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Medium Density Fiberboard


From which produce furniture. The furniture in the world today accompanies man everywhere and is an integral part of his life. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from ALS Association. At home, work at a party everywhere we use various furniture. This is a permanent attribute of virtually any premises where people work or live. Sooner or later every question arises as to what materials are used in the manufacture of furniture and how they differ from each other.

In the manufacture of furniture predominantly using mdf, fiberboard and particleboard. MDF: Medium Density Fiberboard, mdf (English Medium Density Fiberboard, MDF) – slab material is produced by dry pressing small wood chips under high pressure and temperature. In used as a binder lignin, a substance produced during heating of wood, lignin, respectively, has a natural origin, which automatically makes it environmentally friendly product. mdf treated almost as good as conventional wood, but it is deprived of one of its major shortcomings – the inhomogeneity of properties and defects associated with natural biological origin of the wood. Unlike other products – plywood, mdf is much less warped, has a higher density, and an indicator as 'polythickness' virtually inapplicable to the mdf. mdf has a high strength, moisture resistance, and resistance to fungi and microorganisms.

On characteristics such as moisture resistance and resistance to mechanical damage to the mdf does not yield a tree. mdf rather soft and amenable to the most delicate handling, and therefore a favorite facade material designers. Carved wardrobes, headboards and chairs, all of this mdp. It has absorbed all the advantages of wood, while yielding significantly in price.



You have money? Do I need to guarantee the inviolability of the necessary documents for work? You have a personal jewelry! So it means you need something that will be able to help preserve and multiply your existing property – a quality safe from metal. Lockers have appeared in England in 19, after a while, the safe has turned into a real masterpiece of engineering. One can distinguish three main types of metal safes: – strong in relation to the burglary – fire resistant – burglary and fire fighting for the intended use are: safe deposit box, safety deposit box, safe klyuchny, safe for guns, date safe, cash safe, a safe car and the like. Safe fire resistance provided by concrete, sandwiched between its inner and outer walls. We can distinguish six classes of fire resistance of safes. Great fireproof safe (which is certified) is capable to sixty minutes.

have the content protection from heat damage. The primary task of safe metal is precisely the preservation of documents and simply flammable materials (films, as well as computer disks, etc.). Burglar refractory metal safes, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired. However, if you will be able to put in front of his safe task to confront nepridvidennomu breaking in, then you will need, first of all, pay attention to the feature, which is called resistance classes. It can be defined in accordance with gost 50862-2005, as well as the standards adopted in the countries producers. Safes H0, the first and second graders typically find their own use in residential buildings and small offices.

These safes are, unfortunately, not very resistant to the onslaught of attackers, and their resistant to fire, not too high. Safes having a third and higher classes of sustainability are already able to withstand a much longer period of time. It is their use as cash safes, deposit boxes and safes for guns. The door of this Safe has a thickness of not less than 10 millimeters. For the closing date may be safe to use key (usually lever), code, and currently has electronic locks on the world's leading manufacturers of Safeguard, Mauer, kawi, LGard, S & G. Safes are supplied by the 3-and 4-sided fastener latching and protection of the lock against drilling. Many safes are usually supplied with the complemented treyzerom, (which is embedded in a metal lockable compartment safe).