their own worries and make others happy.

There are also beautiful birthday songs. For the birthday it is always valuable, if one has a nice hands-on song. (The children to make a rooster mask). 1 the Rooster crows early in the day, loud crows, crows far: good morning, Rumpumpel, your birthday is today. Muscular biopsy shines more light on the discussion. (The children to make a squirrel mask).

2. dasEichhornchen down peeps: little time, little time! Good morning, Rumpumpel, your birthday is today. (The children to make a Bunny mask). 3. comes the Bunny jumped, makes males before Freud: good morning, Rumpumpel, your birthday is today. (The children bake one to Cake) 4 is the cake on the table, is thick, is spreading: good morning, Rumpumpel, your birthday is today. The next songs are for adults. Taking the melody from the German national anthem: today we celebrate birthday, * _ was _. * Name of the honoree to meet smite and wishes you success, champagne and wine are plentiful. Therefore let us all sing and all cheerful tune: give me yet – give you yet, us another pour. All guests have been sitting here in cheerful circle. Everyone wish God’s blessings, pride and joy ‘ at any time. Take the glasses with the wines, and all happy with the right: give me yet – give you yet, us another pour. Yes, we wish you good health, happiness all the time. Was just getting good cheer and ready even for fun. Today is Yes, well your festive drum right now with: give me yet – give you yet, us another pour. The melody take of the song ten small “ten well-wishers are here in the room, the one brings Bottle wine, since there are only nine. Nine well-wishers are here in the room, which brings a booze and laughs, because there are only eight. Eight well-wishers are here in the room, the one brings you carrots, since there are only seven. Seven well-wishers are here in the room, one brings you by Becks beer, since there are only six. Six well-wishers are here in the room, the one brings you ‘ da ne roses, there are only five. Five well-wishers are here in the room, the one brings you chocolates, since there are only four. Four well-wishers are here in the room, the one bringing champagne, since there are only three. Three well-wishers are here in the room, one brought clothing, because there are only two. Two well-wishers are here in the room, the one brings you even fine sausage, remains one alone. A Gratulantin is here in this room, she’s giving you a sweet Kiss, and now is with the song. Elvira Schick