Let’s find the problem elsewhere. But leave the fruit to the end of the meal and usually do not have room in the stomach to eat. Others say they eat salads and is usually left on the plate after eating and also the first to jump on the menu. When ordering food in a restaurant, if the child eats salad and let the meat, he says do not be stupid, eat meat is best. If you have read about Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. already – you may have come to the same conclusion. a The truth is that eating only meat, milk, eggs and tortillas, bread or rice is to eat badly. In these foods are not all the nutrients the body needs every day. It is impossible for a single food contains all the nutrients the body needs daily.

The reality is that we eat the wrong foods far from not knowing what they contain, we draw very little and get excesses. Eating well means getting adequate nutrition. Always eat the same food. All our houses have between 10 and 20 dishes that are repeated throughout the year and ultimately over a lifetime. When we got to the plate # 20, then we begin with # 1. When we go to pizza pizzeria do not think we will ask that we choose because we always, when we praise the restaurant do exactly the same, so if there are deficiencies in these dishes, we will have a lifetime deficiencies, and also, if there are excesses, excesses we will have life. Another problem is we eat what we like, not what is best for us.