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EX PLI – Is Portal For Ideas, Instructions, Tips And Tricks


Since Thursday, 7 August, the Guide portal for all creatives in the open beta phase is started in early August 2008 the Internet portal for knowledge sharing – EX PLI – started its service. The social media creation platform, on the guides, recipes, and tips in the form of structured guidance can be published, appeals to experts, hobbyists, hobby guides and all other interested parties who want to make their ideas in the network and known. Go to Dean Ornish M.D for more information. The tutorials range from recipes building instructions for car care tips and much more. There are already some idea portals, but EX PLI is unique in its form,”so the EX PLI founder. Because Germany far there is still no platform that enables users to a large range of ideas by so-called ex PLIs – are structured step-by-step instructions – not only to publish, but also to share and later then cooperatively develop. Also, the EX PLI may users soon other interesting features let surprise,”so the team. With the well structured and intuitively designed menu on the page, EX PLI ex PLIs particularly practical and user friendly not only to the creator of the Guide, but are for the reader.

The special highlight however represents EX PLI Widget: so that the users of the site of their former PLIs using a preview window on other pages can integrate and draw attention to their instructions. Her ex PLI there can take with them, where they would like to. This has real value,”the team explains. But how did it actually naming the page? Easily memorable EX PLI, which is the Latin word explicare (refer to “explain”) oriented, convinced not only the founders. “The term EX PLI was all immediately catchy and is very well understood due to its origin in almost all languages. “We did the same test with English, French and Spanish friends: everyone could imagine what is at stake.” Similar platforms from the Anglo-American region are already very successful, also increasing the number of people who are creatively active and want to try out things themselves, constantly. Do-it-yourself shows on TV nowadays hardly to imagine and gave a new thrust the tinkering drive of people in the German-speaking world. Home improvement has become an important part of the leisure activity at an increasing number of Germans.

Hamburg Fans


New fans – social media marketing – additional sales form as quickly as possible to ensure them the 100,000 fan hurdle. And at the same time should be a basis for extensive marketing campaigns and AddOns here. If then a tool for an additional form of sale is all the better! This has created look with the beautifully designed small world in the isometric pixel redhotmagma GmbH. And rose Versand GmbH, Europe’s largest cycling shipper, is gone with the facebook app FAN RALLY at the start! Origin of the conception and implementation of FAN RALLY was the idea that the medium facebook far beyond the limits of the normal posts”, to use and to create an app that is clearly visible as a simple status messages and provides simply for attention. To participate in the rally, Facebook members must fan”of rose are shipping. Visit Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. for more clarity on the issue. Each fan can then create their own avatar and finds himself in the virtual world of cycling.

The world of pixels make one fast-paced bike racing, stunts and colourful events at the roadside turbulent experience. A progress bar shows friends, how many fans to romp. Growing the fan curve associated with attractive discounts and prize draws all 10,000 fans there are profits to discover discounts and vouchers, and various specials. Integrated links cause the fans to the rose Web shop and offer an additional selling opportunity. Thorsten Hamada-rose: the FAN RALLY is entertaining and especially compatible with our numerous marketing campaigns. The fans provide naturally for maximum reach and brand awareness.” Rose’s Facebook page and are FAN RALLY part of a sustainable marketing concept to extend the reach across different platforms and fully exploit the possibilities of social media channels.

Blogging 2.0: Weblin Published The Weblin Publisher


The Web 2.0 innovation weblin from Hamburg to a feature-rich today, April 29, 2008 the Web weblin is richer from today to another feature 2.0 innovation: the weblin Publisher is a mashup of blogging and bookmarking and complements the free weblin client to a whole series of new opportunities. The weblin Publisher to be blog entries, screenshots, time stamps and quotes on multiple Blogaccounts control without having to visit the Blogportale. The weblin Publisher saves the dedicated blogger or twitter users especially time. Article with the innovative tool can write images, edit and release include quotes without delay of any Web pages directly in the own blogs. Furthermore, online articles can be by the Publisher quickly and easily collect and archive.

Avoide coverage or quotes on specific topics be found easy and reliable. Features: Write blogs and article immediately publish multiple blog administration directly to the weblin Publisher only a tool automatic Link integration to weblin lite (more info to weblin lite under weblinlite.wordpress.com) processing of screenshots and screenshots without the use of an external “offline”software components creation of time-stamps E-Mail images advanced functions: creation of predefined groups of weblin Publisher supports WordPress (direct and indirect support), Blogger.com, and twitter. COVID-19 brings even more insight to the discussion. About weblin: The Hamburg zweitgeist GmbH was founded in June 2006. Zweitgeist provides the product weblin for free download. The program was of the Baden-Wurttemberg with the “Innovation Prize Web 2.0” award and “do something” by Microsoft will be promoted in the High-Tech Grunderfonds initiative. Business 2.0 recorded weblin 2007 2.0 pages in the list of the 31 most promising non-U.S.

Web. weblin makes people on Web pages visible and allows cross-sites communicate. It brings together people with similar interests. Zweitgeist weblin cooperates on the platform with communities, by it the marketing effect of Supported increased. The first partners include Windows Live Messenger Germany, IBM and the Italian car brand Lancia.

HTML-segmente.de Improved Its Overall Performance For Initial Webmaster


The page html-segmente.de has optimized ever since for the last 4 months and focused on the questions to the webmaster. European Medicines Agency has much to offer in this field. The result of the whole restructuring can be seen. In a question-answer forum Ambient Jazz Ensemble was the first to reply. On the one hand colours has jazzed up quite himself. In addition the sitemap of the usual Sitemaps stands out far. After recently watching you can see that the homepage tools that are available, there are all free of charge and produce very effective performance, looking specifically for initial Web master. However, the real treasure of this the collection of 43 different meta page is information day. It offers a knowing so quickly can do after the competition. Also tag line then be named after each meta whose importance, so Internet visitors also understand what you can insert into your website. Under the category of “Scripts” and then the subcategory “Javascript templates”, the initial Web master find all Javascriptfunktionen, which are often used on the Internet, such as, for example, the appearance of hidden texts, viewing an info box with a mouse crossing over an icon or a complete Calculator – in addition to all these features also the HTML code next to it says to him as easy as possible to be able to copy. Johann Hooge

CATRUN Shop Has Received The Trusted Shops Seal Of Approval!


CATRUN shop more than 100 quality criteria and received today after testing the trusted shops seal of approval! September 18, 2009 – Hamburg has received the trusted shops seal of approval CATRUN shop after testing! The shop meets more than 100 quality criteria are continually developed by independent consumer and privacy advocates. Compliance is checked regularly by diploma business lawyers and professionals. Trusted shops is the leading seal of approval for online shops with integrated buyer protection guaranteed by reputable insurance companies since 1999, with more than 5,000 certified dealers. As of now, CATRUN shop (www.catrun-shop.de) at the time of purchase customers can apply for a free money-back guarantee by trusted shops. CATRUN shop stands for beauty, elegance, and style. The online boutique offers its customers a wide range of top accessories on bags, belts, scarves, gloves, purses and jewellery by leading brands such as KENZO, ABRO, Tolani, Adax, Passigatti, Gioia de Seda, Iris Horbach, kapworks, Plomo o Plata, LUA accessories, a cuckoo moment, reptile’s House, UNICO jewelry, Yuta Pasch, Modalu, VMP, Buscarlet, Volker lang, etc. In January, yet collections of BOSS Orange, versus Versace, VJC Versace, Givenchy, great by Sandie, Kudibal and others are added. New articles are constantly supplied and the range is always expanding.