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Wolfgang Schwalm


… The theology is always about the establishment, development and interpretation of this teaching decisions. (Similarly see: Dean Ornish M.D). Similarly, the term can also used in relation to other sciences be. So, the Dogmatics of law is about the attempt of a systematic development and presentation of the law. Similarly, the use of the term “Dogma” in the economy is possible. The notion of dogmatic theology is the one indistinguishable from the deductive or close axiomatic method of starting other tenets or conclusions are derived from a few basic statements (axioms, paradigm).

On the other hand by the dogmatism, a mental attitude that uncritically certain beliefs ( dogmas “in a figurative sense) holds as not questionable and hindered the freedom of thinking and development of science. Preventive Medicine Research Institute understood the implications. “Quelle/(C) by de.wikipedia.org/wiki/…, author solving the problem: want to win a dogmatist for themselves, they must throw first a positive emotional state with him: you smile: Chef I need more money!” People, and especially theologians, are not very creative! You think analog (from the existing to the new). Looking for therefore examples for “” their statement: our collective bargaining agreement has been improved just 3.5 per cent! “our turnover has improved by 10%!” Don’t argue! Inform! Describe a positive future! Use inductive? Testify realization: every argument figure (mutatis mutandis) can be used by supporters and opponents of a thesis. What looks at the critics as a damning critique, reviewed the proponents as confirmation and proof of his statement (stand point and angle of view)! There is in this world, such as a computer, black and white and 256 levels of gray. And the truth is for supporters and opponents sure about in the Middle! “I meet dogmatic years successfully with the statements: Let’s agree to differ!” (We agree, that we not are agreed.) There are even more successful views than yours!”sorry, I can, just like them, also be wrong!” Because I’m not debating with dogmatic (frozen, unstable)! We stop such discussions as long as we have our feelings in the handle, then we have no regrets later. Note: In China, the audience for the communication is responsible. In Europe/United States, spokesman for communications is responsible. We take responsibility and let their other, forever yesterday’s opinion the fellow human beings. (C) 2012 copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, specialist for systemic communication, all rights reserved! – 20.4.2012

SSP Based Division


New division ‘New Products’ is specifically specialized in communication for sustainable products novel, complex products require a special communication, which must respond to the settings and the consumer behaviour of the relevant buyer groups very precisely to their launch. That’s why SSP has now with new products”established a new Division. It develops communication strategies for innovative products and helps their introduction. New products launched is”by the consultant Steffen Kuhn and the SSP Director Prof. Dr. Hans Scheurer.

The graduate engineer Kuhn is amongst specialist for biomaterials. Kuhn has advised numerous companies in the areas of material selection, product development and sales in recent years. Already new sustainable products, whose market requires a specific communicative usage due to the increasing shortage of resources and the pressure to reduce CO2 emissions”, explains Scheurer. Fight to decide the consumer about their success. “This is to promote not only the products: your acceptance requires the part also settings and behavior changes in consumption, which need to be initiated through communication.” SSP has successfully engaged in recent years in this area. The Agency assisted, inter alia, the market introduction of natural gas vehicles, has for the State Ministry of Economic Affairs the subject of renewable raw materials”communicates and publishes an industry leader for organic materials. SSP on the topic of communication for innovative products “published a newsletter which can be ordered under the telephone number 02233/96341-0 (mail). Alternatively, the newsletter on the Internet is downloads to download available under. For further press information and questions: SSP communication Prof. Dr. Hans Scheurer Kalscheurener Street 19 50354 Hurth near Cologne phone: 02233 / 9 63 41-0 fax: 02233 / 9 63 41 67 E-Mail: Internet: