The standard also requires the existence of experts for the actions to develop with the unemployed. We can consider this point as a point of departure for the subsequent and gradual configuration of the figure of the career Planner. In this same year the national classification of occupations of the INEM already collects occupation of career coach for insertion. Integrated services for employment (S.I.P.E.), developed by both public (including many municipalities) and private non-profit entities, within the framework of collaboration agreements with the INEM are created in 1995. Its regulations stipulates that each Convention will determine the professional profiles of the people who taught the actions of orientation.

This caused, among others reasons, that currently there are so many names to refer to the same thing: the employment guidance professionals. Currently, partly following directives of the European Union, the trend is that management of public services that provide vocational guidance is de-centralized. Thus, local authorities have already several years creating ‘local employment services’, held in large part with grants from the INEM, autonomous communities and European Social Fund. In 2001 the community of Madrid assumes powers that had INEM employment. And in year 2003 is issued the law of the Covenant Local, where it is envisaged the transfer of competence for employment to local authorities, therefore follows the process of decentralization. This decentralization, and the increase in unemployment in the early 1990s, brought with them a considerable increase in the number of employment counsellors which today maintain the public employment services. On the other hand its functions, tasks and responsibilities have been increasing, going from a purely administrative work to another more technical. Currently the vast majority of employment counsellors are graduates or university diploma in social careers. The purpose of this unit will be, therefore, to disseminate this profession, and more specifically for the technician’s job placement, through a document that includes their different names, duties, tasks and responsibilities, areas of work, and human and professional profile which we consider necessary.