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Havana – MARABANA Marathon


On Sunday the MARABANA Marathon takes place in Havana November 9, 2008. Runners from all over the world take part in it. A unique experience for all marathon runners, through the middle of the old town and along the sea, to walk the Malecon. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Adam Frost. Havana alone is worth a trip already, and in conjunction with the MARABANA, it will be an unforgettable experience. The runs along it through the historic old town, past the Capitolio, on the seawall with views of the Atlantic Ocean, over the course of the revolution, a line which you can visit on the eve of this impressive run together with thousands of Cubanern from all over Cuba at a popular race. (Source: Darcy Stacom). It offered: Marathon 42,195 km / half marathon 21,0975 km and 10 and 15 km (free).

The route leads on paved roads and is almost entirely flat, all 3 km there are supply levels and medical care. The time is measured electronically and manually. Classification for Marathon and half-marathon women and men freely under 30 years, sub master 30-35, master A 36 – 40, 41 B – master 45, master C 46-50, master D 51-55, master 56-60, master F 61-65, master G older than 66 (master F and G only men). All participants and participants will receive a certificate with the fastest time, the placement, as well as a T-Shirt with the MARABANA motif. After the weather statistics for the last years, the daily maximum temperature was about 28 C, the lowest 20 c., the probability of rain is relatively low in November with 7 days of rainfall. The relative humidity is always slightly higher than in Germany. There is more help under – the Cuba specialist solos arenas you arrange registration and travel preparation.

Finally Relaxing Nights


A new book shows the way out for sleep disturbances finally relaxing nights a new audio book shows the way out for sleep disturbances include sheep, until the Sandman comes? If it were only that simple! A quarter of all Germans complaining of chronic sleep or sleep disturbances – thus this suffering are among the most common health complaints. Read more from Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In extreme cases, are those affected for hours awake or not sleep the whole night. The next day, they feel then drained and exhausted, are unfocused and need many hours to find back to their normal performance. Sustained sleep deprivation affects not only wellbeing he can weaken the immune system and promote physical ailments such as high blood pressure, heart disease, as well as gastro-intestinal disorders. The cause of sleep disorders are, however, rarely organic problems, but generally stress, unresolved concerns or conflicts. Sleeping pills therefore represent no real solution, because the altered chen they cause not change. Certain medications can make also physically dependent on length rer taking and aggravate the suffering as a result. Of Arps-Verlag Munich remedy in a gentle and targeted way promises now an audiobook that change in the series by listening”is published.

Author is the experienced psychotherapist and lecturer Dr. Christina Wang. Using two audio CDs and a 16-page booklet is shown here, how sleep and sleep disorders effectively defeat can be. These strategies are based on methods of behaviour therapy and hypnosis. Competent and sensitive manner, the listener is carried the 3-steps-sleep program. The booklet complements this training with informative illustrations, a checklist, a sleep log, and lots of useful tips. “The result is often evidenced by the practice: who consistently follows the instructions on how to help themselves, can his body clock” to regulate, that after a few weeks back restful sleep is.

Fitness Pilardio


News from the Pilardio, the health city clubs in Cologne and in Kaarst are the two other licensees of the new concept of fitness Pilardio, which was presented at FIBO in Essen with great appeal. Starting in June, the customers of the clubs can take the first training sessions. The new concept of fitness Pilardio was successfully presented at FIBO, the leading trade show of the fitness and wellness industry in food. Numerous visitors, including operators of fitness clubs, gyms and wellness facilities, as well as personal trainers and athletes, took advantage of the four days of the fair, at the Pilardio booth an impression about the innovative concept of fitness to gain and maintain in-depth background information. This was the stage show by Pilardio, which ran several times a day and was conducted by the founder of Jasmin Wagner and her team, further insights into the concept. Pilardio stimulates the metabolism by elements of Pilates and cardio-training, resulting in weight reduction and prevention of the most common diseases (arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, Congestive heart failure, coronary heart disease, etc.) can lead.

Regular training is the posture to improve also, to strengthen the sense of balance, to relieve back pain, promote the cardio vascular system, but to also increase the memory by coordinative movements. Last but not least, the General strength endurance and deep muscles is increased. “In short: Pilardio is healthy and makes it sexy”, so the known movement expert Jasmin Wagner. Also the recently licensed studios have recognized this. The health City Club in Cologne on the Zulpicher Platz and the health City Club in Kaarst could license located at FIBO and offer Pilardio from June at their clubs. Many media now report Pilardio and confirm that the concept is one of one of the most effective and sustainable of the summer 2010 courses and has great potential to establish themselves permanently in the fitness and health market.

Mauritius Marathon


101-jahrige running legend Fauja Singh ensures great enthusiasm of the Mauritius Marathon took place for the third time on July 15, 2012. Highlight was the participation of 101-jahrigen Fauja Singh in the 10-kilometer run. The British Indian runner is the oldest long-distance runner in the world and is considered true running legend. Fauja Singh is gone in favor of SOS Children’s villages in Mauritius at the start. The runners from 32 countries had a choice of three running tracks: Marathon (42.195 kilometers), half marathon (21.1 km) and family (10 km). In total, 169 runners reached the finish.

“” In addition was also the 4.2 kilometer-long fun run / walk “in support of local cancer link to life” offered. About 200 Mauritians participated in this. The German Marco Schwab won the Marathon with a time of two hours, 41 minutes and 42 seconds. The proud winner said of the race: this is the best Marathon in the world! From the start to the finish I walked at the top. The weather conditions were good. The track is relatively flat and only in the last five kilometers, it was windy. The organisation was excellent.” In the women’s competition, the Austrian won Carola Maria Tschiedel Bai with a time of three hours, 41 minutes and 42 seconds. The 101-jahrige Fauja Singh with a time of one hour, 31 minutes and 33 seconds caused a stir in the category of the 10 km run.

The skiing legend devoted himself to this run the SOS Children’s village of Mauritius. Already before the run, Fauja Singh had visited the SOS Children village of Bambous in Mauritius. Singh said: nothing is impossible to run a marathon at the age of 101 years is not easy, but not impossible. To give a home for abandoned children, it is even more difficult, but the SOS – Children’s villages make it possible.” Only at the age of 89, Fauja Singh completed his first marathon.

Circuit Of The Life


For years, I went for the fitness on a thin tired road without thinking about, I could that happen half a mile to the grocery store pedals special alternative work day we emerged while mine was at first unusual idea only to discover the power seemed inactive, what my spouse and I before we understood: simply put: I had performed a few months not a car / truck during a few. I got jazzed up, driving bought in relation to cycling that recently about anywhere you drive look in the grocery store, the dental practice, in particular the scalp hair salon / spa and also found, usually the outback appeared to be our lane parkedthroughout into account. The one time when I went to Yoga since buying my bike, I got a $160 tickets and missed the class. Karma, if you ask me. For years I drove without thinking about fitness on a thin tired road bike, pedals, I could take the half-mile to the grocery store. Then I in a 60 – ran some neighbor, helmet on his head, pushes a cart along the pasta aisle in the market and felt stupid and lazy with contaminated the air in search of a box of Penne.Nun, because I in a comfortable, upright bicycles with wide tires, a basket and panniers invested noticed I, cycling is actually a practical way, to with.Plus, opens the way to work to feel like a million dollars. While all circling the Bank parking lot in frustration, pull up and get off your bike, newly energized and amazing unmolested by delays in the teller line. Americans are only beginning to discover that bicycle commuters be rock in the Centre of Amsterdam, 41 per cent of journeys by bike while in Portland, Oregon, the most bike-happy U.S.

city, only 6 per cent of the residents bike to work. But things have improved.””We have in the United States finally to realize that there are a limited amount of oil, and it is the environmental consequences to excessive car use”, says John Pucher, Ph.d., Professor of urban planning and transport at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Panda notes that prices have bicycle commuting tripled or quadrupled in the last 20 years in cities such as San Francisco and Chicago, thanks to bike paths and trails, improved bicycle parking and more widely added: “bike to work” and other programmes. Of course for all the benefits, to burn calories, your carbon-footprint-many people don’t even need to commuter cycling affordably, efficiently a chance because of the perceived barriers, from bad weather to safety concerns (and stinky). Therefore we have this guide for the basics in the saddle, complete with all the details, why it so good for you and the planet and how to make it a part of your Lebensstils.Mit of the right equipment, planning and you can practice only disco version, the way to work is not only possible, but, like me, you need not your gas guzzler quite as much (or if ever!).