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Acquip Assembly


With the predictive maintenance Acquip Assembly machinery, operational behavior, environmental conditions, composition and quality of fuel and expansion and planned maintenances history are essential to accurately examine the life of gas turbines. Acquip has sufficient capacity to take into account these elements at the same time. Likewise, the client can be sure of receiving real support that itself towards the stable performance of the company’s production. If there are problems during the process, all will be resolved by the professional service of Aquip, Inc. Of course, besides these advantages, it is possible to determine how gas turbines can be installed better.

Acquip offers customers a global vision about how to make the right decisions when planning what type of repair needs determined for an application using gas turbine in particular. This is done taking into account not only operational requirements, but also the costs of long-term life cycle in conservation and repair and future use. Remember that gas turbines should be handled by an engineer involved in the design, selection, operation and maintenance of the majority of almost any type of this element..

The Dangers


The international year for tolerance had as immediate objective to sensitize politicians and the public of the dangers linked to contemporary forms of intolerance, conflicts of social, religious and cultural origin sometimes degenerating into wars. Intercultural mediator (educator with immigrants) currently the arrival of workers from the countries of the South of Europe, America, and Africa, is generating in our country a pluralism and cultural heterogeneity new. According to the foreseen perspectives, the immigrants settled in our country are going to go adding one even greater number. But integration will not be easy if we do not face a new social and cultural system where unemployment, discrimination, is present the racism and xenophobia. In a situation like this, the immigrants only can aspire, in a large majority, to a subsistence economy which will only allow them to live in depressed areas economically, socially and culturally. If we add to it that social relationships that occur in these spaces can generate processes of socialization sieved by values in many cases opposed with the group social normative generalized, will sprout a closed system in which the subsequent unsuitability worsen the personal situation and to promote more labeled, social rejection and stigmatization. We also have to consider the imbalance that produces immigrants transition to another foreign country: instability, change in the previous RPG, assuming generally different rules, etc. In this sense, it is necessary to assess the impact on the immigrant, the new social, disappears to leave their country, the immediate social pressure and, if the new contract is unable to internalize social and, therefore, assumes no new rules, you may be exposed, in all likelihood, to inadaptaciones. Faced with this reality, the implementation of actions de nature socio-educational meeting aimed at preventing the emergence of maladjusted behaviour, as for example, the start-up start-up of multicultural preventive programmes aimed at the immigrant population and allow this population’s access to the cultural media and the essential rights of every citizen (education is essential(, health, housing, labour) so that favours social adaptation and therefore an improvement in their quality of life.